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December Newsletter

  1. 1. Wayne Centr al SChool DiStriCtProPosed Facilities PreservationProject vote december 14 Learn more about this project by visiting Wayne Central School District is proposing our website at www.wayne. a facilities preservation project for your or by visiting our consideration on December 14, 2011. Facebook page at www. The project is focused on the restoration and maintenance of our current buildings. The Central-School-District- improvements being proposed are based on Facilities-Preservation- three requirements, health, safety and asset Project/2973185 preservation. 66956124 Boiler replacement The school district spends approximately $120,000 to $250,000 addressing maintenance needs on a yearly basis. However, larger needs such as those included Voting Information in this project exceed this budget. By Vote Date proposing a Facilities Preservation Project to Wednesday, December 14, 2011 the community this December, the district will be able to fund $10,871,896 of the Voting Hours 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. $14,871,896 project using aid. This is the most economical way to address larger scale Polling Place maintenance needs without increasing school James A. Beneway High School’s water damage repair taxes. Gymnasium Lobby 6200 Ontario Center Road The last time that the district addressed facility needs at this level was in the 1992 Absentee Ballots project. In the projects that followed some Absentee ballots are available maintenance needs were addressed, however from the District Clerk’s those were of a much smaller proportion. office by calling 315-524-1011. Absentee ballots de Your school taxes will must be received Insi Our s not increase as a result by 5 p.m. on Scho ol of this project. December 14. er embreplace corroding pipes Dec 11 20
  2. 2. Project list • Updating outdated circulating and District-wiDe: condensate pumps for the heating system. • Replacing the public address system that • Adding a passive restraint entryway in was originally installed in 1992. This order to ensure that visitors entering the system is outdated and replacement parts building check-in at the main office. are no longer available. • Replacing gymnasium bleachers withclock and public address systems are outdated • Replacing the clock system with atomic updated bleachers that have railings andand not functioning properly. clocks ensuring that each building and stairways making them more accessible to classroom reports the same time. visitors. • Replacing roofs on the 1992 additions. • Building a new, centrally located These roofs are out of warranty and have concession stand that includes restrooms. begun to deteriorate. • Upgrading the camera security system in • Replacing deteriorating hot water heaters. the building to provide full coverage and 1992 roofs are at The hot water heaters throughout the better imagery. the end of their district are at the end of their life cycle and scheduled life. • Replacing the gymnasium sound system. are no longer energy efficient. • Updating fused electrical panels. • Adding sidewalks around the perimeter of every building in order to provide safe secondary fire exits for students. James a. Beneway high school: • Upgrading the emergency generator so that it will have the capacity to support all life safety systems, such as boilers, coolers, circulating pumps, phone and publichot water heaters are at the of their life and arenot energy efficient. address systems. The high school needs a passive restraint • Upgrading the fire alarm system to an entryway. addressable system and replacing old pull stations, circa 1949. • Replacing windows that are allowing water infiltration and no longer have working seals. water damage in • Installing window screens in order to the performing arts center and chorusThe high school emergency generator does not prevent insects, such as bees, from entering wing needs to behave the capacity to run all life safety systems. the classrooms and to provide better air addressed. circulation. • Replacing galvanized water pipes. Rust particles are entering into the school’s water stations and eye wash stations. • Correcting the root cause of water damage in the Performing Art Center. • Replacing the 1992 electric kitchen boosterhigh school supply water piping is deteriorating. The concession stand is a wood construction that is heater with an energy efficient gas fired a fire hazard. unit.
