Great tips on how to make money with autoresponders


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If you’ve ever asked for information online about a product or service, or signed up for an e-list or group membership on the Internet, and received a nearly instantaneous response in your e-mail inbox, an autoresponder program was responsible for delivering the reply.

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Great tips on how to make money with autoresponders

  1. 1. Great Tips on How to Make Money with Autoresponders
  2. 2. What is an Autoresponder? Autoresponders are e-mail programs that send out a preset message in response to every e-mail received  Autoresponders are the most powerful Internet marketing tools available  When you use autoresponders, your Internet business runs itself 24 hours a day 
  3. 3. Kinds of Autoresponders  Sign-up services for e-groups and forums ◦ one-shot deals ◦ a single response for every message received
  4. 4. Kinds of Autoresponders  Multiple autoresponders send a series of messages to received e-mail addresses on a predetermined, timed basis ◦ Can be used to send an instant response ◦ Then a follow-up message ◦ It can be programmed to send in any interval that satisfies the purpose of the message series.
  5. 5. Making Money with Autoresponder  Your autoresponder is your marketing tool that will sell your welldeveloped product far more effectively than any other form of advertising
  6. 6. Making Money with Autoresponder  Pick a topic ◦ You need a product. Something that appelas to a wide auience       an e-book print book e-course e-zine or newsletter CD downloadable audio program
  7. 7. Making Money with Autoresponder  Jumpstart your topic decision ◦ Here’s a partial list of topics to choose from:           Making money Investing money Saving money (on consumer purchases) Starting a business (online or offline) Running a profitable web site Dieting and weight loss Time management Relationships and dating Finding a dream job Working from home
  8. 8. Making Money with Autoresponder  Research your market ◦ determine who will buy your product ◦ where they hang out both on and offline ◦ how you can best reach them through advertising your autoresponder program ◦ The more you can pinpoint your target market, the better success (and profits) you will see
  9. 9. Making Money with Autoresponder  Methods of performing market research ◦ Internet Searches  Google  E-bay  Amazon ◦ Groups and Forums ◦ Marketing Surveys
  10. 10. Making Money with Autoresponder  Create content ◦ Your content is your product  your book, e-book, e-course, CD or downloadable audio program ◦ Those are the information people will pay you to receive ◦ You must offer high quality information on your topic that would be otherwise unavailable without purchasing your product or a similar competitive product.
  11. 11. Making Money with Autoresponder  Craft your autoresponder messages ◦ Creating a great autoresponder message series is the key to making serious money on the internet
  12. 12. Making Money with Autoresponder  Set up your site ◦ Your web site will serve double duty as a signup point for opt-in subscribers and a sales point for subscribers who have decided to buy. ◦ Name your domain ◦ Web hosting: free or fee? ◦ Accounts to think about  PayPal  ClickBank  NameStick ◦ A note on content
  13. 13. Making Money with Autoresponder  Build your opt-in list ◦ Free Methods     Articles E-books Mini e-courses Pop-up ads ◦ Paid Methods  PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign  Classifieds ads  Co-registration lists
  14. 14. Making Money with Autoresponder  Drive traffic to your site ◦ Keywords: Optimize, don’t stuff ◦ Keep visitors coming back ◦ Avoid blacklisting ◦ Launch your listbuilding campaign
  15. 15. Discover the essential building blogs of online success at