Market access the challenges for niche specialist products


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Market access the challenges for niche specialist products

  1. 1. PARIOFORMAGlobally, over 60% of pharmaceutical industry growth can be attributed to specialty care brands.These are high-priced, specialized, often biopharmaceutical molecules that have limited patientand prescriber populations, high annual treatment costs, and restrictions on access, use, andreimbursement.They are dominating pipelines, and their sales areforecasted to grow at twice the rate of traditional SPECIALTY PHARMACEUTICALproducts for the next five years. By 2013, global SALES GROWTH, 1999-2008revenue from specialty products will exceed $160billion. But with such rapid growth comes uniquechallenges… The specialty market place is very different to primary care markets – characterized by a tight KOL universe, small patient numbers, and high barriers to entry (high development cost, intensity of competition, threat of substitution). In addition, manufacturers of niche specialist products face unique informational and evidentiary demands to demonstrate comparative value. Of all factors contributing to product success, payer access is considered the most critical – therefore, the sooner Market Access is at the table, the more likely successful pricing and reimbursement strategies are to be realized. With the high cost of many specialty products the stakes on Market Access are extremely high. Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  2. 2. PARIOFORMACase Study:Pre-launch pricing and reimbursement strategy for an oncology product. Product: For use in advanced metastatic cancer. CZ – BI and CE are important and no Indication: Initial indication 2nd line with potential experience in for future launch in 1st at a higher dose. developing risk sharing strategies Issue: To understand how this may affect payers’ PL – cost per NL – product patient is needs to decisions when assessing the product and in paramount for demonstrate that it drugs administered provides more negotiations on price. The client wanted to gain under special "health" than therapeutic comparators at a payer insights on the future of managing price and Country programmes reasonable cost access in oncology and how best to support this new product during its review for reimbursement, funding and listing. Insights Response: The Parioforma team conducted a multi- PT – price BE – risk sharing country review, engaging with payers to: negotiations are not official but based on BI and common practice ◦ Establish the relative importance of the uncertainties relating to this cost per QALY for all Class 1 drugs product and their expected impact on pricing and access; ◦ Evaluate the capacity of alternative access programs to mitigate FI – different these uncertainties. funding and pricing mechanisms for IVSome country insights from this study are highlighted in the chart. and oral drugs Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
  3. 3. PARIOFORMAOur Services:We specialise in qualitative & semi-quantitative directional pricing research - from broadpayer assessments for early stage assets to detailed country planning and payer engagementfor pre-launch and marketed products. Every buying system has multiple purchase decision makers, each with different value perceptions and influence. We have developed a strong network of payers and payer influencers at national, regional and local level across more than 40 markets worldwide.We can help you understand: The approval and decision-making environment related to coverage, pricing , and reimbursement on a country-by- country basis (including emerging markets); General characteristics of healthcare delivery systems including common barriers and recommendations to facilitate market entry; Best practices for developing an access strategy; Methods for communicating value propositions to hospitals in individual markets.With a network of over payer 500 specialists worldwide - our scope is global and we have theresources and experience to tailor our services to meet your needs… For further information, or to discuss your Market Access requirements, contact us now on +44 (0) 207 225 3538 or email Charles Rowlands at: Parioforma Ltd – 55 Princes Gate – London SW7 2PN – United Kingdom
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