The tale of despereaux


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The tale of despereaux

  1. 1. The Tale of Despereaux Written by: Kate DiCamillo
  2. 2. Kate DiCamillo Facts!She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1964 She was raised in Clermont, FloridaShe currently lives in Minneapolis, MinnesotaShe writes for both children and adultsShe is shortShe is loud She hates to cook and loves to eatShe is single and doesn’t have children
  3. 3. Beginning Book Summery A ship sails into the kingdom of Dor, for its Royal Soup Day. Roscuro, a rat, is aboard with a human, Pietro. Roscuro is mesmerized by the all of soup being prepared in the castles kitchens and he leaves Pietro to find the where the soup is. In doing so, he finds the castle banquet room and falls into the Queens soup after she takes the first bite. The Queen then has a heart attack falls headfirst on her soup bowl and eventually drowns with no one noticing. Meanwhile, Roscuro is being chased about the castle. The chase finally ends when Roscuro falls into a vent and falls into the dungeon.
  4. 4. Middle Book Summery The king, in his grief, orders soup to be forbidden and rats banished, and the town falls into eternal darkness and famine. Roscuro meanwhile, meets Botticelli, the brutal leader of the rat world. A few years later, an adventurous mouse, Despereaux is born, and becomes friends with the lonely Princess Pea. Upon finding out that Despereaux has broken the law by speaking with a human, the Mouse Council banishes him to the dungeon, where he is saved by Roscuro. Despereaux tells Roscuro about the princess’s gloom, which touches the rat. Roscuro approaches the princess to apologize, but she is terrified of him and he is chased out of the room. After being hurt, he decides to kidnap the princess. He gets the help of a servant girl, Miggery Sow, whom he later betrays and locks in a cell.
  5. 5. End Book Summery Meanwhile, Despereaux realizes that the princess is in danger. Back in the rat colony, Roscuro sees the apologetic sincerity in Peas eyes and regrets his actions, but is unable to stop the rats. Then Despereaux comes to the rescue, with a cat. Roscuro causes Botticelli to run into the cats cage for an fatal ending. When the battle was over, he finally apologizes, and is forgiven. In the end, Miggary is rescued by the jailer, Gregory, who is later revealed to be her father. Roscuro is reunited with Pietro. The princess and the king decide to relieve their grief by relying on each other for support. Despereaux reunited with his family and remains close friends with the princess.
  6. 6. Characters Despereaux  mouse counsal Chiaroscuro  Antoinette the mother Miggary Sow  Merlot the sister King Phillip  Furlough the brother Queen  the aunt Flaurence Princess Pea  the uncle Alfred Gregory the jailor  the father Lester The Tale Of Despereaux Trailer