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Kdu talk ver2

  1. 1. Recruitment & Selection Approach – Impactful Resume and Effective Interviewing Skills MEI-LYNN CHAN Head, Human Capital Global Wholesale Bank and Investment Banking November 30, 02121
  2. 2. Presentation Objective To provide a Point of View on what employers look for in the recruitment and selection process for fresh graduates and the guiding principles to adopt in interviews.2 30/11/2012
  3. 3. Agenda• What do Employers look for & wantWhat makes YOU different from other candidate:• Resumes that employers look for• Do’s and Don’ts of interviews• Key to effective Interview outcomes• Maybank as Employer of Choice3
  4. 4. What do Employers look for?4 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  5. 5. What do Employers want?5 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  6. 6. What makes you different from other candidates?6 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  7. 7. What makes you different from other candidates?7 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  8. 8. Impactful Resume Writing Tips• A clear & concise resume, with clear personal, correspondence & details• Highlight participation in clubs & societies• Highlight projects & achievements• Write short sentences with more impactful words in your CV• Highlight your talents• Summarize your accomplishments & skills• Describe yourself with specific & unique terms8 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  9. 9. Practical preparation for the Interview• Grooming guidelines ; depending on industry/employer type, the attire should reflect the desired image e.g. professional, creative, fun.• Understanding the employer/organisation ; do your homework to find out information from the website, annual reports, etc.• First Impression; confidence portrayal, the “hand- shake”/greetings and rhetoric clarity• Leave mobile telephones and other communication gadgets on silent mode or off before interview.9 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  10. 10. The Interview Process – Do’s and Don’ts• Greetings and thank interviewer for opportunity to be selected for the interview; indication of future attitude and behavior• Engage equally with all interviewers if in panel ; indication of people style• Do not “stare” at interviewer but provide sufficient eye contact ; indication of passion for work and other personality traits.• Seek to clarify on questions you do not understand or cannot hear10 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  11. 11. Tips on Getting the Job• Expand your networking by asking your friends about job opportunities• Be Persistent and Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up• Do some research on your company• Prepare Responses for the Most LikelyQuestions during Interviews• Be confident and show your worth: what can you offer to your organization?• Prepare to Ask Good Questions11 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  12. 12. Skills Most Sought After by Employers• Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written).• Analytical/Research Skills.• Computer/Technical Literacy.• Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities.• Interpersonal Abilities.• Leadership/Management Skills.• Multicultural Sensitivity / Awareness.• Planning/Organizing.• Problem-Solving / Reasoning / Creativity.• Teamwork.12 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  13. 13. Personal Values Employers Seek in Employees• Honesty / Integrity / Morality.• Adaptability / Flexibility.• Dedication / Hard-Working / Work Ethic/Tenacity.• Dependability/Reliability / Responsibility.• Loyalty.• Positive Attitude / Motivation/Energy/ Passion.• Professionalism.• Self-Confidence.• Self-Motivated/Ability to Work With Little or No Supervision.• Willingness to Learn.13 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11
  14. 14. MAYBANK as Employer of Choice What do we look for… • TEAMWORK • INTEGRITY • GROWTH • EXCELLENCE & EFFIENCY • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING14 Maybank ppt test 311011.pptx 31/10/11