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Book talk powerpoint
Book talk powerpoint
Book talk powerpoint
Book talk powerpoint
Book talk powerpoint
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Book talk powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • 1. Book TalkBy: Nina RicciThe Year we DisappearedBy: Cylin and John Busby
  • 2. About the AuthorO This book was written by a father and a daughter, John and Cylin Busby.O Cylin was just nine years old when the most tragic thing happened to her and her family.O John was born in Maine but later moved to Falmouth, Massachusetts where the book takes place.O There is not a lot of information about them since they had to disappear from the face of the earth.
  • 3. Beginning of the bookO At the beginning we get to hear about the normal day. How Cylin went to the beach and later that night her dad, John, went to work as a police officer. Later in the night, the Busbys received a call, about how John had been shot in the face from an unknown shooter and he is now in the hospital. The family spent the next few weeks visiting their dad at the hospital and trying to figure out what exactly happened that night.O Click here for a video about the book!
  • 4. Middle of the BookO In the middle of the book we hear about the 24 hour protection of the Busby family. Cylin and John switch of every chapter talking about there daily routine and the horrors they have to face. They have to get attack dogs and have police officers at their house at all times. Cylin and her brothers are no longer allowed to see their friends or go to school or go the graveyard which is their favorite spot.
  • 5. The endO Towards the end of the book the have to disappear. The police have still not found the people who almost killed John and who is after his family. They have to buy a new house in the middle of nowhere and are not allowed to tell their family or friends where they are going. We get to hear about their new house and new life. They run into some scary times but go through it strong. After a year went by Melvin and John Reine confessed to the shooting and finally allowed the Busby family to regain some security in their lives.