Market Research Results


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Market Research Results

  1. 1. Market Research Survey Results The purpose of this market research is to find out the target audience,colour scheme and genre of my music magazine. The questionnaire was made of up of different questions that would inform me of what age and gender prefer specific genres of music and whether or not they purchase music magazines. Using the information collected I will be able to construct and create the right genre of music magazine that provides for the majority preferences of my music magazines audience. Method: Survey/questionnaire Primary Research Gender Male Gender Female 0 20 40 60 80 100 Age 41-50 21-25 Sales 16-20 0 20 40 60 80 No Do you buy music magazines? 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Most of the people that answered the questionnaire were aged 16-20. The genre of music featured in the magazine will be suited for this age group while also accommodating to the age group 21-25 and 41-50 to ensure a wider age group is attracted to the magazine. 100 Do you buy music magazines? Yes The majority of people that answered my survey were female meaning my main target audience will in result be females. My magazine will there for be mainly aimed at female but it will also be aimed at males to ensure the magazine has a wide customer base. These results show that out of the amount of people who took the survey only 30% of them buy music magazines. To increase this percentage adding offers and free gifts with the magazine will help towards increasing the audience of the magazine and also the sales.
  2. 2. WHAT GENRE OF MUSIC DO YOU PREFER? House - 20% Jazz - 10% Heavy Metal - 0 Country - 0 Indie/Alternative 70% Pop - 70% Rock - 20% R'n'B - 40% The data collected shows that the most popular choice of genre was Indie/Alternative and pop with 70% of the people choosing these two genres. My magazine will therefore feature pop music but focus mainly on my original genre of Indie/Alternative due the high popularity of the genre. WHAT DO YOU USE TO FIND OUT INFORMATION ON ARTISTS/BANDS AND GIG GUIDES? Music Blogs 18% Band/Artists Wedpage 37% I don't 27% Music Magazines 18% The results collected show that from the people who took the survey 37% of them said that they use a bands or artist webpage in order to find out information on them. While 18% said they find out information from music magazines and music blogs. The music magazine will feature of a lot of information on different artists and bands while also having information on websites and other material that can be used to find out information on different artists and bands.
  3. 3. WHERE DO YOU BUY YOUR MUSIC? Burn' or 'Pirate' download 27% Music/Record Shops 27% Play Store 5% Itunes 23% Online 18% The results collected show that 27% of the people use illegal downloading and music/record shops in order to buy their music. In the magazine there will be offers and deals provided to buy music from music/record shops such as HMV, Google play store and ITunes, this will help reduce illegal downloading while also increasing the customers of the magazine due to the deals and offers the magazine provides. WHAT WEBSITES DO YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC ON? Don’t use the Spotify 23% Internet 0% Youtube 53% Artist/Bands Website 12% MTV 12% The results from the survey show that YouTube Is the most popular program for people to listen to music on with Spotify also being popular. Having a YouTube and Spotify account may increase and make the magazine more popular with customers. The magazine will provide information on bands and artists YouTube and Spotify accounts.
  4. 4. WHAT MUSIC MAGAZINES DO YOU BUY MOST OFTEN? Billboard 9% Rolling Stones 9% NME 18% Vibe 9% Kerrang! 27% Q Magazine 28% The results collected show that the most popular magazine that people buy is Q Magazine and Kerrang! Magazine. Using the genres of music that these two magazine are will instantly attract an already established audience these two magazines have. My magazine will have an indie/alternative genre of music while also having a mixture of other genres to attractive a wider audience. HOW DO YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC? TV 21% MP3 Player 3% Ipod/Ipad 24% CD player/Radio 12% Computer 12% Phone 28% The results from the questionnaire show that people mainly use their phones ad Ipod or Ipad to listen to music. In the magazine offers on phones and IPods could be used to increase customers. Competitions could also be held where customers have the chance to win a new laptop, Ipod or mobile phone.
  5. 5. HOW OFTEN DO YOU GO TO A MUSIC CONCERT OR FESTIVAL? 1-2 times a month 5% 1-2 times a year 30% more than 5 times a year 55% 3-4 times a year 10% The results collected show that the majority of people go to music concerts or festivals more than 5 times a year. To provide for customers the magazine could have a page purely dedicated to concert and festival information on upcoming events, prices and also information on how to purchase the tickets.