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  • 1. Penguin Book Cover Amy-Jane Patrick
  • 2. “Design a striking cover design that is well executed, has an imaginative concept, an original interpretation of the brief, a strong use of typography and clearly places the book in it’s market”
  • 3. “Design a striking cover design that is well executed, has an imaginative concept, an original interpretation of the brief, a strong use of typography and clearly • 1 of 2 books places the book in it’s market” • “Visual Communication” • A2 poster adaption • Branding Guideline • Penguin brief restrictions
  • 4. What do the covers tell me? • • • • Specific clothing shown Dark, grey-tone colours No faces are seen Basic typography, lower-case lettering for the book title.
  • 5. What do the covers tell me?
  • 6. What do the covers tell me? • • • • Dressed in a specific clothing style Images of teen boys - their stances, facial expressions Graffitied, brick wall Title - black on white, font choice, surrounding. British American
  • 7. Initial Brainstorm Stereotypes Drive In “souped up” Tobacco Teens Cars Appearance 50’s/60’s The Outsiders Family Rivalry Law Street corners Broken families Division “switchblade” Police “skin fighting” Arresting
  • 8. 1960’s graphic design
  • 9. Initial Doodles
  • 10. Significant Events in the Book Escaping the fire, helping the kids Church fire Johnny dying the “rumble” Ponyboy has his head dunked in water fountain Significant Events Jumping off a train Johnny kills Bob (a soc) Ponyboy pulling a knife out at school Johnny & Ponyboy on the run Ponyboy dyes his hair
  • 11. A rivalry/comparison theme Greasers Socs East side “Souped Up” West side Mustangs Poor Rich Leather Jackets Smart shirts Looked down on Respected Streetwise Less so Carry knives Wreck houses
  • 12. A rivalry/comparison theme Fence suggesting ‘division’ See the big city behind. What a greaser can’t have/wants Penning the two against each other. Who’s better than who? Different/clashing territories?
  • 13. A rivalry/comparison theme From the book - “You can see it from the East Side too”. The idea that the sun sets on both sides of the city. • • • • • • • • Cast a shadow over the divide Silhouettes The knife connotes: Violence Death Murder Hurt A divide It’s the cause of the problem
  • 14. Turning the knife into a logo ! Blood instead of water Suggests a significance to the fountain and a relation to blood A stamp, a scribble Official Childlike - suggests age of characters? Over something?
  • 15. An event that occurs is ‘newsworthy’ Gives a suggestion on the location and era
  • 16. Title of the book scribbled over a newspaper An extract of a newspaper that’s been ripped out Screwed up newspaper article in the concrete
  • 17. Ripped edges: disregard, broken Simulated Graffiti: a feeling of not caring, rebellion, disregard
  • 18. Ripped newspaper article stamped with “logo” of The Outsiders in a graffiti/destroyed style.
  • 19. Vanessa Fung 1960’s America inspired design
  • 20. • • • Current trend Nostalgic feel Mixed with grey tones
  • 21. Retro design style • • • • Muted colours Shapes and illustrations - vectors Very strong font choices Significant imagery
  • 22. The Outsiders in Tulsa