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Orientation presentation1


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  • Welcome group – introduce yourself. Tell them that you are excited to have them in orientation and look forward to providing them with a wealth of knowledge. Discuss the timeline 3 hours with a break in the middle followed by a walk over to the technology center where they can set up their member web site, sign up for a class and get started with the enewsletter. Certificates and REALTOR pins will also be awarded at the end of the orientation. PLEASE have music playing and be energized. The members may not want to be there, but we want them to leave being glad they did!
  • Play video – and let them know that Vicki was excited to be a part of welcoming each of them to their new profession.
  • Expand upon the idea that HAR is here to assist in creating opportunity for the development of their profession. This is done through all of our resources such as education, technology tools, REALTOR value campaign and so on… We are the second largest local association in the country with over 24,000 members. Discuss how HAR is seen as a cutting-edge association and therefore other associations across the country look to us to see what should or could be developed next. Start with the big picture – Explain that when REALTORS join HAR they also become members of TAR and NAR – allowing them the opportunity to the resources that both entities offer such as Right Tools, Right Now, Audio Books, Conventions, Committees, etc.
  • We will be providing a lot of information today so you will want to take notes. Their packet is filled with resources and links to sites that can assist them with getting their business started. Additionally, the HAR staff is available to answer calls or emails regarding all of the materials discussed today. You will see in your packet that there is also a list of contacts who are available to answer various questions as well as direct you to the right place to find the resources you need. Packet will be reviewed at the end of the program. Move on…
  • Explain that we have 4 locations in which they can either call or visit for ALL of their HAR needs… This would include training, member services questions, store items, lock-boxes, etc. It should be emphasized that they should expect and will receive the same service and resources at all locations.
  • Discuss that HAR has several other departments (such as Accounting, IT, etc.) that are vital to HAR’s successful function, but that these are probably the most utilized divisions for member involvement. Each of these will be discussed a little further during this orientation.
  • HAR values its member and works diligently to send a positive message to the consumer about REALTORS. Whether it be online, in the Houston Chronicle, on the multi-lingual billboards located around the city or even in the Continental airline magazines – HAR promotes the value of a REALTOR. HAR also uses every method possible to reach its membership…. We’ll take a look at those resources now…
  • Every page on is framed with the message reminding the consumer to work with a REALTOR.
  • HOUSTON REALTOR - This publication is filled with great information on everything from industry trends to local market updates. There is also a wealth of information regarding the happenings with the REALTOR community and at HAR. The Houston REALTOR is ditributed in a hard copy version each month and is delivered to you via mail. It is also available in an electronic version which is also emailed to you monthly.
  • Management Central is an online newletter that is sent out bi-monthly to over 3500 HAR Managers and Brokers. The information here is relevant to those seeking information on leadership as well as manager and broker specific issues. Event notifications and reading recommendatinos are also available on Management Central. Both the Houston REALTOR and Management Central have a link to their archives where you can find past articles by topic, author or key words.
  • Weekly update – emailed directly to you – updates on time sensitive material and upcoming classes and/or events.
  • Sent to Managers and Brokers each week to present to agents in sales meetings. Is comprised of 4-6 ppt slides higlighting valuable statistics and time sensitive material.
  • The Events department handles several functions throughout the year, but the largest 3 are Realtor Expo, Commercial Expo, REALTOR Celebration. These are great opportunities to learn about what’s going on in the industry, network with your peers and gain insight to the new products and services available to you as a REALTOR. The Realtor Expo is held each Fall and as you will see in the upcoming video it’s sure to be quite groovy! The commercial Expo is held in the spring and is a great opportunity to take a peek into what the Commrercial side has to offer – it’s also a wonderful way to create contacts. Realtor Celebration is the annual installation of board of directors and offices, this is also an opportunity to celebrate being a REALTOR. Past REALTOR Celebrations have included superb keynote speakers including Chris Gardner (better known as the gentleman portrayed by Will Smith in the movie the Pursuit of Happiness) and Tom Peters the author of Re-Imagine and In Search of Excellence. Attending HAR’s special events keep you in the loop and can enhance your profession.