  3. 3. thomas c. armstrong miDDle ontario elementary school: school: • Replacing the emergency generator that • Replacing the emergency generator, which was reused from the high school and was is original to the building, circa 1969. installed in 1998. • Replacing the 1992 fire alarm system. • Replacing the 1986 roof. Replacement parts are no longer available • Repairing damage from water infiltration and this system was cited on the insurance in the boiler room. Water is runningThe middle school emergency generator does recommendation list.not have the capacity to run all life safety down the electrical panels causing a safetysystems. • Replacing single paned windows that are hazard. original to the building and are not energy • Adding climate controls in the 2nd and efficient. 3rd floors of the building. • Adding screens to the windows. • Upgrading restrooms that are original to • Repaving the parking lot. the building. • Replacing 1969 boilers that are only 73% • Adding a passive restraint entryway. efficient with boilers that will be 95% • Replacing electric kitchen boiler with an efficient.The middle school circulating pumps are original energy efficient gas the building, circa 1969 and need to be • Replacing 1969 circulating pumps withreplaced. new energy efficient variable speed pumps. • Increasing the pitch of the sanitary lines located in the middle school basement in order to prevent waste backups. • Improving kitchen ventilation. Currently the air intakes take the supply air off of the hot roof. The mechanical room in ontarioThe water main that runs under the middle elementary has water damage causing aschool parking lot is leaking causing extended • Replacing kitchen electric steam boiler safety hazard.damage. with an energy efficient gas boiler. • Replacing the kitchen and central coolers and freezers that have failing insulation and are original to the building. • Replacing the deteriorating water main. • Reconfiguring the cafeteria serving lines in order to improve traffic flow. ontario elementary does not have a passiveThe slope of the sanitary line in the middle school • Replacing damaged lockers. restraint entryway.basement is minimal, causing backups. • Replacing classroom doors that are original to the building. water is infiltrating the electrical panel in ontario elementary causing corrosion The walls in ontario elementary’s boilerThe electric boiler in the middle school is at the and is a safety room are crumbling.end of its life and is no longer efficient. hazard. Continued on next page
  4. 4. Project list Continued from previous page • Repaving the parking lot. • Repointing exterior masonry. • Replacing the gymnasium floor which is coming apart at the seams and buckling causing a tripping hazard. • Installing kitchen ventilation. The windows at ontario Primary are inefficient, drafty and allow water infiltration. • Replacing original walk-in freezer andFreewill’s driveway and west parking lot aredeteriorating. cooler. • Replacing hallway coat hooks with enclosed units to prevent exit hazards. ontario Primary school: • Upgrading the emergency generator so that it will have the capacity to support all life safety systems. • Replacing windows that are allowing waterFreewill needs exterior brick repair. infiltration and no longer have working ontario Primary lacks seals. adequate outdoor lighting. • Installing window screens. • Adding exterior lights and upgrading current lights in the parking lot. • Adding glycol to the current heating system to prevent freezing.The gymnasium floor in Freewill is cracking at • Upgrading 1963 restrooms.the seams causing a tripping hazard. • Replacing damaged slate panels in the front of the building. • Replacing carpeting in the 1992 addition. The existing heating loop and ontario Primary needs glycol to prevent freezing.coat hooks in Freewill are not enclosedcausing an exit hazard in the hallways.Freewill elementary school:• Upgrading the emergency generator so that The emergency generator at ontario Primary The restrooms at ontario Primary school are it will have the capacity to support all life does not support all life safety systems. original to the building and need updating. safety systems.• Replacing the 1992 fire alarm system.
  5. 5. Frequently asked questionsWhat are we investing in each building? to pay unemployment bills that are due on a What is E.X.C.E.L. Aid?• $5,368,556 in the high school quarterly basis. This reserve currently has a E.X.C.E.L. is part of the $2.6 billion• $3,675,990 in the middle school balance of $320,608. statewide Expanding Our Children’s• $1,472,980 in Freewill Elementary Education and Learning package proposed• $1,895,613 in Ontario Elementary The second reserve fund is the Insurance by the Legislature and approved by the• $1,637,525 in Ontario Primary Reserve. This is used to pay for insurance Governor as part of the 2006 state budget.