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  • 1. Amy Jacobsen-Stec -Visual Arts Teacher
  • 2. Recipe For Success -A Perfect Blend of Creative Juices & Opportunity. Add Equal Amounts of Respect, and Work vigorously. last but not least… Add A Sprinkle of Humor.
  • 3. A bit about me…I moved to Boston (a city I adored for its charm and livability) after receiving aBFA with an emphasis in graphic design from Montana State University. Whileworking in print production and graphic design, I enjoyed the fast paced, creativeenvironment.When I became a mother, I decided to stay home to care for my children. As mychildren entered school, I decided to take steps in rebuilding a professionalcareer.Recently, I have enjoyed working in an elementary school as a receptionist, aswell as assisting in clerical capacities. It is a position where multi-tasking is ahuge asset. I enjoy the interaction the role provides as well as the professionalstaff. However, I am ready to regain a career that requires creativity whileworking with children.In pursuit of change, I took my the required MTELS and was accepted into theAccelerated Post Bachelorette Program at Bridgewater State University. Theintensive program culminated with fifteen weeks of student teaching. I enjoyedmy student teaching at Plymouth South Middle School immensely. It hassolidified my desire to teach. The individuality of children and their inquisitivenature is the lure of teaching. I look forward to a creative future.
  • 4. Art a la CarteCreating art is innate. It is important-in of itself-for helping us toexpress our world. Beyond our own expression, we makedecisions that incorporate artistic design. What we wear, thetechnology we use, the websites we frequent, all stem frominnovative and creative design. The very success of companiesrely on good design and creative decision making.Teaching Visual Art is meaningful, in that you are teachingstudents to: create, analyze, edit and reflect. Students’ learningexperiences are hands on and interactive. Incorporating currenttechnology with the student population will also enhance theirlearning. Coming from a graphic design background with a solidfoundation in the fine arts, I believe it is necessary to nourishstudents’ inner desire to create. The future generations to comewill directly benefit from creative innovation-whether it is in thediscipline of science, math, technology, politics, art etc.
  • 5. Artistic SamplesMy artistic interests include: painting, chalk & oil pastel,photography, graphic design and interior design. I wouldwelcome the opportunity to work in ceramics as well.It is with gladness that I share my love of art and design withmy school in various ways. I have donated my time to paintbackgrounds for the following theatrical productions: Peter Pan,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Beauty and the Beast. Ihave produced backdrops and props for our Home andSchool’s most successful fundraiser, “Halloween Fun Night”.Most recently, I have created two special t-shirt designs to beworn at our school’s 60th Anniversary.
  • 6. Graphic Design60th Anniversary Student T-shirt
  • 7. Graphic Design60th Anniversary Staff T-shirt
  • 8. Set Design“Beauty and the Beast”
  • 9. Paintings
  • 10. Drawings
  • 11. Students Working
  • 12. Students Working
  • 13. Student GalleryStudents’ paintings inspired by Gustav Klimt.
  • 14. Student Gallery Students developed drawing from observation and compositional skills. They learned about developing visual literacy.
  • 15. Student Gallery Symmetrical designs, using oil pastel,created a luminescent “stained glass” for an installation.
  • 16. Student GalleryLighthouses made great subjects for investigating cylinders.
  • 17. Creative Cupcakes Simple Overview Understandings Students will understand that brainstorming and revision is part of the process in art. Knowledge Students will gain knowledge of Pop Art using the modern day popularity of cupcakes. ObjectivesStudents will be able to demonstrate creative thinking, revision, craftsmanship while exploring of the art elements of color, line and design. Day 1Introduce Wayne Theibold- Pop Art. Subject matter, shading, contour and color will be explored. Rough sketches of cupcakes. Day 2 Creative Juices Flowing! Each student will get a special dessert gum (only w/ permission) Students will analyze their flavor and come up with descriptive words. What visual do you get? Write this information down. Brainstorm other unique cupcake flavors. Choose your favorite. Day 3-5 Students will begin final cupcake with a light drawing. The teacher will instruct color application with oil pastels. Students will mount their final drawing for display.
  • 18. Thank you for your consideration. Please contact Amy Jacobsen-Stec For a list of references or further inquiry.