  • Members can attend valuable HAR luncheons/breakfasts free of charge by bringing their membership card to the meeting. Other meetings and important dates with details are also found on the master calendar. The links can be clicked to make see who should be contacted for reservations and all other details…
  • Governmental & Political Affairs Department is constantly looking out for your best interest as a REALTOR. Advisory Groups (made up of REALTOR members) research and interview candidates seeking election – they choose to recommend those who support REALTORS and REALTOR values. This group also stays current on important issues that government officials may try to sneak past us. These items include tax on services, transfer fees and more. Take a glimpse into the Governmental and Political Affairs department and your fellow members at work!
  • Saturday and Sunday 10am – 2pm HAR Members Services Staff are available online to assist you with your questions. You should have received your membership card when you joined – if you’ve lost your card – no problem – you can go online to print one out. An instructional handout is included in your orientation packet.
  • Discuss what TREPAC stands for and kick the video(s) off with – Kenya Burrell explaining what TREPAC is and why members should invest…
  • Mention that they have pledge cards and if they would like contribute they are welcome to fill out the cards and leave them with you. They can also participate in events that the TREPAC department holds… A fun way to invest.
  • Mention that they have pledge cards and if they would like contribute they are welcome to fill out the cards and leave them with you. They can also participate in events that the TREPAC department holds… A fun way to invest.
  • HAR TV is responsible for the production of member videos and all of the videos that have been shot and viewed today. They are available by appointment to work with you on creating a memorable Realtor video which can then be uploaded to your website.
  • Sample page of site and list of all HAR TV videos and updates
  • Web page that includes information on how to arrange to set up your member video.
  • HAR is a very international city so it only makes sense that we have an International page on We currently have over 300 listings and REALTORS can place their properties online using Area 82 on the MLS…
  • The council is here to create programs relevant to International business as well as open up the world of international real estate to those who may not have looked there before… The International page not only provides listings – it also has great tools such as currency converters, consulate contact lists, moing to Houston tips and news & statistics.
  • HAR’s membership department is here to get you started to assist you along the way. We have a call center as well as representatives who are available Mon-Friday 8:30am – 5pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday 10am – 2pm HAR Members Services Staff are available online to assist you with your questions. You should have received your membership card when you joined – if you’ve lost your card – no problem – you can go online to print one out. An instructional handout is included in your orientation packet.
  • Discuss the vital importance of maintaining clean accurate data in the MLS. Don’t be afraid to report members who have incorrect or missing information. Integrity of the data is one thing that makes a leader amongst real estate web sites.
  • Commercial Information Exchange. Different from a traditional MLS. If you are interested in taking advantage of this specialized market then contact one of Commercial Gateway’s member services specialists.
  • Creation comes from the technology department – hit on some of the new and most used items… Steer them to the training department for assistance on learning how to use these products and services.
  • Video – input listing videos into and they are uploaded to YouTube.
  • Now that they know about the tools… They need to know how to use them. Contact the training dept.
  • Now that they know about the tools… They need to know how to use them. Contact the training dept.
  • Now that they know about the tools… They need to know how to use them. Contact the training dept.
  • Newest Courses to keep you on top of the latest in technology
  • Transcript

    • 1. New Member Orientation Understanding Your Membership & What HAR can do for You!
    • 2.
    • 3. HAR’s Mission To Maximize Member Profitability
    • 4. HAR Departments, Products & Services Let’s Get Started….
    • 5. HAR Locations Central Bay Area Fort Bend Montgomery County
    • 6. HAR Departments
      • Communications
      • Events
      • Governmental Affairs
      • HAR TV
      • International
      • Member Services
      • MLS
      • Super Center
      • Technology/Website
      • Training
      • TREPAC
    • 7. Communications
    • 8.  
    • 9.  
    • 10. 400,000 Emails to Consumers and REALTORS® Monthly
    • 11.  
    • 12.  
    • 13. 2,600 Free Agent Newsletters
    • 14.  
