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Q3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?
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Q3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Question 3:What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  • 2. Previous feedback from pitchO Here’s the link to the pitch that I gave to my Media class, describing my plans for the video. This helped me to gain feedback on my plans for my music video:O xfZ4&feature=plcp&context=C3ca224fUD OEgsToPDskIoWbp8WNVmtfJ3GOUeox9 GO And the feedback I received was…
  • 3. Previous feedback from pitch
  • 4. Previous feedback from pitchO By analysing my ‘Even better if…’ comments, I managed to make changes of improvement to my plans when crafting my final storyboard as well as when filming.O I did this by taking on board these comments and making these changes…
  • 5. Changes made due to feedback Even better if… ‘There was more variety of locations and mise-en- scene’ O I went back and found more variety in the location I had found, and took more pictures, as well as using them within my video. O Some of these pictures are shown below:
  • 6. Changes made due to feedback Even better if… ‘You made the video clear as to whether is was a narrative or performance based video’O I did struggle when first deciding if the video was going to be performance or narrative based, but after filming and finalising my storyboard, I think that the video is narrative based. O Even though there are quite a few performance shots, there isn’t a band playing behind the singer, so the music isn’t portrayed in full, which is usually the case when performance based videos are constructed.
  • 7. Changes made due to feedback Even better if… ‘You made the video clear as to whether is was a narrative or performance based video’O The narrative is fragmented in the video, but the story can be interpreted in full by the use of the audience’s imagination. I think the narrative is also enhanced by the singer being the actor as well, emphasising the narrative, concluding that this is a narrative based video.
  • 8. Changes made due to feedbackEven better if…‘You adapted the tone of the video throughthe weather and editing effects’O In reaction to this comment, I made use of the Autumn leaves in one of the locations when shooting the video. You can see this in the shot of Ellie and Kieran kicking leaves at each other.O I also used a black and white effect to match the tone of the music at the start of the video, as it has a radio effect of the voice, which is more old fashioned, like black and white is, as well as matching the vintage microphone really well.
  • 9. Changes made due to feedback Even better if… ‘A wider range of props were used with both actors to add interest’ O In reaction to this, I looked further into the theme of time throughout my video, adding more calendars and clocks. I also made the microphone feature regularly as an image motif.
  • 10. How was the previous feedback useful?O Helped me to gain even more inspiration about how to make my video more intriguing to the my target audience. O Helped me to develop my original ideas into something even better and more professional looking.O Made me spot the my faults that I had made but not noticed, and gave me solutions about how to fix them.
  • 11. Final Music Video FeedbackO I used three different methods to gain feedback from my target audience about my music video. 1) My video was showcased to my Media class as well as an invited audience of a similar age to make sure feedback was gained from my target audience in particular.
  • 12. Final Music Video FeedbackO I used three different methods to gain feedback from my target audience about my music video. 2) I also posted the video onto Facebook, as many of the people I have on this social networking site are within my target audience.
  • 13. Final Music Video FeedbackO I used three different methods to gain feedback from my target audience about my music video. 3) I created an online survey using SurveyMonkey and used social networking sites to spread awareness of the questionnaire and gain responses.
  • 14. Final Music Video FeedbackMethod 1 - ShowcaseO I gave out a questionnaire to the whole focus group, and everyone filled it in, and then I added these responses onto my results from my online survey to make it easy to compare and analyse the responses.O An example of one of these questionnaires is to the right:
  • 15. Final Music Video Feedback Method 2 - SurveyMonkey O I created an online questionnaire out of the same questions used on my tangible questionnaire during the showcase. I then shared it online through Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which there are many members that are within my target audience range. O An example of this survey and how it was presented online is to the left:
  • 16. Final Music Video Feedback Method 3 - Facecbook • To reach my target audience I put the final music video on Facebook, and received around 40 ‘Likes’ as well as a large number of complimenting comments. •You can see this through the screen shots shown:
  • 17. Final Music Video Feedback 1. What was your favourite part of the music video?
  • 18. My Thoughts: Question 1O I was really pleased with these results due to the quite wide variety of different parts mentioned in the feedback. O I was relieved to know that the fighting scene flowed well, and that the story was understandable to the audience, as I spent a lot of time on the deciding the sequence to gain the best continuity.
  • 19. Final Music Video Feedback 2) Did the genre of music seem to match the visuals? Slower transitions during slower instrumental Vintage Lyrics represented microphone, especially at through Clocks the start Yes through: Style of characters match Lyrics represented genre through Eyelashes Jump cuts on beat Mise-en-scene
  • 20. My Thoughts: Question 2O I was delighted with the results to this question as every one that answered it said yes, which meant that I had managed to match the genre of the music to the visuals of the video effectively. O I was particularly happy that people had said that they understood the reason behind the eyelashes, as they linked to the lyrics in the song, and didn’t just think they were a prop that I just happened to put in there.
