Payer profiling in romania

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Payer Profiling in Romania

Payer Profiling in Romania

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  • 1. PARIOFORMA  An international pharmaceutical company commissioned Parioforma to design and implement a primary and secondary research programme to better understand the payer environment for oncology products in Romania.  Client objectives ◦ Understand Ministry of Health (MoH) priorities for setting national programs ◦ Understand the interaction between the MoH and National Insurance House in financing national programs and how they work in relation to the inclusion of innovative oncology products in the national cancer program:  Therapeutic committees and sub-committees  External influences – e.g. cancer institutes, patient advocate groups, etc.  Regional and municipal reimbursement influences and budget setting ◦ Map out the payer decision makers, the processes, and key influencers and sphere of influence at the various levels  Programme of work ◦ Desk research was used to gain an overview of the Romanian healthcare system and top level payer environment ◦ Interviews were conducted with payers and payer influencers at national, regional and municipal levels to confirm and validate specific roles and responsibilities in payer decision making for oncology products ◦ Available evidence was assessed and a report was prepared covering the detailed findings with key recommendations for the client for future payer negotiations in Romania  Value ◦ The results of the project allowed the client to gain strategic insight into the payer environment for innovative oncology products in Romania which will enable them to target future value messages to the correct audience.  For further information, or to discuss your market access, pricing and reimbursement intelligence requirements, contact US now Parioforma Ltd – 55 Prices Gate – Exhibition Road – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom 1