Production: manipulation of original photography

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Here is evidence to show that I have manipulated images used in my magazine. It makes them look more professional and dramatic.

Here is evidence to show that I have manipulated images used in my magazine. It makes them look more professional and dramatic.

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  • 1. Manipulation of original photographyFront cover image:BeforeAfter This is the main image I have used on my front cover. As you can see in the first image it is quite pale and washed out. There was also a lot of empty space. I edited the colour to bring the colours out and make them stand out. I adjusted the contrast to make it stand out further making it look more dramatic. I also cropped the image so there was not as much empty space. By cropping it, it fit the magazine front cover exactly meaning I did not have to stretch the image in any way. I edited the photo by using ‘smudge’ to blend colours. I used it on Katie’s shoe as grass was poking up from the ground. It made it look unprofessional therefore smudged it.
  • 2. Contents page:BeforeAfterThis is one of the three images I have used in my contents page.As you can see in the before image it is quite dark and the shadows are very darkmaking the image not look that good.Therefore I edited it, I changed the colour balance to make it lighter, this makes theshadows fainter too. I slightly adjusted the contrast, this made the shadows evenfainter. It also made the colours of the dress and the model herself stand out evenmore.I had to shrink the image to make it fit on the contents page. To ensure the imagewas still in proportion I press ‘CTRL’ and dragged the image
  • 3. Double Page Spread:BeforeAfterHere I have ‘cut’ around the image of Katie, I cut away the background so itis only Katie. I used a variety of tools including magnetic and polygonal lassotool. This allowed me to manually select sections to cut away. I also used themagic tool as it selects large sections so I can select larger parts. I adjustedthe contrast and brightness to make the photo look more dramatic. I alsoadjusted the size of the image to make Katie bigger and stand out.
  • 4. Before:After:In this photo I have again cut around Katie so there is no background. I usedthe magnetic and polygonal lasso tool to manually cut around Katie as wellas using the magic tool. I adjusted the brightness of the photo to make itbrighter as before it was dull. I adjusted the contrast and exposure to makethe photo look more dramatic and model like. I have also adjusted the size ofthe image to make Katie larger and stand out. Finally I used the ‘smudge’tool. This allows you to smudge colours. In this case there were bits of grasssticking up so it was on Katie’s legs and hand. I smudged the colour of herjeans and skin in order to get rid of the grass.
  • 5. Background image used throughout:Before:After:This is an image of a brick wall. It is used throughout my magazine as thebackground image. As you can see in the ‘before’ image is was dark, dulland contains unwanted black parts at the top and bottom. Therefore it wasnot good enough for my magazine so I edited it. First of all I adjusted the sizeof the image, by using the crop tool I cut out the unwanted black parts tomake it look batter. I then adjusted the contrast, brightness and colourtemperature to make it look dramatic and stand out.