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The hunger games michael keane
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The hunger games michael keane


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  • 1. The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
  • 2. • In the book the Hunger Games North America was taken over and was separated into thirteen different districts and one capitol. After cruel treatment from the Capitol, the thirteen districts revolted against the Capitol. After the whole war, the 12 districts were wounded and the 13th destroyed. So for now on the 12 districts need to repay the Capitol by having a reaping each year. The reaping makes 2 kids from each district (one boy and one girl) fight to the death in an arena with 22 other kids.
  • 3. • Katniss was at the reaping and the unthinkable happened, Prim her little sister got picked. In an act of love Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games. She went up on stage and was standing with Petta, the other contestant. After about an hour they said goodbye to their friends and family and left.• When they got to the Capitol they had a week to train. At the end of the week they had to perform to the sponsors, the people who help you out in the Hunger Games. Katniss did excellent and made a great impression for the sponsors. The day of the Hunger Games they traveled on a Capitol transporter to the place where they would be battling. All of the contestants got into their pods and they started the Hunger Games.
  • 4. • Katniss darted for a backpack and ran for the woods avoiding the conrnucopia where most of the killing takes place. She almost got killed because she noticed a knife savored her backpack. For the first few days of the hunger Games she slept most of the time and foraged. Then one night there were these group of kids that spotted her up in the tree. One of the kids had a bow and arrrow, Katniss’s favorite weapon. They stayed by the tree the whole night and eventually fell asleep. Then in the morning katniss cut down a wasp nest and threw it on the crowd of people. Everyone in the group ran and two of them were killed. When Katniss climbed out of the tree she got stung and fell into a deep sleep.
  • 5. • About three days later she woke up to Rue making her dinner. Rue was another contestant that was very nice. Katniss and her became friends. One day they started foraging and Katniss learned that she was caught in a net. Katniss came seconds too late and saw her being killed by another contestant. She quickly killed the other contestant and ran towards Rue. In less than 15 minutes she died.• That night there was an announcement that both contestants form the same District can win.
  • 6. • She searched for Peeta the next day and found him in a cave. She dressed his wound with cloths, but she needed more to save him. There was another announcement the same day. At the starting point tomorrow there will be bags labeled what District you have. They will contain one thing that you will need.• So the next day Katniss went and found the all of the bags. She ran as fast as she could towards her bag. She got the bag and started running back. Suddenly, someone tripped her and got on top of her to kill her. The other contestant was about to stab her, and then the other contestant that was from Rue’s district threw her off and killed her. This was an act of respect for what she had done with Rue.
  • 7. • About two days later at night they learn that the contestant that saved Katniss died. The only person left was Cato. They went and searched for Cato towards the starting point when a big ravenous dog starts chahsing them. Then seven other dogs attack and start chasing them. They finally get to the starting point and climb on top of the Cornucopia. Cato was right there! Cato grabbed Peeta and started strangling him. Katniss then took her bow out and shot him and he fell towards the ground, he died.• Then all of the dogs went away and then they made another announcement. There can be only one winner. So Katniss took some poisonous blueberries and they both are going to eat them. Then they told them to stop and they were both winners!
  • 8. Suzzanne Collins• Since 1991 Suzanne Collins has been busy children’s books• Her top 3 books were all from the Hunger Games series• Another series she has written are the Gregor series• She wants to write another series like this one in the future