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  1. 1. Director Jake Nava
  2. 2. Jake Nava is an English music video, advertising and feature film director. He grew up in Hackney, London, England and later moved to the United States.
  3. 3. Nava has worked with diverse artists such as Britney Spears, Shakira, Beyoncé, Utada, Usher, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Robbie Williams, George Michael, System of a Down, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, James Blunt, Destiny's Child, Mis-Teeq, The Rolling Stones, Brandy, Enrique Iglesias, Ciara, Atomic Kitten, Dido, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue.
  4. 4. Nava has been nominated for notable awards, among them a MOBO Awards for Best Video, an MTV Video Music Award for Best Director, as well as a BET award.Nava also won a MVPA honor for his 2003 music video for Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" in the category of Best R&B Video. From the list of artists that Jake Nava had worked with and the hit video Crazy in Love by Beyonce, we can see that Jake Nava specialises in the pop and R&B genre.
  5. 5. Jake Nava specialises in the R&B a Pop genre of music videos and this is made apparent due to his style of filming and the artists that he has worked with. His work is mainstream. He has worked with big pop and urban artists such as Ms. Dynamite, Misteeq, Leona Lewis, Britany Spears etc. The style of his videos are all very similar. There are close up nd medium close up shots of the artists. The mood of the track relates to the pace and style of the video. Most of the videos have a narrative to them or performance, they consist of choreographed dance routines and most follow a story, enhancing the lyrics. He has worked with mostly female artists which allows him to portray them in a certain way. The women are most seen in a powerful way, they are incontrol. Although the Jake Nava is a very versitle music video director apart from working with massive R&B stars such as Usher, he has also worked with massive rock stars such as Tina Turner and The Rolling Stones. The video director is 'amazing' at what he does best. GENRE
  6. 6. Beyonce feat. Sean Paul, was directed by Jake Nava in 2003. This video is a good example of Nava's work. Nava uses the mise-en-scene to help create the mood and at atmosphere that this track deserves. He sets the scene and the actions and choreographed routines help to portray the correct image of Beyonce for this track, sexy and seductive. The quick beat of this track is also enhanced by the quick, sleek camera shots and moves. There is a variety of camera shots and angels but msot are shot at a medium close up of close-up to put emphasis on the artists and maintain eye contact with them. The lighting is very dark and this creates the sense of seduction and passion. I love Nava's editing style as it creates the right mood and atmosphere for the track. It brings to track alive and more realistic.
  7. 7. Examples of Jake Nava's work
  8. 8. As you can see from the clips that i have found on youtube of some of Jake Navas work they all share a similar style. Although each video obviusly has a different narrative story the way in which Nava had directed them is all very similar. They all share similar medium close-ups and close-up shots. The camera editing in all is very sleek and quick. They each had a choreographed routene and mantain eye contact with the camera. The artist is also the most important person in the video and Nava had enhanced this by the use of camera shots and angels. They all share the similar use of lighting, they are very dark and mysterious whch help create the correct theme and atmosphere for the tone of the track. I love how he does all this to make the video work. You can see why he has worked with so many big artists, his videos are both imaginative and incredable.