• $111,440 in the bus garage claims against the district that exceed This initiative was established specifically• $709, 792 district wide our insurance policy limits. This reserve to provide additional funding for school currently has a balance of $5,038,888. The construction projects that meet theWill this project affect what I pay in taxes? district used $907,147 from this reserve this following criteria: education technology,The entire Facilities Preservation Project year for the General Fund Budget to offset a health and safety, accessibility, physicalwill cost $14,871,896. This will be paid for $1,200,000 loss in state aid. capacity/school expansion or energyby New York State Aid ($10,006,975), New (conservation) construction. Every schoolYork State E.X.C.E.L. (Expanding Our The next reserve is the Capital Reserve. district in New York is eligible for thisChildren’s Education and Learning) money This fund currently has a $5,428,387 aid dependent upon the size of its student($864,921), and a portion of the district’s balance and can only be used with voter population and their needs. Through thisCapital Reserve Fund ($4,000,000). This approval for capital improvements. The program Wayne Central is eligible forfunding will allow the district to complete district is proposing to use $4,000,000 $864,921.the project without raising taxes. of this reserve to cover the local share of the proposed $14.8 million Facilities How can we ensure that the contractors TOTAL PROJECT COST: $14,871,896 Preservation Project. that are hired do quality work? For the 2005 Capital Project the district The next reserve is the Bus Purchase hired LeChase construction as our Reserve, which is used to purchases buses construction manager. A construction for the district fleet. This reserve currently manager helps ensure quality contractor has a $3,292,585 balance. The district has a workmanship. LeChase will directly oversee five year plan for small buses and a ten year every aspect of the construction process. plan for large buses. The district annually spends approximately $650,000 to replace If approved when would the actual work buses. The use of this reserve requires voter begin? n Reserve - $4,000,000 approval. Upon voter approval, the final plans then n E.X.C.E.L. - $864,921 need to be approved by the State Education The next reserve is the Retirement n State Aid - $10,006,975 Department. We are anticipating that work Contribution Reserve. This reserve has a will begin in the Spring of 2014. $990,286 balance, and is used to offset largeIn the last project proposal we had a larger increases in the required contributions the Why has the district decided to pursue themonetary amount coming from reserve district makes to the retirement system on Facilities Preservation Project at this time?funds. Can you explain why and what the behalf of our civil service employees. The It is always the goal of Wayne Central todistrict’s reserve funds are? district is using $200,000 for the 2011-12 promote a safe and inviting student learningAs part of the financial plan for the 2010 budget to offset a $376,000 increase in enviroment. Due to the age of our buildingscapital project proposal, the district was required contributions. it is imperative to preserve and maintaingoing to pull money from all of its reservefunds to cover the local taxpayer share of what we have as well as address safety and The next reserve is the Liability Reserve,that project. The distinct difference now compliance issues. which has a balance of $750,617, and is usedis that the proposed Facilities Preservation to pay for any liabilities the district incurs. In addition, by having a December vote,Project is a much smaller scale project that Examples of this would be assessment the district would be able to ensure that weonly requires the district to use $4,000,000 changes or legal claims against the district. receive the maximum amount of buildingfrom the Capital Reserve fund to cover the aid and E.X.C.E.L. funding, if approved.taxpayer share. The last reserve is the Employee Benefit Proposed changes to building aid and Accrued Liability Reserve. This reserveThe district has seven different reserve E.X.C.E.L. funding are scheduled to take is used to pay employees any money duefunds. These funds serve the district as place when the next state budget is passed, to them, as per the collective bargainingsavings accounts for different reasons. which is typically on April 1st. agreement, at the time of their retirement from the district, such as an early retirementThe district has an Unemployment Reserve incentive. Continued on next page
  6. 6. Frequently asked questions Continued from previous pageWhat happens if the State does not come Will these improvements save the district in emergency repairs that would need to bethrough with all of the aid promised to the money? paid for out of the district’s annual operatingdistrict? Anticipated energy cost savings and reduced budget, which directly affects local taxes eachAt this point in time there has been no maintenance costs will result from the year.discussion in Albany about delaying or upgrades we would like to do in each of ourwithholding building aid for projects that are buildings. Why do our buildings need so much work?approved during 2011. This project will address the repairs and Will my state taxes go up because of this upgrades needed to keep buildings thatHow did the district create its list for the project? are over 40 years old structurally sound.Facilities Preservation Project? All state taxpayers contribute to state The buildings have been well-maintainedThe state requires school districts to submit a building aid. State building aid is money over the years, but some systems, such asBuildings Conditions Survey that defines the that is reserved in the state budget every year plumbing and heating, are wearing out andcondition of facilities and their maintenance, to help schools pay for this type of project. can no longer be repaired. In addition, olderincluding any improvements, replacements These are taxes we have to pay whether or not windows, doors, freezers, and coolers are notor renovations that will need to be made Wayne Central goes forward with this work. as energy efficient as today’s