How to Use Search and Social Media To Grow B2B Business


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How to use things like search engine marketing (SEM, PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for B2B companies.

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  • How to Use Search and Social Media To Grow B2B Business

    1. 1. How You Can UseSearch and Social Mediato Grow Your BusinessAmy NeumannDirector SEO/SEM/SMOaneumann@cleveland.com216-999-5476May 2013
    2. 2. •Advance Digital is a digitally focused news andpublishing organization built to continue a tradition ofjournalistic excellence.•The result is synergy that spans print and digitalmarketing, including display advertising, search enginemarketing, search engine optimization, social mediamarketing, audience targeting, and reputationmonitoring.•Our integrated approach to audience targetingmeans that we provide advertisers with measurableways to promote their businesses, products andservices, whether trying to reach a broad audience orniche groups.Who Is Advance Digital?We deliver world-classadvertising solutions tobusinesses across Ohioand the United States
    3. 3. Amy Neumann aneumann@cleveland.comDirector SEO/SEM/SMO 216.999.5746• Passionate fan of all things tech and media for 19+ yearswith companies likeYahoo! and AT&T. Currently delightedto be at doing everything Search & Social• Often seen writing about topics involving social media,search, social good, mobile, developing technology, andsimilar including for Forbes, the Huffington Post, twopersonal blogs (Good PlusTech and Charity Ideas Blog)and numerous other websites and printed publications
    4. 4. AGENDA:HowYou Can Use Social Mediaand Search to GrowYour Business• Why does Search visibility matter?• Why does social media matter for sales and marketing?• Who, what, when, where, why and how:– LinkedIn– Facebook– YouTube– Twitter• ExtendingYour Reach
    5. 5. 5What is it? SEO & SEMSEO or Search EngineOptimization, is the process ofaffecting the visibility of a websiteor a web page in a searchengines "natural" or un-paid("organic") search results.SEM or Search EngineMarketing, is a form of internetmarketing that involves thepromotion of websites byincreasing their visibility in searchengine results pages throughoptimization and advertising.Citation:“Search Engine Optimization." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 20 May 2008. Web. 22 March 2013.“Search Engine Marketing." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 10 March 2013. Web. 22 March 2013.
    6. 6. Not JustYour NeighborhoodProactively find peopleanywhere in the worldwho are talking aboutyour product or service
    7. 7. .Paid Search Advertising:•Helps you reach consumers activelylooking for your products and servicesusing keyword targeted ads on majorsearch engines such as Google, Yahoo!,and Bing.•As an addition to local search optimization,paid search advertising is a fast, easy wayfor highly qualified sales leads to find YOU.•Provides a user-friendly interface thathelps you manage incoming sales leads.•Lets you decide up front how much youwant to invest, and delivers results.•You pay per click, optimizing yourinvestment.•Provides access to a 24/7 dashboardallowing you to see reports.Paid Search AdvertisingGets You Here.Paid Search AdvertisingGets You Here.KeywordKeyword7Search Engine MarketingAccording to Google600 million searches per dayare for local information.
    8. 8. • Search brings in buyers at a “moment of action” on anydevice, any time.• 92% of online adults use search engines to findinformation = 260 million– 59% do so on a typical day = 170 million• All ages use search:18-29 = 96%30-49 = 91%50-64 = 91%65+ = 87%• People can’t buy from you if they don’t knowabout you.Search Engine MarketingPew Research Center, 5/11 . 88% of the ~ 322 million people in the United Sates are online.* advertise in search engines?in 2012, 46% of digital marketing in theUnited States was Search because of the high ROI.*
    9. 9. 9SEM Drives the Highest ActionSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) gives you immediate, full control over multiplecritical keywords.SEM also allows you to jump into consideration much earlier in the process.
    10. 10. - Vanessa Fox, Marketing in the Age of GoogleThe Power of Paid + Organic Search• When a brand appeared in both organic and paidsearch results, the searcher clicked on that brand92% of the time, compared to 60% of clicks whenthe brand appeared in only one location.1• When paid and organic links are presentsimultaneously, there is an increase of nearly12% in the combined conversion rate.2• When a site is visible in both paid and organicsearch results, both results receive more clicksthan if either appeared alone… Studies havefound that click-through rates, conversion rates,and revenue are all higher whenboth organic and paid listings appear for search.3Both forms of search deliver separate streams of trafficBoth forms of search deliver separate streams of trafficthat work better for some businesses than others.that work better for some businesses than others.They can aid each other to dominate search results.They can aid each other to dominate search results.1 iCrossing study2 Yang & Ghose, NYU, 2009, PPC versus SEO: Spy vs. Spy, Marketing Tech Blog, Chris Boss3 NYU/USC schools of business study, Oct ’09:
