Internet and Social Media Safety for Kids and Teens April 2014


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Tips for parents on what their kids are probably using right now, and how to keep kids safe online. The positives outweigh the negatives for allowing kids to use some types of social media and messaging, however it's important to be mindful that there are potential pitfalls. This reviews some of the most popular apps for kids, statistics on how kids use social media, texting, and messaging, and how to use parental controls. There is a list of resources for parents about internet safety, parental controls on computers and mobille devices, and tutorials on different social media platforms. There is a link to a contract parents and kids can both read, discuss, and sign to stay mindful of how to stay safe online and how older children and teens can safely use social media and messaging.

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Internet and Social Media Safety for Kids and Teens April 2014

  1. 1. Social Media and Your Kids: How to Keep Them Safe April 23, 2014 Old Trail School Amy Neumann, Director SEO/ SEM/ SMO, Northeast Ohio Media Group
  2. 2. Social Media and Online Safety • What is the current social media landscape? • What apps/sites are most popular with kids, and what should we look for? • Who, what, when, where, why and how: – Social Media – Texting – Apps – Helpful Sites and Resources
  3. 3. What is the Current Landscape?
  4. 4. Social Media Landscape Right Now • Social media is the new “Word of Mouth” • Things are discovered, reviewed, and shared in real time • Familiarity and trust are created through ongoing interaction, in many places, many ways • It’s the new normal way to connect with friends
  5. 5. Visibility at All Times • We “Share This” • We talk about what we like (or don’t like)
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Highlights -2013/2014 Social Media Users • Facebook: 1.15 BILLION (750 mm mobile) • YouTube: 1 Billion+ • Twitter: 550 million + • Google Plus: 500 million + • LinkedIn: 238 million + • *Visual* is Growing: Instagram (200 mm; owned by Facebook), Pinterest (70 mm) • 5.98 BILLION mobile devices globally
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Common Apps, Networks for Kids & Teens Kik Pheed Twitter Pinterest SnapChat Google Plus Facebook Reddit WhatsApp Instagram Wanelo YouTube Tumblr (LinkedIn) Vine
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. 10 Tips for Online Safety for Kids 12 1. Set ground rules (explain the “why”) 2. Understand what technology they're using 3. Be aware of all technology they're using 4. Set parental controls 5. Install monitoring software 6. Monitor ALL online activity closely 7. Know who your kids are talking to online 8. Learn the lingo 9. Use resources at your fingertips 10. Empower kids with knowledge that will last a lifetime
  13. 13. Enabling Parental Controls Example (iPhone, iPad) 13
  14. 14. • Everything online is permanent and viewable – If you wouldn’t say it to your Grandparents, a teacher, a judge, your Mom or Dad, or on a loudspeaker in the middle of a crowded stadium: – Don’t say it online. (Or in a text. Or send it as a picture. Or attach your name to it.) A Good Rule of Thumb for Kids (and Adults)
  15. 15. • Do not share personal information on any site or app – Don’t use your email, full name, address, school, or birthdate. – Make sure location features are disabled to prevent automatic tagging in places like your home and school. Privacy: Be Careful What You Share
  16. 16. Suggested Resources 16
  17. 17. Amy Neumann Director SEO/SEM/SMO Northeast Ohio Media Group 216-999-5476