The global ivd market


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Bespoke market research - IVD and healthcare markets

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The global ivd market

  1. 1. Bespoke Research Services PARIOFORMA LTD 55 Princes Gate Exhibition Road London SW7 2PN United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7225 3538 PARIOFORMA
  2. 2. PARIOFORMA  Parioforma have been providing bespoke research services to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries for over 20 years.  We can help you better understand your customer needs, evaluate the competitive landscape or assess the market opportunity for a new product or service.  Research can be global, regional or country-specific and all projects are tailored to individual customer needs – studies typically include aspects of the following: 2 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom • Review of the IVD market and/or a specific market segment • Market analysis:  Value  Growth rates  Sector shares  Growth regulators  Business trends  Technology trends • Customer analysis:  Voice of the customer  Customer segmentation • Competitive environment:  Corporate profiles  Market shares  New entrants • Partner and/or investor identification
  3. 3. PARIOFORMA  Diagnostic tests were performed close to 4 billion times in 2013 in the United States: 3 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom Drivers for the US IVD Market • Technological advances and automation have made tests easier to use and more accurate, and have led to more precise and more timely results. • Advances have led to point-of-care tests that facilitate more rapid decision-making by medical practitioners. • Number of diagnostic tests required being driven by the aging and the growth of the population. • Increased use of diagnostic tests as quality indicators. • Increased consumer awareness of, and demand for, tests. • Extension of health insurance coverage by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Restraints for the US IVD Market • Challenges exist in gaining FDA clearance - the level of evidence required to demonstrate safety and effectiveness, as well as clinical utility continues to grow. • Difficulties in securing insurance coverage - insurers insist on direct evidence of clinical utility and the impact of a specific test on patient outcomes. • Reimbursement rates paid for some tests do not cover the costs of providing the service.
  4. 4. PARIOFORMA  The US Infectious Disease Rapid Testing Market – porter’s analysis: 4 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom Threat of New Entrants + High barriers to entry - Medium customer loyalty - High profitability attracts new entrants Low Threat of Substitutes + Medium high switching costs (CLIA moderate or above) - Transition to innovative rapid molecular tests Medium - High Competitive Rivalry - High for technical, marketing and sales - Consolidation has concentrated the market toward the larger companies High Bargaining Power of Buyers - Many RDT test platforms with similar performance giving customers a lot to choose from - Price sensitivity High Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Reliance upon third- party vendors/ distributors - Consolidation in the lab marketplace + Increasing POLs and alternative testing sites Medium
  5. 5. PARIOFORMA  User perceptions of US rapid test reader devices: 5 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom Price Dual Power – mains & battery Portability Connectivity Test Menu CLIA Status Walk- Away Potential Short-term    --     Mid to long- term  --      Key:  Very Important;  Important; -- Neutral;   Not important;
  6. 6. PARIOFORMA  Drivers & restraints in India’s IVD market: 6 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  7. 7. PARIOFORMA  Customer landscape in India: 7 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  8. 8. PARIOFORMA  Influencers on the patient choice of SMBG meter in Turkey: 8 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom Interview respondents were asked to rate the extent of influence in the patient choice of meter on a scale of 1-7 [where 1 = low; 7 = high] The pharmacist has the greatest influence on the buying decision – patients place a lot of trust in this relationship.
  9. 9. PARIOFORMA LONDON OFFICE ASSOCIATE OFFICES Charles Rowlands Senior Partner 55 Prince’s Gate Exhibition Road London SW7 2PN United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 7803 907577 USA Intrix Corp, Darien Connecticut Eastern Europe IMRP, Moscow Brazil Intrix Corp, São Paulo Japan TRN, Tokyo Parioforma Ltd. Is an independent business consultancy headquartered in London, UK. Key benefits of working with Parioforma:  Bespoke studies – tailored to client needs and timelines.  Affordable research prices – makes budgets go further.  High quality research – experienced science-based team, all with post-graduate science and/ or MBA qualifications and with 10-25+ years experience in Life Science and High Technology industries.  Unique problem solving approach – the team is highly specialised, but diverse in experience and background, enabling analysis of problems from different perspectives.  Strategic Pointers – helps clients better understand the research and implications for their business.  Practical implementable solutions – not just “over-clever analysis.” Our knowledge is extensive and experience broad – please visit our website for a full listing of all our services. Please don't hesitate to contact us for an informal discussion on your market research needs – either by telephone on +44 (0) 207 225 3538 or by email at: 9 Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom