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  • You must differentiate your organization from others with a similar mission and provide an emotional experience for donors.  How can we stand out from the crowd and make a personal connection with our donors? What about the social aspect of fundraising?  Friends influence friends all the time and if they trust the community, they will extend their trust to you.  How do I build trust and transparency? Your donors expect the latest technologies and innovations as a way to connect with you.  How do we leverage the latest technology to stay connected and appeal to new donors? Engagement with your donors will be critical to differentiation.  It’s not enough to ask for a donation and send an email explaining your mission.  How do I engage with my existing and potential donors and excel in 2011?
  • eTapestry allows you to connect with you donors, members and volunteers through multichannel marketing keeping the constituent at the center/heart of the database. Tracking all correspondences back to the donor record / “journal” providing the best donor experience possible.
  • The foundation for good support however, is good training. We developed our training programs to be very different from traditional software training. Instead of force feeding you as much information as possible in a short classroom setting, we do our training online. It allows you to learn at a pace that suits you. It allows you to select the specific areas you need to focus on, and it gives you unlimited access. (review class options)
  • Now that you know all about the tools that can help you succeed in your fundraising efforts we have award winning support specialist that can answer any of the questions you may have while utilizing all these tools. Not to mention for your convenience we have several ways to contact your customer support representative.
  • School on Wheels replaced their spreadsheets with eTapestry and saw immediate results that speak for themselves:The ChallengeSchool on Wheels used Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets to manage its data, but staff could not query for mailings to board members, corporations, foundations, etc. Further compounding the problem was the fact that different spreadsheets were kept across the organization and there was no visibility into the data, its accuracy, or the overall well-being of School on Wheels.The SolutionMore than five years ago, a board member introduced the organization to eTapestry, and as a small organization, School on Wheels began using the free “under 500” database (the very first offering in the eTapestry family). Since then, the organization’s database has grown to 2,500 records and staff now use eTapestry’seCommerce, Web 2.0, and Executive Reports modules.The ResultsStaff recently completed a successful online fundraising campaign, raising $30,000 in just one month! They also used the solution to process auction items at the organization’s recent gala, which raised more than $40,000. (For this event, staff used Web 2.0 to manage online giving, which was a huge success.)“Every year we use the database more and more,” said Janet Hiatt, vice president of development. “It’s so user-friendly, and ‘instant message’ support is so convenient - the chat feature makes it so easy to contact the support team when we need to.”School on Wheels staff have built stronger relationships with donors and better engaged board members with eTapestry. Executive Reports has been especially useful; board members can personally call, write, or email donors to thank them for their gifts. Plus, staff can update the records with information about why each donor supports School on Wheels, how they got involved, and more, and they can quickly identify donors who have lapsed or downgraded so that the board can ask for their continued support. They say it’s a great way to engage board members in the fundraising process and keep valuable information about donors in one place, all while retaining and even upgrading donors.
  • Our missionBlackbaud is the leading global providerof software and services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, enabling them to improve operational efficiency, build strong relationships, and raise more money to support their missions  
  • E tapestry 8 reasons to switch to etapestry today

    1. 1. 6/17/2013 16/17/2013 1EIGHT REASONS WHY ETAPESTRY ISTHE RIGHT DONOR DATABASE FORYOUR NONPROFITThe audio for this webinar will be broadcast through your computer. Once you join thepresentation, a small audio broadcast box will appear on your screen and you will hearthe host through your computer speakers.To join an Audio broadcast in WebEx, click on the Communicate menu in your WebExscreen and select Join Audio Broadcast.If you are having problems connecting with the audio broadcast server you can still joinusing the teleconference. To join the teleconference follow the steps below:1.Leave the audio broadcast by clicking on Communicate > Leave Audio Broadcast.2.Get the teleconference number, click on Communicate > Join Teleconference.Teleconference information:Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-4106539 (US)Call-in number: 1-660-4225471 (US)Conference Code: 364 005 6
    2. 2. 6/17/2013 26/17/2013 2Nonprofitchallenges8 ReasonswhyeTapestryis a fit foryouSolution inactionWho wehavehelpedQ&AAGENDA
    3. 3. 6/17/2013 36/17/2013 3• Please mute your phone while listening. Only unmute when laughing atmy jokes• Please do not put the call on hold – hang up and call back to eliminatehold music playing during the session• Optimize Viewing the Event• Hit the F5 key to put the window into full-screen mode• Close all other applicationsHOUSEKEEPING!
    4. 4. 6/17/2013 46/17/2013 4QUESTIONS ALONG THE WAY?Please feel free to type your question into the Q&A chat box:
    5. 5. 6/17/2013 56/17/2013 5• I want my investments to be in mymission. How can I justify purchasingfundraising software?• How can I make personal connectionswith donors and prospects when I havea small staff and a crazy schedule?• How do I build trust and transparencywith my board and my supporters?• How do I leverage technology to stayconnected and appeal to new donors?• How can I get better insight into myfundraising performance?DO THESE QUESTIONS SOUND FAMILIAR?
