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Book talk by margaret keller

  1. 1. BOOK TALK BYMARGARET KELLER Distant WavesBy Suzanne Weyn
  2. 2. SUZANNE WEYN • Suzanne was born on July 6th, 1955 • She was born in Flushing, New York• Suzanne went to Binghamton University • Now Suzanne lives with her husband, and her two daughters and her cat Abby. • She now lives in upper New York City.
  3. 3. BEGINNING OF STORYIt is 1898 and the Taylor family are with their mother in New York. Thesisters are Mimi, who is 6, Jane who is 4, and the twins who are 2. They are at a woman’s house trying to contact her dead sister. After they contact Mary Adelaide, they leave and they start to walk down a streetin New York. All of a sudden, they are shaken very hard and thrown to the ground. Some one runs up to them and tells them to come with him. He takes them to a building, and rushes them up to the top floor. In the room there is a device sitting on the table. The man smashes the device, and they ask him who he is, and what that device is. He told them it is an earthquake machine, and his name is Nikola Tesla. The famous inventor Tesla. This won’t be the only time they come face to face with him, or the device.
  4. 4. THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK Many years have passed and the family has gotten older. A new addition to the family is Blythe, who is 12, and their mother was pregnant with herback when the earthquake happened. The twins are 14, Jane is 16, and Mimiis 18. Jane is obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes series. She wants to grow up and become a writer for the newspaper. Mimi, and Jane hear that a contest is going on in New York City right now, to see who would be the next person to work for the Sun which is a big newspaper in New York. Mimi said that she would go with Jane to New York to help her. Jane has a crazy addiction to the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. She has been reading about him in newspapers, and finds out that he is in New York. So she and Mimi decide that Jane will do the interview on Tesla.
  5. 5. THE CONCLUSION They finally arrive in New York, and they find Tesla. Jane meets Tesla’s assistant, Thad. They fall in love instantly. Mimi also meets Ninette Gunningham, wife of the billionaire, Mr. Gunningham. Ninette and Mimibecome very close friends, and Ninette asks Mimi to go to Europe with her to travel around, buy new things and to just get away. Mimi is thrilled, and she says that she would be able to go! Jane isn’t too happy with herdecision, because that means that she will have to go back to Spirit Vale and tell her family the news. So, Mimi is in Europe, and the girls mother gets and invitation to go to Europe to go to a Spirit convention. The family is delighted to get away. They made it safely, and they had a great time at the convention. Mimi comes and visits them where they are staying. She tells them that she is going to be riding a boat home called the Titanic. She also tells them that she knows a family who needs a babysitter, and Blythe takes the job.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION (CONTINUED) Mimi and Blythe are leaving for the Titanic. They are boarding the ship, when Janeremembers that she was talking to some famous people back at the convention. They were telling her that they have seen visions that the boat will sink. Jane is afraid, so she sneaks on the ship with the twins. They find Thad and Tesla on the ship. They help them find the girls, but it was too late. The ship was already moving.The sisters still have a good time, even though they are stowaways on the ship. Their mother did not make it on the ship with them. Mimi falls in love with Victor, Mr. Gunningham’s assistant. They get married on the ship. Thad also asks Jane to marry him, and she says yes.The night of the wedding is wonderful. Jane is the maid of honor, and the three other sisters are bride maids.Tesla shows off his earthquake machine. It missed the ice berg that it was supposedto break and shoot it. Sailors tell people to get on life boats, and put their life jackets on. Blythe gets in the ship with the family she is watching. Amelie is missing, so Emma, Mimi, and Jane go and look for her. Mimi, Thad, Tesla, and Jane go to the very bottom of the ship. Tesla takes his time traveler, and he points it at them.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION (CONTINUED) They time traveled 2 hours later. Jane is woken up floating in thewater. She starts to scream everyones name. Tesla was also floating by her. Jane notices many dead people by her. Jane is taking onto a rescue ship with Tesla. She is taken back to New York. Blythe is there, same with her mom, and the twins. Emma dies of hypothermia. 2 years pass, and there is no sign of Thad or Mimi. But one day, Jane sees in a newspaper that two people werefloating in the water in the middle of the Atlantic. Jane goes to where they are being held in a police station. It is Thad and Mimi! They were sent 2 years forward, instead of 2 months. They live happily ever after. The end
  8. 8. HYPERLINK! =Jkjrh4EWW4E
  9. 9. CREDITS!!! Thanks!Mrs. Sells you’re the best Computer teacher!