    11. 11. 11Search Engine Optimization88.1% of US internet users ages 14+ browse or researchproducts online.**Search Engine Journal, April 19, 2012
    12. 12. •Our SEO experts conduct acomplete analysis of your website’scontent, design, and code.•We provides clear andmeasureable monthly deliverableson what is being done each month.•You will know how your website isperforming on major search enginesand against your competition.•Your website and local searchvisibility will be improved month bymonth through a complete processof on-page and off -pageoptimization.Local SEO gets you to the top of the search results when consumers are searching foryour local products and services online.12Search Engine OptimizationLocal Search OptimizationGets You HereLocal Search OptimizationGets You Here
    13. 13. Social Media Landscape Right Now• Social media is the new “Word of Mouth” –at the speed of light• Things are discovered, reviewed, sharedand recommended in real time• Credibility is developed by being visible asan expert• Familiarity and trust are created throughongoing interaction, in many places, manyways• Customer service is greatly enhanced bythe ability to immediately interact andconnectSocial Media =People.
    14. 14. 14What is it? Social Media MarketingSocial mediamarketing:the process ofgaining websitetraffic or attentionthrough socialmedia sites.Citation:“Social Media Marketing" Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 20 May 2008. Web. 26 March 2013.
    15. 15. Highlights -2013 Social Media Users• Facebook: 1.1 BILLION + users (680 mm mobile)• YouTube: 800 million +• Twitter: 550 million +• Google Plus: 340 million +• LinkedIn: 200 million +
    16. 16. It’s Art + Science
    17. 17. Social Media Increases “Serendipity”“If you want more luck, takemore chances.Be more active.Show up more often.” ~Brian Tracy(good summary of Social Media)
    18. 18. Conversational and Other-Focused• Remember the “social” piece – themore interactive, the more results• Try to keep the conversation 80-90% aboutTHEM and only 10-20%about your company• Sharing content that is helpful anduseful to people who might buyyour product will drive connections
    19. 19. LinkedIn: Network of Professionals
    20. 20. LinkedIn: Brilliant for Networking• Complete FREE CompanyProfile Page• Find buyers at targetcompanies• Be discoverable• Keep your profile updated:– Professional photo– Current title and company– Succinct Summary includingkeywords– Complete history allows forfaster networking– Add causes and volunteer work– Join relevant Groups and interact
    21. 21. Facebook: It’s Personal, and It’s Business• Entertainment focus• Photos increaseengagement by 84%• Appeal broadly tohuman interests• Contests andpromotions do well• Updates do not need tobe about your company• Show your personality
    22. 22. YouTube (Owned by Google):Get Product Demos,Testimonials,Tutorials, andUsage Ideas in Front of Buyers
    23. 23. Bonus: Google Plus• Jump in now!– 500 million people have joined– Marketing is focusing on G+ for 2013 and beyond– Still less mainstream for now – but DOES MATTERfrom a local, social media, and (SEO) searchperspective– Google also owns Google Plus, just likeYouTube, solarge growth is expected– G+ already affects SEO – especially locally – in a majorway• Claim your Google Plus and Google Local Page tobeVerified
    24. 24. Conversations, Including Customer Service
    25. 25. 25Extended Reach: What is it?Extended reach allows us to serve your ads on national sites, expanding the reachof your marketing message to your target audience based on the types of websitesthey have recently visited.
    26. 26. • Geo-target your ads by your audience’s geographic location (statewide, regional,DMA, or zip code cluster).• Behavioral target your audience based on the types of websites they haverecently and frequently visited.• Intent• Interest• Re-message your ads to customers who visit your site as they visit other sites onour premium partner networks.• Demographically target: age, gender, income, etc.• Content targetExtended Reach Solutions let you:26Extended Reach: Display NetworkPresent your message on national sites, expanding the reach of your marketingmessage to your target audience based on the types of websites they haverecently visited.
    27. 27. Get your message to your exact audience almost anywhere online withTop Ad Networks such as:27Extended Reach: Display Network
    28. 28. SUMMARY:HowYou Can Use Searchand Social Media to GrowYour Business• Being visible in Search gets you in front of buyers at themoment of action.• Social Media puts you in the right place at the right time,proactively.• These 4 social media platforms are key for manufacturing:– LinkedIn– Facebook– YouTube– Twitter• You can also proactively reach key people who match yourtarget buyer profile anywhere on the internet with ExtendedReach.
    29. 29. Questions?Please See Us at Booth 38!Amy NeumannDirector SEO/SEM/