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Imetco Overview For Linked In
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Imetco Overview For Linked In



Overview of IMETCO projects, products and services

Overview of IMETCO projects, products and services



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    Imetco Overview For Linked In Imetco Overview For Linked In Presentation Transcript

    • Metal Solutions for the Building Envelope
    • The IMETCO Value-Add
      High quality, attractive systems that offer a lifetime of protection
      Well-established company with decades of proven performance
      Metal roofing specialists
      Assist with system design, specifications and field inspections
      Products made here in Atlanta
      Reduce freight costs for local jobs
      Accommodate LEEDs material origin criteria
      Field support just a phone call away
      A wide range of high-performance systems
      Engineered for longevity and incomparable aesthetic appeal
      Engineering team on staff
      Provides project-specific shop drawings and design support
      Specialty manufacturing makes more creative and unique designs possible
      Proprietary mechanical finishes
      On-site fabrication
    • Series 300®
      Rigorously tested
      Resists hurricane-force winds
      Ideal for curving and tapering
      Unlimited thermal movement
      Custom trim and flashing details available
      Slopes as little as 1/2:12
      A variety of panel widths, materials, gauges and colors
      Install over open purlins or solid substrate
      Heavy 16-gauge one-piece clips
      Factory-applied sealant
      Mechanically seamed
      Fully warranted
      More than 20 years of proven performance
      Symmetrical design
      Structural and/or architectural applications
    • Symmetrical Seam
      Design flexibility
      Quick and easy to install
      Start anywhere on the roof and proceed in either direction
      Additions can installed with little or no impact to existing structure
      Reduced waste
      Both sides of the panel can be used at any place
      Easy to replace
      Individual panels can be removed and replaced
    • Curved Panels
      Design considerations
      Tightness of radius
      Slope at ridgeline
      Steel or aluminum
      Structural or architectural application
      Factory or field curving
    • S-Curve Panels from IMETCO
      Unique specialty curving for structural panels
      Complex curvatures (change in radius)
      Concave (reverse) radius
      Curved to flat
      S curves (convex to concave)
    • Tapered Panels
      Conical shaped buildings
      Most costly manufacturing operation
      Factory formed
      Now available in virtually any length
    • Snap-Lok™
      1¾-inch standing seam provides excellent wind uplift resistance
      Simple one step installation - no seaming tools required
      Heavy duty 18-gauge UL concealed clips allow thermal movement
      ⅜-inch clearance between panel and substrate promotes ventilation
      10-, 12-, 16-, and 18-inch widths
      Weather-tight internal gutter/anti-siphon feature
      Slopes as little as 1½:12
      Panel striations - standard
      Factory-applied sealant
      Installed over open purlins or solid substrate
      Available in 22 or 24 gauge steel (including stainless), and .032 aluminum
      Fully warranted
    • Perm-Loc 1.0 and 1.5
      Interlocking standing seam - no separate cap
      Perm-Loc 1.0 is available in 13- and 21-inch widths
      Perm-Loc 1.5 is available in 12- and or 18-inch widths
      Factory-installed sealant in seam
      Heavy 18-gauge UL approved clips
      Available in:
      1- and 1½-inch seams
      22 or 24 gauge G90 galvanized steel
      22 gauge AZ55 Galvalume®
      .032 and .040 aluminum
    • Twin-Loc
      Mechanically seamed structural design
      Twin-Loc 1.5 available in 11- and 17-inch widths
      Twin-Loc 2.0 available in 12-, 16- and 18-inch widths
      Testing and Approvals
      UL-580 Class 90 windstorm rating
      ASTM E-283 air infiltration resistance
      ASTM E-331 water penetration resistance
      ASTM E-1592
      Available in:
      22 and 24 gauge steel
      .032 and .040 aluminum