    6. 6. 6/17/2013 66/17/2013 6EASILY MANAGE ALL INTERACTIONS IN ONE PLACEConstituent1
    7. 7. 6/17/2013 76/17/2013 7• Easily manage and cultivate yoursupporters• Increase engagement andresponsiveness by leveraging aholistic view of your supporterbase• Acquire and retain moresupporters thanks to the ability tospend less time focusing on dataand more time focusing on yourmissionMANAGE & TRACK RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOURDONORS, MEMBERS & VOLUNTEERSVolunteersDonorsMembers2
    8. 8. 6/17/2013 86/17/2013 8EVERYTHING IN ONE CONVENIENT PLACE
    10. 10. 6/17/2013 106/17/2013 10Easily answer questions like…• Whats the percentage of donorsthat are renewing their supportfrom one year to the next?• Which donors give gifts inmultiple and/or consecutive years– or months?• Who are the best prospects formajor gifts?• How do my giving resultscompare from one time frame toanother?• How many donors lapsed,upgraded, downgraded, or werenew in a certain time frame?KEEP YOURSELF AND KEY STAKEHOLDERS UP-TO-DATE WITH ZERO-CLICK DASHBOARDS AND REPORTS4
    11. 11. 6/17/2013 116/17/2013 11REPORTINGMultiple outputoptionsScheduled anddelivered to yourselfor anyoneStrategic & focusedto help you buildrelationships anddonor loyalty
    13. 13. 6/17/2013 136/17/2013 13Office HomeAirportRoadMultipleofficesBoardmeetingsPDA’sAnywhere!!EASILY ACCESS YOUR DATA FROM ANYWHEREANYTIME FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE6• Avoid embarrassingmistakes when with yourdonors• One touch access torecent giving history,donor information,photos, etc.• Increase efficiency• Stay informed evenwhen you are on the roadwith real-time dashboardsand reports
    14. 14. 6/17/2013 146/17/2013 14•Encrypted data• PCI Compliant•SAS 70 Compliant•Multiple Hosting Sites•Redundant equipment•Automatic backups•Automatic updates•Uptime StatisticsSAVE TIME AND KEEP YOUR DONORS CONFIDENTKNOWING YOUR DATA IS SAFE AND SECURE7
    15. 15. 6/17/2013 156/17/2013 15READY TO SEE THE SOLUTION INACTION?
    17. 17. 6/17/2013 176/17/2013 17TRAINING INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGEUnlimited user training at your pace and convenienceUnlimited access to Full Training Library(anyone you give username to can train!)Unlimited Recorded Sessions/Classes(anyone can attend)Crash CoursesMaster ClassesLive Implementationcohort included as well!
    18. 18. 6/17/2013 186/17/2013 18EmailOnlineHelpInstantMessagingTelephoneSUPPORT
    19. 19. 6/17/2013 196/17/2013 19CASE STUDY: SCHOOL ON WHEELS500%increase innew donors300,000raisedonline inone monthSchool onWheels’successwitheTapestry!“eTapestry has enabled us to engage board members in the fundraisingprocess, keep valuable information about donors in one place, and bemuch more proactive about retaining and even upgrading donors. Everyyear we use the database more and more and we are thrilled with howeasy it is to use.”Janet Hiatt, Vice President of Development
    20. 20. 6/17/2013 206/17/2013 20• Blackbaud has the world’s largest nonprofit customer base- 26,000 + organizations- 7000 + organizations using eTapestry• eTapestry was the first on-demand fundraising software delivered overthe Internet, giving users’ access from any location and a solution thatis automatically backed-up, maintained and updated• Customer retention rate of 98%• Ever-evolving product line to meet changing needs, $45 millioninvested in R&D in 2010, limited exposure to risk due to Blackbaud’sstability NASDAQ: BLKB, financially stable and growing• 29+ years experience focused on nonprofit community & philanthropyYOUR TECHNOLOGY PARTNER
    21. 21. 6/17/2013 216/17/2013 21A fully integrated suite of fundraising toolsCost efficientSimple to activateEasy to learn and useAccessible from anywhereLET’S RECAP! ETAPESTRY IS…
    22. 22. 6/17/2013 226/17/2013 22HOW ELSE MIGHT WE HELP?INTEGRATE, INTEGRATE, INTEGRATE!Website: WordPressDIY Online Donation Page Friends Asking FriendseTapestry DatabaseeTapestry Communication
    23. 23. 6/17/2013 236/17/2013 23WORDPRESS WEBSITETheme Design OptionsGuide designed the Best Practice Themes using the Top 10 DesignElements for nonprofit organizations. With the right theme for yourorganization, you will be able to engage your visitors with an impactfulwebsite.Best Practice Theme Design – You will have the ability to change thefollowing to match your organization’s branding and design needs:–Logo–Colors–Hero graphic (main image)–Photography (client provided or stock)–Content–Navigation
    24. 24. 6/17/2013 246/17/2013 246 THEME CHOICES – THEME #1Main PageSub-Pages
    25. 25. 6/17/2013 256/17/2013 25THEME # 2
    26. 26. 6/17/2013 266/17/2013 26THEME # 3 (THEMES 4, 5 AND 6 ALSO AVAILABLE)
    27. 27. 6/17/2013 276/17/2013 27FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDSParticipants who use peer-to-peer fundraising software with online toolsraise SIX TIMES more than others.Start using Friends Asking Friends to achieve results like these:• 90% email open rate• 53%+ email click-through rate• 1 in 4 (25%) emails result in a donation• $60 average online gift size
    28. 28. 6/17/2013 286/17/2013 28FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS – MAIN EVENT PAGE
    29. 29. 6/17/2013 296/17/2013 29FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS – PARTICIPANT PAGE
    30. 30. 6/17/2013 306/17/2013 301• We’ll discuss your unique needs2• We’ll provide a personalized demonstration3• We provide a solution proposal4• We’ll help you with every step ofimplementationWHAT’S NEXT? WORKING WITH ETAPESTRY…
    31. 31. 6/17/2013 316/17/2013 31WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE?
    32. 32. 6/17/2013 326/17/2013 32THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!