Planning: continued audience feedback


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This is the continued audience feedback. My target audience decided what

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Planning: continued audience feedback

  1. 1. Continued audience feedback<br />Feedback from front cover drafts:<br />Katie Robb (15) :<br />I prefer draft number two, as there are plenty of pictures to give you a visual insight to what is happening in the magazine. I also like how the images relate to the quote, as it makes it more interesting. The main image is big therefore catches my attention immediately.<br />Jade Weedon (20) : <br />My favourite draft is ‘draft three’. My reasons for this is because it is simple, most music magazines are very busy which is off putting. I like the way there is one main image so it draws us in. I like the use of text at the top of the page. I suggest that Amy puts the main story in this area so it attracts attention to it. <br />Todd Ashton (17) : <br />The draft I think is the best out of the front cover drafts is draft 3. The reason for this is because it has a clear sky line above the masthead to get the reader drawn into the magazine before reading the other content. I like the fact that there is one big image which takes up most of the page and I think it would make the magazine more eye - catching. I like the use of cell lines as it can tell the reader about the content of the magazine. <br />Feedback from contents page draft: <br />Katie Robb (15) : <br />I prefer draft number three as the layout is clear and is structured well. I like how on the pictures the page numbers are shown. This means you do not have to read the whole contents which is good for me. I love the editor’s note as it personalizes the magazine making it more interesting to read.<br />Jade Weedon (20) : <br />The contents page I prefer is the first one. My reasons for this are that it is very clear and looks like a professional contents page. I like the ‘editor’s note’ at the lower right corner of the page as it is something I read myself in magazines and makes it interesting. The images with captions on stating the page in which the article on is very useful and effective because you do not need to read the actual contents to find the main articles.<br />Todd Ashton:<br />The best draft out of the three drafts is draft number three. The reason for this is that everything has its own section on the page making it very clear and presentable. The use of the editors note make the magazine more interesting as it is a feature that is used in some magazines can draw the readers in. I like the fact that the images have page number references so make it easy to locate the content. I also like the fact that there is a big mast head at the top of the page to catch the reader’s attention.<br />Feedback from double page spread drafts: <br />Katie Robb (15) : <br />My favourite is draft number two, I like how there is an equal amount of text and images; it makes a good balance so it looks more professional. The article title spreads across the double page; this will catch my attention and entice me into wanting to read it. Although I would prefer for the quote to be at the bottom of the page, as it is distracting in the middle.<br />Jade Weedon (20) :<br />The draft number two is my favourite layout for a double page spread. This is because it looks like a typical article spread. The way the article title goes across the width of the two pages it is very intriguing and would immediately attract my attention. The use of ‘pull quote’ is a good idea because when I read magazine first of all I look at the quotes. <br />Todd Ashton (17) : I prefer draft number two as there is a neat layout which looks like it would be easy to understand. I like the fact that there are lots of large images to give a visual explanation to the text. The images also make the pages more interesting. I like how the article title goes across both pages to make it stand out to the readers. I like the way the text is put into columns as I find it easier to read text in columns. The thing I don’t like about this draft is the use of the pull quote in that location as it takes away the attention from the main text which is more important. I think that the quote should be around the text and on in the middle of it.<br />Overall Results:<br />Front cover draftsContents page draftsDouble page spread drafts Draft 1/ /Draft 2/ / /Draft 3////Draft 4<br />