    • 15. Meetings & Special Events REALTOR Expo Commercial Expo REALTOR Celebration Monthly Area Meetings
    • 16. Area Meetings & Master Calendar
    • 17. Governmental & Political Affairs
    • 18. Candidate Recommendations
    • 19. REALTOR Lobby Day
    • 20. TREPAC
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23. HAR TV/Video Services
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26. International
    • 27.  
    • 28.  
    • 29. Member Services
    • 30. Weekend Live Chat…
    • 31. MLS/Quality Assurance
    • 32. Where Do My Listings Go? HAR Members Portal => Tools Menu => Online Marketing Tools sub-menu => REALTOR Listing Distribution
    • 33. Commercial
    • 34.  
    • 35. Super Center
    • 36.  
    • 37.  
    • 38. Technology/Website
    • 39.  
    • 40. 40% 20% Yahoo Real Estate 13% 500,000 Annual Leads to HAR Members
    • 41. Social Media Sites
    • 42. Facebook – Houston Association of Realtors® Twitter – HARTREPAC Youtube – HARTV channel
    • 43.  
    • 44. HAR provides it’s members over 70 technology tools
    • 45. 16,000 Free Realtor Websites
    • 46.  
    • 47. Over 2,100 Agents have Surveyed Clients
    • 48. 713-REALTOR
    • 49.  
    • 50. 2008 HAR Survey of Home Sellers & Buyers
    • 51. Allows Consumers and REALTORS® to Engage Online
    • 52. How do I get to all of these tools? Where do I enter my listings? Member’s Only Site
    • 53. Member-Only Login
    • 54.  
    • 55.  
    • 56.  
    • 57.  
    • 58. Tempo Home Page
    • 59. Training & Member Profitability
    • 60. HAR offers numerous types of classes
      • HAR Tools & Tempo Training (FREE)
      • Technology Training
      • Designations
      • Commercial Education
      • Leadership/Professional Development
      • Home Buying Education/Affordable Housing Programs
    • 61. HAR offers several training methods
      • Traditional classroom (available at each office)
      • Hands-On (available in technology centers at each office)
      • Interactive Video Conference
      • Online – Internet Courses
      • Offsite events – Keynote presentations
      • eLearning
    • 62.
      • HAR offers more than 50 different courses!
    • 63. Real Estate Designations Over 40 Real Estate Designations Find Your Specialty!
    • 64.
      • Real Estate Blogging 101
      • Real Estate & Facebook 101
      • Real Estate & LinkedIn 101
      • Real Estate & Twitter 101
      • Video 101 (Using your Flip to List)
      • Hot iPhone Apps for Today’s REALTOR
    • 65.  
    • 66.  
    • 67. Where do I go from Here?
    • 68. Join The Groundswell
      • Use Video to Promote You & Your Listings
      • Engage in Social Networking (Linkedin/Facebook)
      • Read & Contribute to Blogs
      • Participate in Rating to Standout from Competitors
      • Get the Gadgets – iPhone & HD Flip Camera
    • 69. Make yourself Stand out!
      • Obtain a designation or take courses to become more aware of the market AND the consumer
      • Create your member website (for free!)
      • Update your REALTOR status if you specialize in various cultures or if you speak more than one language
      • Get involved with the Association’s many advisory groups and your community
    • 70. Resources & Homework
      • Packet Review
      • TAR & NAR Registration
      • Ethics Online
    • 71. Orientation Packet
      • What Courses Should I take Next?
      • Homework/To Do List
      • HAR Member Tools (Site Map)
      • HAR Staff Contact List
      • Real Estate Resources
      • Code of Ethics Online Training Instructions
      • How to Print my new Membership Card
      • Pathways to Professionalism
      • TREPAC Investment Form
      • Evaluations
    • 72. TAR & NAR Registration * Don’t forget to take your ethics online within the next 60 days!
    • 73. Technology Time!
      • Complete evaluation & receive your certificate and REALTOR Pin
      • Join us in the Technology Center to set up your member web site, sign up for the eNewsletter & register for a class
    • 74. Thank You!