    • SS Panels
      Can be curved or tapered
      Ideal for change-of-plane detailing
      Symmetrical design
      Factory-applied sealant in the seam cap
      Custom trim and flashing details available
      3:12 minimum slope
      Solid substrate
      30 lb. minimum felt underlayment
      Available in:
      14½-inch and 22½-inch panel widths
      24 and 22 gauge steel, and .032 aluminum
    • IMETCO Soffit Systems
      Available in lengths up to 25'
      Panels can be vented for air circulation
      Panels are attached with concealed fasteners at 24" maximum on center
      Available in:
      .032 aluminum in IMETCO’s standard colors
      Also available in .025 aluminum in Regal White
    • Latitude Series Wall Panels
      High-performance exterior metal wall system
      Provides dynamic visual impact
      Proven resistance to wind uplift and water infiltration
      Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications
      Concealed clips
      Wide variety of profiles
      Mix and match for accent
      Available in 12- and 16-inch coverage
      Each creates a 4-inch o.c. pattern
      Precision-edge factory mitered corners available
    • PermWall Flush Wall Panel System
      High performance flush metal wall panel systems
      1.0 and 1.5
      Engineered for strength and longevity
      Designed for the beauty of smooth consistency
      Concealed fasteners secure virtually invisible vertical seams
      Tested and warranted to IMETCO’s rigorous performance and quality standards
      10-year weather-tight warranty
      Available in a wide range of colors and gauges
      Custom-formed by IMETCO’s talented metal craftsmen
    • Concealed Clip Wall Panels
      PanWall 130
      Flush, seamless look
      Easy one-step installation
      Installed over solid substrate of furring channels
      Can be used for curved parapet walls, curved soffits and gable ends
      13-inch standard panel width
      21-inch width available
      Distinctive stiffening plateaus
      Custom insulation adhered to panel
      Available in 24 gauge steel and .032 aluminum
      Interlocking seams conceal fasteners
      12-inch standard panel width, nominal 1-inch depth
      Profile choices include
      Smooth, solid surface with no stiffening grooves
      Two stiffening V-grooves equally spaced
      Available in 24 gauge steel and .032 aluminum
    • Exposed Fastener Wall Panels
      32-, 35½-, and 37⅜-inch coverage widths
      Two corrugated panel systems
      ⅞-inch deep longitudinal ribs, spaced 2.67 inches on center
      ½-inch deep longitudinal ribs, spaced 2.67 inches on center
      Available in 22 and 24 gauge steel, and .032 aluminum
      36-inch coverage width
      Ribs are 1-3/16 inches deep, and 12 inches on center
      Available in 22 and 24 gauge steel, and .032 aluminum
      7.2 Rib
      36-inch coverage width
      Trapezoidal style
      1½-inch longitudinal ribs spaced 7.2 inches on center
      Available in 22 and 24 gauge steel, and .032 aluminum
    • PerformaEdge Fascia and Coping
      10- and 12-foot standard lengths
      .040, .050, .063 .080 & .125 aluminum, as well as 22 and 24 gauge steel
      Miters and transitions can be fabricated at any angle to meet specific project conditions
      Concealed splice plates
      Unlimited thermal movement
      Weather-tight seal
      Pre-punched fastening holes ensure proper, and quick, installation
      16-gauge galvanized steel cleat for exceptional uplift performance
      20-year blow-off and weather-tight warranties
      Engineered for performance and maximum wind resistance
      Creates a seamless, color-matched finished appearance
      Provides exceptional protection against wind and weather
      IBC 2003 Code compliant
      Fully tested per ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards
      “Snap-on” design simplifies installation and reduces labor costs
    • DryDek Ice and Water Barrier
      High temperature commercial-grade underlayment
      Tolerates 260+°f
      Resists punctures and tears
      Resists exposure for 150 days
      Withstands thermal movement
      100% SBS-modified
      Reinforced with polyester and fiberglass
      Great for re-roof application!
