3) what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why


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This evaluation question is about the kind of media institutions that would distribute my magazines. I analysed why particular ones would be best.

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3) what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why

  1. 1. I analysed three magazine institutions, these included ‘IPC Media’, ‘Emap’, ‘Future PLC’ and ‘Bauer’ <br />The magazine institutions who might distribute my magazine are ‘IPC Media’ and ‘Bauer’. This is because they cater for lots of magazines including music magazines for my target audience. ‘IPC Media’ publish magazines such as the fashion weekly ‘Look’ and the music magazine ‘NME’. They are very successful and their magazines reach two thirds of the UK. ‘Bauer’ publishes magazines such as ‘Heat’, ‘Kerrang’, ‘Q’ and ‘Mojo’ which are all very well-known and successful.<br />-1333571120IPC Media currently cater for two thirds of the female population and as my magazine is 60%:40% for females this is appropriate. I think my magazine ‘UP BEAT’ will fit into their portfolio as it is similar to the magazines they currently publish. My magazine is for both men and women and is a music magazine which may benefit IPC Media. They currently only publish a few music magazines, by publishing mine it will bring them more revenue as audiences may begin to buy ‘UP BEAT’. This will draw in a mass audience, my magazine caters for lots of music genres (mainly hip-hop) therefore lots of people will buy the magazine. ‘NME’ is rock music so only attract a niche market, however mine will attract a mass audience.<br />-1270059690Bauer are very successful in publishing a wide range of magazines. They publish music genres such as ‘Kerrang’, ‘Mojo’ and ‘Q’. It would be good to use them as a distributor because they are already publishing well known music magazines. For this reason I think my magazine ‘UP BEAT’ will fit nicely into Bauer’s portfolio. This is because my magazine will bring in more audiences as it is different from their existing magazines. <br />My target audience is young people aged 15 – 21. It is mainly aimed at females but also males. I chose this age group because it is a similar age group to myself so I can tailor the magazine to their needs. I aimed it mainly at females because most of the magazines I analysed were male dominant with the colours and use of bands. I decided to aim at females mainly so it will attract a new audience.<br />I think there is a gap in the market for my magazine. This is because mine is aimed at young people aged 15 – 21 and focuses on topics they enjoy. The music magazines I looked at were aimed at adults as well as teenagers. My magazine offers information/entertainment purely for young people. My magazine is for the mass audiences because it attracts young people both genders. I also think that because my magazine consists of a few genres (Hip-Hop, R&B and dance) it will fit in a gap in the market. It will appeal to more people something current magazines from IPC Media and Bauer do not do. I found from my audience feedback from the questionnaires that they would prefer it if the magazine consists of a few genres and not just one. This will open a new audience to both distributors, they will have more teenagers buying the music magazine. I also think that the fact my magazine is mainly aimed at females it will draw more audiences in. The lack of more feminine magazines shows there is a gap in the market for my magazine. NME is a male dominant magazine with its use of font, style and content, therefore there is a gap in the market for a more female music magazine.<br />My magazine will be something different for the magazine institution IPC Media because they have nothing like it. The genre of NME is just one (rock) whereas mine is three. It will give IPC Media the opportunity to draw in more audiences who are younger and will also be mass audiences.<br />My magazine will also be something different for the magazine institution Bauer because again they have nothing like it. All of the magazines they publish are male orientated, only drawing in a particular audience. However my magazine is for both males and females but doesn’t look as male domineering as theirs. Therefore my magazine will attract younger and a mass audience. <br />IPC Media does not have a lot of experience in the music genre magazines. This is because they only publish ‘NME’. This is a rock genre aimed mainly at men. However this is a very popular and successful magazine which brings in a lot of money. Therefore choosing IPC media is appropriate to use as a distributor as they know how to get the product across to the audience and make it a success. <br />Bauer have a lot of experience in publishing music magazines. This is because they currently publish three music magazines which are all very successful and well known. I would feel comfortable with Bauer publishing my magazine because they have good knowledge of publisher music genres.<br />-1270021590I would not want ‘Emap’ to distribute my magazine because they have no experience distributing music genres. They publish a lot of magazines such as ‘Drapers’ and ‘Lighting’. These are completely different to music genres. For this reason it would make me feel uneasy because they may not be the best at publishing my music magazine.<br />