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Cloud computing feb 2013 tar
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Cloud computing feb 2013 tar


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Published in: Real Estate
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  • A storage place in the sky- your C: drive on your computer except now it sits on a company’s C: drive if you willFamiliar examples: Top Producer, Google Docs, Microsoft Exchange Email , Zipformsonline
  • Once you determine your workflow then you can determine the right cloud storage for you
  • Carbonite does this as well
  • Decide what cloud storage to use-
  • Decide what cloud storage to use-
  • Remote Mouse/Mobile Mouse/Ipresenter/iwavit Show
  • Remote Mouse/Mobile Mouse/Ipresenter/iwavit Show
  • Transcript

    • 1. Cloud Computing @amyoutloud
    • 2. What is Cloud?
    • 3. Why the Cloud?• Allows you to be mobile• Quick access to get info to clients• Transparency
    • 4. Your Workflow
    • 5. Cloud Computing Basics
    • 6. Step #1-Accessing Computer
    • 7. Remote Access to Computer• Onlive Desktop• Teamviewer• Sugarsync• Logmein Ignition• Jump• PC anywhere
    • 8. Why Remote Access???• Need a file not in Cloud storage• Need access to a program• Need Internet Explorer
    • 9. Step #2-Synchronizing Emails
    • 10. Cloud based Emails• Gmail• yahoo• Microsoft exchange• Icloud• Me account
    • 11. Backup Computer Options
    • 12. Backup Computer Options• Carbonite– $99/year for unlimited back up1. Back up all C: drive2. Restore to mirror image3. Attachments from App
    • 13. Backup Computer Options• Mozy• Ironmountain
    • 14. Backup Iphone/Ipad• Icloud – 5gb free1. Photos and videos in the Camera Roll2. Device settings (for example: Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts)3. App data4. Home screen and app organization5. Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS)6. Ringtones7. Visual Voicemails
    • 15. File Storage Options
    • 16. Google Drive• Free space: 5GB• Premium space: $59.88/year for 100GB• File size limit: 10GB• Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android• Best for: Web apps
    • 17. Microsoft Skydrive• Free space: 7GB• Premium space: $50/year for 100GB• File size limit: 2GB• Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone• Best for: Windows/Office integrationFree space
    • 18. Dropbox• Free space: 2GB• Premium space: $99/year for 100GB• File size limit: Unlimited• Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry• Best for: Seamless syncing
    • 19. Dropbox Tips• Create Dropbox Account on laptop• Download Dropbox app to Iphone/Ipad/Droid• Move files to Dropbox on computer• Learn how to share files
    • 20.• Great to email Zipforms contracts from Ipad if you are a Docusign user• Create account• Create Folder• Folder Options, Folder Properties, Email Options
    • 21. Evernote• Create free account• Place to store notes & links
    • 22. Zipformsonline
    • 23. Convert to online•• Buy the mobile version•
    • 24. Transaction Platforms
    • 25. Paperless Office• Cartavi• BackAgent• PaperPipeline
    • 26. Q&A