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Book talk


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  • 1. Book Talk By: Lauren Blando
  • 2. Suzanne Collins• Suzanne Collins was born on August 10, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut.• Since she was a daughter of a military officer, she was always moving as a child.• Since 1991, she has been a writer for children’s television shows on many known channels like Nickelodeon, which inspired her to write her own children’s books.• In 2008, the Hunger Games was released and gained instant popularity, being on the New York Times Best Seller list, more than 60 weeks in a row.
  • 3. Characters• Katniss: Girl from District 12 who goes back into the Hunger Games for a second year in a row, along with Peeta.• Peeta: Boy from District 12 who goes to the Hunger Games.• Haymitch: Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, won the Hunger Games many years ago.• Gale: Katniss’s friend that she hunts with, and has known ever since they were kids.• Prim: Katniss’s sister.• Cinna: Katniss and Peeta’s stylist.
  • 4. Summary: Beginning After returning from a victory tour, things areunusual at home. President Snow stops by to warnKatniss that he doesn’t want to see any rebelliousactions from her, and Katniss is confused on herrelationships with Gale and Peeta. District 8 is onthe verge of a rebellion and is using Katniss’smocking jay as their symbol. Also, Gale getswhipped by peacekeepers for hunting game, andPeeta and Katniss decide to get married, becausepeople start questioning if Katniss really likes Peeta.And the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games isabout to begin.
  • 5. Summary: Middle This year, for the Quarter Quell the gamemakers decide that two victors of passed gamesfrom each district would go back to the arena astributes. Katniss is picked for the reaping since shewas the only girl victor in District 12, and Peetavolunteers to go with her after Haymitch’s namewas picked. They both go to the capitol to prepareand each receive a 12 out of 12 in training. Thenthey go to the arena for this years game, which isdesigned to mimic a clock. It was shaped like a circlesplit into 12 sections for each hour of the day.
  • 6. Summary: Ending Each section of the arena triggered a newevent, each happening twice a day. Each event wasdesigned by the game makers to make it harder forthe tributes. Katniss and Peeta make alliances withmany other people in the arena, that help eachother out. But at the arena she faces manychallenges including finding water, avoidingpoisonous gas, jabberjays, mutts, and saving Peeta’slife. After the allies try to come up with a plan toget rid of other tributes, Katniss collapses andwakes up in an strange room, away from the arena.