models.within five years. The district created a long-range planning committee, consisting of What if we don’t complete the work? For more information regarding the Facilitiescommunity members, staff and support staff The proposed scope of work for this project Preservation Project visit our website atto assess the needs of the district with help will still need to be addressed. Some of the the school’s architect. items that need to be addressed will get worse. Postponing the project could resultvoter information proposition language On October 20, 2011 the Wayne Central School District Board of Education approved the proposition listed below (Full-Text Version) for consideration by voters on December 14, 2011. Please take the time to review this. legal language Quick summary Shall the proposition set forth in the legal notice of this special voter New York State would like to give Wayne Central meeting, authorizing the Wayne Central School District to undertake $864, 921 EXCEL Aid. We will combine that construction, reconstruction and equipping of school buildings and money with our Building Aid of $10,006,975. We facilities, site and incidental improvements, all at an estimated maximum will be using $4,000,000 from our capital reserve. aggregate cost of $14,871,896; with the expenditure of $4,000,000 The total spent will not exceed $14,871,896, from the existing capital reserve fund for such costs, the issuance up to therefore; our goal is to create a project without an $10,871,896 of debt obligations of the School District therefor, with increase in local school taxes. Are you interested in such tax to be offset by state aid available therefor, all as more fully supporting this project? described in said notice, be approved?Voter Qualifications:• Must be 18 years of age • No prior registration is required to vote• Must be a U.S. citizen • Absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk by• 30 days residency in Wayne Central School District prior 5:00 p.m., December 14 (Prior application is required for absentee to the vote ballots, for more information, please contact Cathy Luke at 315-• Please have personal identification available 524-1011)
  7. 7. Pesticide application notice As of July 1, 2001, the New York State Department of Environmental biological control measures will be considered as another part of a Conservation instituted a program that requires us to provide good pest control program. To register with the school to be on the you with information about pesticide products that may be used list for notification or for further information, please contact the periodically throughout the school year. Under State law we are Maintenance Department at 315-524-1045. required to maintain a list of staff and persons in parental relation to Thank you, our students who wish to receive 48-hour prior written notification Bob Miller, Director of Facilities of pesticide applications at relevant school facilities. Pesticides are chemical substances used to control living organisms and vary in degree of toxicity. Pesticides may be used as part of a good pest control program. Sanitation, as well as physical and School/Org Name visit barnes supporting Wayne Central & noble on december 10 December 10, 1-4pm Barnes & Noble Thomas C. Armstrong Friends of Music organization is hosting a Webster, Holt Road bookfair at the Webster Towne Center Barnes & Noble on December 10. Stop by and see a sneak preview of the middle school’s upcoming performance of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. and get some of your Saturday, December 10, 1-4pm holiday shopping done. Any items purchased (not including gift cardsBarnes & Noble, Holt Road, Webster or bookstore memberships) will help raise funds for the middle school’s musical. Bring this voucher with you and present it when you cash out to ensure a Wayne your purchase will go to Wayne Central. portion of Central Middle School • Get a sneak preview of Wayne Central Middle School’s upcoming production of Disney’s Little Mermaid, Jr. join Wayne central for a Holiday concert supporting Wayne Central School District invites you to come and enjoy any or School/Org Name High School Chorus Christmas Concert, The Messiah all of our Holiday concerts throughout the month of December. Sunday, December 18, 2:00 p.m. Day, Date, Time Freewill Band and Chorus Concert High School Band and Chorus Concert & Noble Barnes Tuesday, December 13, 7:00 p.m.Visit BN.COM/bookfairs to support us online from XX/XX/11 to XX/XX/11 Monday, December 19, 7:00 p.m. Address by entering Bookfair ID XXXXXXXX at checkout. Middle School your Barnes & Noble purchases will benefit our school/organization. A percentage of Chorus Concert Bookfair ID Number Ontario Elementary School Band and Chorus Concert Wednesday, December 14, 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 20, 7:00 p.m. Middle School Band Concert Wednesday, December 21, 7:00 p.m. All of the concerts will take place at the High School Performing Arts Center, located at 6200 Ontario center Road, Ontario Center, NY 14520.
  8. 8. Non-Profit U.S. Postage Paid Wayne Central School District Permit No. 2 Voting will take place on Wednesday, December 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the gymnasium lobby of James A. Beneway High School Please join us for a Public Hearing regarding the upcoming Facilities Preservation Project on December 6th in the Performing Arts Center at 7pm.www.wayne.k12.ny.comWAYNE CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT6200 ONTARIO CENTER ROAD • ONTARIO CENTER, NEW YORK 14520