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CA218 – Public Relations Class 1

CA218 – Public Relations Class 1






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CA218 – Public Relations Class 1 CA218 – Public Relations Class 1 Presentation Transcript

  • CA 218 – PUBLICRELATIONS Professor: Amy L Stewart, MA
  • March 20 Schedule 5:30 p.m.: Introductions and Syllabus Overview 6 p.m.: Chapters 1-3 7 p.m.: Break 7:15p.m.: AP Sylebook Overview 8 p.m.: Upcoming assignments  Backgrounder  Fact Sheet  AP Stylebook Quiz  Interview
  • Introductions Name Major What you want to be when you grow up Why you’re taking this class Interesting fact about yourself
  • Syllabus Overview Grading Scale Quizzes Mid-term Writing Assignments Portfolio Group Project Extra Credit
  • Books “Public Relations Writing: The Essentials of Style and Format” “The Associated Press Stylebook”
  • Writing for Public Relations
  • What is Public Relations -PRSA1982“Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.”2012“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”
  • What is Public Relations -Bivins It involves any activity that enhances the reputations of your clients, mediates disputes between various publics and your client, helps achieve mutual understanding among all parties involved in an issues, advocates on behalf of a client or cause, provides guidance and direction, and results in positive and mutual well-being
  • Book Launch 2.0
  • Controlled vs. UncontrolledInformation Press Release NYT Newspaper Article Advertising Public Service Announcement NBC Action News Story Blog Article Interview Annual report Speeches
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Public Relations Writing
  • Ethics Public Relations Society of AmericaTranslating values into principles of ethical practice, the Code advises professionals to:  Protect and advance the free flow of accurate and truthful information  Foster informed decision making through open communication  Protect confidential and private information  Promote healthy and fair competition among professionals.  Avoid conflicts of interest  Work to strengthen the public’s trust in the profession
  • Ethics ContinuedCode guidelines, like tactics supporting strategies, zero in on putting value and principles into play for working professionals facing everyday tasks and challenges. Among them, professionals should:  Be honest and accurate in all communications  Reveal sponsors for represented causes and interests  Act in the best interest of clients or employers  Disclose financial interests in a client’s organization  Safeguard the confidences and privacy rights of clients and employees  Follow ethical hiring practices to respect free and open competition  Avoid conflicts between personal and professional interests  Decline representation of clients requiring actions contrary to the Code  Accurately define what public relations activities can accomplish  Report all ethical violations to the appropriate authority
  • Addressing Practice ChallengesDigging even deeper, BEPS takes on current practice issues and challenges in periodic Professional Standards Advisories (PSAs). Applying the Code to specific scenarios, BEPS has addressed practices including:  Pay-for-play journalism  Anonymous Internet posting, “flogs” and viral marketing  Front groups  Disclosure of payment of expert commentators  Truth in wartime communications  Overstating charges or compensation for work
  • CASE STUDY:GHOSTWRITINGSerious Speeches Pose a Serious Problem for a Speechwriter What ethical principles of ghostwriting most apply in this case? Most ethical issues relate to promoting truth and avoiding harm? Which of these principles most applies to this case, and how so? What specific advice do you end up giving to Marina as far as how to proceed with the communications portion of the campaign, and how do you ethically justify this? What problems do you see in the future as a possible weakness of this choice? And why do you still feel your decision is the best option, despite this weakness? What sections of the PRSA code apply to this issue?
  • PR and The Law Commercial Speech Allows corporations to state publicly its position on controversial issues Defamation Any communication that holds a person up to contempt, hatred, ridicule, or scorn Privacy “Invasion of privacy” Copyright Legal protection of intellectual property Registered Trademark Indicates the user has registered the item with the federal government, allowing maximum legal protection Trademarks Typically given for the protection of product names, images, or phrases
  • Planning and Research
  • Planning Developing an issue statement  Issue  Affected publics  Timing  Strengths and Weaknesses Case Study: Sporting Kansas City  Issue: Name change from Wizards to Sporting Kansas City
  • Research Evaluating Internet Resources  Wikipedia  New York Times  American Heart Association  Blog Analyzing the Target Audience  Primaryresearch  Secondary research
  • Interviewing Determine Interviewee with Research Draft Interview Questions Contact Interviewee to Schedule Interview Conduct Interview Draft Article Contact Interviewee when the Article is Published
  • Writing ObjectivesObjectives: The concrete steps that you need to take to reach your goal Write objectives for the following goals: As the corporate communications manager for your company, you want employees to attend the annual company picnic next month. As a concerned parent, you want parents in your school district to support a new school lunch program. As a volunteer, you want people to donate blood to the Red Cross during summer months. As a financial planner, you want to increase subscriptions to your newsletter. As a political candidate, you want to change the negative tone the media has set concerning your environmental record.
  • TimelineClient: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Grand Opening at Crown CenterProject: Press Release Project Preliminary Due Dates Work Identify Week 1 April 23 Interviewees Draft Interview Week 1 April 23 Questions Set-up Interviews Week 2 April 30 Conduct Week 3 May 7 Interviews Draft Press Week 4 May 14 Release Internal Review Week 5 May 21 Process Distribute Press Week 6 May 28
  • Budget Things to consider when planning a budget  How will you bill (per project or per hour)?  How much time will it take?  What materials will be involved?  Will you use an in-house team or outside contractors?  What additional expenses will you incur?
  • Associated Press Stylebook
  • Upcoming Assignments Backgrounder – Due Next Week Factsheet – Due Next Week AP Styleguide Quiz – Open Book Next Week Interview with a Public Relations Professional – Due in two weeks
  • Backgrounder Information about a person or organization in paragraph format One page Examples:  Hallmark Cards  Livestrong  Barack Obama
  • Fact Sheet Numbered or bulleted information relevant to the organization and/or event One page Examples:  Hallmark Cards  Southwest Airlines  Park University