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Parioforma   market intelligence  strategy development services - technology sector
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Parioforma market intelligence strategy development services - technology sector


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  • 1. PARIOFORMA Capabilities Statement – Technology Sector 2012PARIOFORMA LTD55 Princes GateExhibition RoadLondon SW7 2PNUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0) 20 7225
  • 2. PARIOFORMAParioforma designs and delivers many different types of market research solution to help ourcustomers achieve specific business development objectives…  All organizations exist in an ever changing landscape – creating challenges as well as new business opportunities  Robust strategy development can only result from sound business intelligence  Well-executed intelligence research has been proven to deliver hard business benefits Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 3. PARIOFORMA POWERFULAt Parioforma we are able to help DISTRIBUTORSyou understand and interpret yourcompetitive environment… DIRECT NEW RIVALS ENTRANTS Competitive benchmarking Market share analysis INDIRECT NEW Tactical analysis RIVALS HOW TO TECHNOLOGIES Competitive blind spots KEEP Competitor segmentation SUBSTITUTE AHEAD? EMPOWERED PRODUCTS CUSTOMERS Cross competitor analysis Pricing structure SUBSTITUTE EMPOWERED Points of differentiation SERVICES USERS Ongoing identification of new entrants POWERFUL SUPPLIERS Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 4. PARIOFORMAParioforma runs in-house strategic workshops: Output Activities “Go/no-go” decisions Focused innovation workshops: Prioritised customer/ market needs Issue: does the Customer needs Target segments/ customers technology meet Market needs Differentiation and technology USPs customer/ market needs? Technology landscape Positioning statements and “value” GAP analysis messages SWOT analysis Well-defined NSD/ NPD concepts Current NSD TECHNOLOGY VALUE INNOVATION Position NPD Activities In-house strategic workshops: Output Issue: how can we Competitive positioning Prioritized and well-defined: support technology value War gaming Strategic plans innovation? In-house data mining: Activity programmes Business models Sales mapping Customer/ market intelligence NSD: New service development; NPD: New product development Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 5. PARIOFORMAWe combine our expertise in qualitative The Intelligence Radar Conceptmarket and competitor research to: Evaluate technology concepts Assess the commercial opportunity for new technologies/ service concepts Develop “go-to-market” strategies Build a business planIn addition, we also provide a “technologyradar” service enabling our clients to: Inform future business decisions with appropriate evaluations on the impact of new technology/ scientific discoveries and/or competitor intentions:  Broad enough in scope  Detailed enough where necessary The Concept Reflects:  Relevant to business issues • Changes in the intelligence “landscape” over time  Timely • The integration of knowledge gathered from units “on the ground”  Calibrated to key management decision • Intelligence replayed to the organization to inform and direct requirements research and strategy development Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 6. PARIOFORMAParioforma designs and delivers “routes to Specific geographical experience andmarket” solutions to assist our customers coverage includes:achieve specific market entry objectives…  Western Europe  Market entry  Turkey & Middle East • Regulatory/ legislative environment  Central & Eastern Europe  Partner Intelligence  North & South America • Partner identification, selection, evaluation  Russia/ CIS and negotiation  Channel analysis & development  Far East & Japan  M&A activity • Due diligence • Valuations Market Partner Channel Market intelligence development development entry Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 7. PARIOFORMA Client Issue Solution The assay concept was tested using primary research with drug To undertake a market discovery scientists within Pharma and biotech companies as well opportunity assessment and as with discovery service providers. Results were interpreted to Leading Laboratory concept evaluation for a new provide insights on the likely pattern of technology adoption, Service Supplier technology and assay strategy buyer service expectations as well as pointers for market strategy for in vitro permeability formulation and market positioning. The service was screening. implemented based on this successful concept evaluation. To identify investment leads in A systematic search and screening system was developed by nanotechnology companies Parioforma based on the Fund’s investment criteria and A Leading and to support and facilitate implemented globally to find investment leads which were ready Nanotechnology the investment to work with a Russian fund. A short list of high quality leads Investment Fund communications with were provided to the fund which has entered into serious investment prospects. discussions with several companies. Parioforma created a “show case” presentation of the To obtain an independent and technology, its potential applications and commercial benefits.A Specialty Technology objective evaluation of the Potential “blue-chip” and industry end-users were identified and Company commercial potential of its interviewed to gather insights and form a deeper understanding novel piezoelectric technology. of the commercial opportunities for this novel technology - thus enabling a clearer go-to-market strategy. Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 8. PARIOFORMA Client Issue Solution To evaluate customer activities The team undertook extensive primary research with end users in metabolomics and to identify: core markets, user profiles and high-level softwareLeading US-Based understand the emerging needs. An assessment of the level of integration of metabolomics Bioinformatics market needs for metabolomics into the company’s functional/ organisational structure was Company data analysis technology and carried out and adoption patterns by customer segment tools – particularly in MS-based identified. Results were leveraged for future product applications. development. The first phase of work involved helping the client to characterise the lipid’s functionality to define potential industrial applications. To evaluate the commercial The second phase involved identifying market opportunities andA Leading Mining opportunity for a novel by- prioritising them in terms of time to market, cost to market, Company product of the metal extraction market value and potential demand. Phase three involved the process – an archaeal lipid. identification of development partners and assisting the client in negotiations. The result is that the lipid product is now in the late stages of commercialisation. A detailed survey of clinical trial patient behaviour was To develop new services in conducted. The results were interpreted and utilized by order to enter the e-clinicalA New Venture 3G Parioforma to lead a client-based team to develop product development market utilising Company specifications and to prepare a business plan to utilise 3G devices UMTS/3G mobile wireless for video and rich graphic patient diaries, e-trials, and e-CRA technology. management. Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  • 9. PARIOFORMAParioforma is an independent business consultancy headquartered in London, UK.Key benefits of working with Parioforma: Bespoke studies – tailored to client needs and timelines. LONDON OFFICE ASSOCIATE OFFICES Affordable research prices – makes your budgets go further. Intrix Corp, Darien Charles Rowlands USA High quality research – experienced science- Connecticut Senior Partner based team, all with post-graduate science and/ or MBA qualifications and with 10-25+ years Eastern 55 Prince’s Gate IMRP, Moscow experience in Life Science and High Technology Europe industries. Exhibition Road Unique problem solving approach – the London SW7 2PN Intrix Corp, São Brazil team is highly specialised, but diverse in United Kingdom Paulo experience and background, enabling analysis of Tel: +44 (0) 7803 907577 problems from different perspectives. Japan TRN, Tokyo Strategic Pointers – helps clients better understand the research and implications for their business. Practical implementable solutions – not just Please dont hesitate to contact us for an “over-clever analysis.” informal discussion – either by telephone onVisit our website for a full listing of all +44 (0) 207 225 3538 or by email at:our services. Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom