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State of the Analysis for Stress on Eating Alone

State of the Analysis for Stress on Eating Alone






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    State of the Analysis for Stress on Eating Alone State of the Analysis for Stress on Eating Alone Presentation Transcript

    • State of Art Analysis on Eating Alone for Freshmen in college, facing new college life. Amy Jang
    • Problem.✤ As a freshman, you are in the process of meeting, making friends.✤ there are times when you have to eat alone.✤ @ cafeteria or restaurants, many other people have accompanies✤ Eating alone, seats next to you are empty.✤ >>>> Stress from looking like a social loner.
    • “Socially, eating alone is not a sign of our strength, but of a lack of social standing.”✤ Eating alone in a open-sitting area. ✤ freedom to choose your space ✤ ok to distract yourself with something else✤ Eating alone in a sit-down restaurant. ✤ waiter serves you ✤ takes long to wait for food, eat, pay, and leave.
    • Current Solutions.✤ choose lively dining spot where you can eat quick✤ seat at the bar, or take out to eat at home✤ bring something to distract yourself (phone, books, etc)✤ eat early or late✤ mind control: “I’m enjoying my meal”
    • Status Quo✤ current solutions don’t solve the actual stress.✤ “we use book and work as armor”, which protects you from actually facing the stress.
    • Current Tools. ✤ app: Confidence Spell ✤ app: Beat Social Phobia ✤ texting/emailing ✤ app: Talking Roby Celik the Robot
    • Confidence Spell✤ during “magic spell”, reflect on yourself, control your emotions, confidence.✤ boosts self-confidence, belief in yourself, your abilities✤ a type of meditation technique for calming.✤ need separate space, time✤ really need to believe in the spell and fully aware of your emotions and self for maximum effect.
    • Beat Social Phobia✤ By Andrew Johnson: Clinical Hypotherapist✤ Sections: Intro, Relaxation, Social Phobia, Awake ✤ gives positive affirmations about confidence, the ability to put things in perspective, and care less what others think✤ great reviews-- testimonials of its impact on their life.✤ need separate space, time to listen to it ✤ not intended for use IN THE SITUATION
    • Texting/Emailing✤ communicate with other people remotely.✤ doesn’t feel “alone” as you can distract yourself.✤ again, this is not solving the nature of the problem: stress of looking like a social loner. You may seem “busy”, but still feel like a “loner”.
    • Talking Roby Celik the Robot✤ a robot you can befriend with.✤ make him talk, sing, dance, play with you✤ let the robot be your “accompany” ✤ feels like you are dining with someone✤ doesn’t address the problem of stress from social judgment. ✤ it helps you avoid it
    • Is there a solution?✤ We don’t know yet.✤ to be solved: ✤ help during dining situation? ✤ approachable calming tech? ✤ mobile? non-mobile?✤ future research on: ✤ calming practices on overcoming social judgement ✤ other types of technology than mobile
    • Stay tuned!