      Self-adhering, easy-to-apply
      Self-sealing around fasteners
      Remains water-tight under load stress
      Meets ASTM D-1970 standards
      Packaged in heavy-duty corrugated box
    • IMETCO Accessories
      IMETCO offers a wide range of roofing accessories
      Gravel stops, gutters and downspouts are all formed by our talented craftsmen
      Matching fasteners are available in any of our standard, premium or designer colors, as well as custom colors
      Head, hip and valley closures
      A wide variety of clips
      Edge stiffeners
      Snow guards and snow retention systems
    • Materials and Finishes
      Stainless Steel
      Exotic Metals
      Slow corrosion
      Enhance aesthetics
      Mechanical Finishes
      Mesas, striations, embossing
      Pencil beads
      TextureMatteTM stainless steel
    • Onyx Black
      Glacier Gray
      United Zinc
      Lifespan measured in decades
      The ONLY domestically produced zinc roofing currently available
      5-mil plastisol protective back-coating
      Forms a beautiful natural blue-gray patina
      Self-healing nature can make scratches disappear over time
      Non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly
      Zinc resists mold, mildew & fungus, but its runoff is “clean”
      High recycled content
      More than 30% comes from recycled/secondary zinc
    • Color
    • Signature Collection Patterns
    • Engineering Services
      Experts in metal roofing design, engineering, testing and code compliance
      IMETCO engineers are ready to assist you at every stage of your project with:
      Design support and specialty engineering
      Product testing and code compliance support
      Custom shop drawing packages and installation guidelines
      Ongoing research and development
      Ensures the quality, performance and value of IMETCO's product line
    • Wind Uplift Requirements
      Design Requirements for Metal Roofing
      ASCE 7 specifies the standard for determining design loads
      Establishes proper method for evaluating roofing systems
      A wind uplift analysis should be conducted to help determine
      Proper Clip Spacing
      Gauge of Panel System
      Width of Panel
      Panel Profile
    • Wind Uplift Analysis (ASCE 7)
      Geographic Location
      Determines expected maximum wind speed
      Mean Roof Height
      The higher the roof, the higher the wind pressures
      Exposure Condition
      Characteristics of ground surface
      City centers and suburbs provide more wind shielding than open fields or coastal locations
      Occupancy Classification
      Essential facilities (schools, fire departments, hospitals, etc.) are more vital than others
      Roof Geometry
      Slope (steep vs. flat) and shape (curved barrel vs. hip & valley) affect wind pressure
      Other Factors
      Topography, wall openings, parapets, etc.
    • Testing
    • Shop Drawing Packages
      Thoroughly engineered and project-specific
      Produced in-house by IMETCO engineers
      P.E. stamp available for any state
      Addresses design and installation challenges
      Ensures optimum product performance, proper installation and code compliance
      Reduces potential liability
    • Project Management
      Assist with each stage of your project
      Single point of contact for information about your order
      Can answer any question regarding
      Panel selection
      Pricing and quantities
      Lead times and delivery
    • System Details and Installation
    • Long Panels
      Convenient and cost beneficial
      Reduce potential for leaks by eliminating unnecessary end laps
      Can be factory formed and shipped up to 85 feet long
      Can be field formed to unlimited length
    • On-Site Roll Forming
      Full-service, factory-quality forming equipment
      16 roll stations
      Tension leveling
      Operated on-site by IMETCO fabrication experts
      Shipped with de-coiler on 45-foot trailer
      Factory formed battens
      Factory installed seam sealant
      UL and FM continuous quality assurance programs
    • On-site Roll Forming
      IMETCO provides:
      Operator & assistant (including T&E)
      140 ft. spreader bar available for rental
      Contractor responsibilities:
      Freight for equipment (both ways), coils, seam caps, and accessories
      On-site manpower
      One man per 15’ panel length
      Flat manufacturing area
      Panel length plus 60 feet on ground
      10,000 lb lift to handle coil and maneuver forming equipment
      Flexible schedule
      2-3 week window to schedule equipment and operators
    • Factory
    • Thank You!