  • 21. Final Music Video Feedback3. Did you think the use of camera angles and editing was successful? Why? These are a sample of I loved how you Yes really well, I really the most common managed to layer up the like the jump shot of clock and Kieran walking thoughts given through the clock with the around in the character moving the feedback that I background. Also you behind. The transitions received. used so many camera were also effective angles which made it changing with the beat. interesting. I like the fact you have used many different camera angles throughout the video. The editing is successful as you have used many different effects to move between scenes and all the music is in time with the The use of camera angles video. was good because it made Yes, clear story the video interesting and represented in the keeps the audience music video, the interested, the editing was camera angles and good, especially at the end editing really with all the different eyelashes. emphasise this!
  • 22. My Thoughts: Question 3 O Again I was really happy with the results from this question, especially as people had picked up on a variety of different areas where they thought camera angles and editing was used effectively, indicating that it was effective throughout a lot of the video.O It also took me along time to put together the section where the clock forwards time with Kieran jump-cutting to different areas of the background, so to have this recognised was a relief that this was appreciated by the target audience.
  • 23. Final Music Video Feedback4. Did the video keep hold of your attention throughout? How?All responses were positive, and these were the reasons they gave: Mise-en-scene: • Costumes • Make-up • Calendars • Clocks • Vintage microphone • Eyelashes • Different locations Other: • Effective jump-cuts • Story being told • Visuals match the lyrics
  • 24. My Thoughts: Question 4O In response to question 4 I was really pleased at the variety of comments stated in the feedback. I was really happy that a large range of extras that I added in to improve my video were picked up on and appreciated
  • 25. Final Music Video Feedback 5. Did you think the storyline matched the song? No Yes
  • 26. My Thoughts: Question 5O I was really happy at the result to this question, as I wasn’t sure how well the audience would understand the story within the video. Knowing that the majority of people thought that the lyrics matched the song is a great result.
  • 27. Final Music Video Feedback 6. What would you do to improve the video?Improvement suggestions:O Use of a more exciting locationO Brighter costumes and make-upO Make the actors more dynamic rather than just standing or sittingO More colour effects like the black and whiteO Consider having a band in the background with Kieran
  • 28. My Thoughts: Question 6O The comments for this question had some great ideas forwhat I could do to make the video even better if I was to do it again. O I did consider having a band in the background of Kieran, but because I had trouble finding an actor to be the singer, I didn’t think I was going to have much luck finding a band, and didn’t want to waste precious time when creating the video. O I do agree with the other comments made though, and would definitely use these if I was to do it all over again.
  • 29. Final Music Video Feedback7. Did you pick up on any running themes/images throughout the video? To create this, I copy and pasted all of the answers given to the above question as feedback using a website called Wordle. It makes the most common words used larger than the lesscommonly words used, showing which words were more popular when answering the question.
  • 30. My Thoughts: Question 7 O I thought that the feedback from this question was a great summary of what my video is all about.O It identified themes that hadn’t crossed my mind but are very true about the video, showing that the story and ideas behind the video came across well to the audience, and got them thinking with more depth into the video. O This indicates that the video must have captured their attention for them to find hidden themes in it.
  • 31. Final Music Video Feedback 8. What would you mark the video out of 10? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 6/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 10/10
  • 32. My Thoughts: Question 8O I am incredibly happy with the results to this question being so positive, as it feels great to have created something that is looked on so popularly with my target audience.O I was even more happy that there were no ratings lower than 8, which was the average, showing that my target audience really did enjoy the video.
  • 33. Were there any unexpected or predictable answers? O I thought it was likely that people would mention the image motifs such as the eyelashes and the use of the vintage microphone as these stand out the most in the video, and are repeated a number of times.O On the other hand, I honestly didn’t think the results about the marks out of 10 would be so high, not because I thought my video wasn’t good enough, but I wasn’t completely sure if I’d targeted the right audience through the video, and if what I had presented would be appreciated by them as much as it was.
  • 34. What would you change if you created this video again?O If I was to do the video again, I would definitely take on board the improvement suggestions given in the feedback that I received.O In particular, I think I would change the location to somewhere a bit more unique, like in the woods. I could even use the original location for the story, and add another location for the performance shots. O I think I would also consider using more colour effects, so maybe bringing back the black and white during the break up scene of the video, illustrating that this is the darker part of the video.
  • 35. What are you particularly pleased with?O I was pleased with a number of things about my video, the main being that I managed to create the video itself in the way I imagined it, with little experience of ever making any type of film or using the iMovie software on the Mac computer. It’s increased my technical skills, as well as giving me more confidence with producing creative ideas.O I was also happy with the amount of positive feedback I received through the questionnaire, as it made me feel that I’d done well to appeal to my target audience and that it was highly appreciated by them.