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  • 1. Baroque Music
  • 2. Baroque Violin bow
  • 3. The Old Way V.S The NewWay to play a violin !
  • 4. KeyboardHarpsichord
  • 5. Woodwinds –Flute
  • 6. Johann Sebastian Bach Born in Eisenach, 21 March 1685 A German composer, organist, har psichordist, violinist Enrich the German style with a robust contrapuntal technique, and adaptation of Italy and France Style ‘Original father of harmony’ -Beethoven
  • 7.  Childhood (1685-1703) His father Johann Ambrosius Bach, the director of the town musician taught him violin and harpsichord. Weimar, Arnstadt and Mühlhausen (1703– 08) After graduating from St.Michael’s he found a job as an organist at St. Boniface’s Church in Arnstadt. Organ preludes, (German Style) Contrapuntal technique. 1705, visit organist and composer Dieterich Buxtehude in of Lübeck This reinforced Buxtehudes style asa foundation for Bachs earlier works
  • 8.  Weimar (1708–17) most of his composition for the organ are produced at this time Italian style is introduced into his work by learning from musician like Vivaldi :dramatic opening, sunny dispositions ,etc Köthen (1717–23) Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen hired Bach to serve as his director of music Lots of chamber music are produced The well-known Brandenburg Concertos date from this period
  • 9.  Leipzig (1723–50) Bach was appointed Cantorat St. Thomas Church, as well asDirector of Music in the principal churches Lots of church music compositionsfive annual cantata cycles during hisfirst six years in Leipzig 1747, Bach visited the court of the King of Prussia in Potsdam later presented the king with a Musical Offering which consists of fugues, canons and a trio based on the "royal theme," nominated by the monarch. The Art of Fugue was written before Bachs death and was not unfinished. On 28 July 1750 Bach died at the age of 65
  • 10. Court dress in Baroque
  • 11. Audience Chambers