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The Future is Mobile - AMA conference 2011, Roundtable discussion
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The Future is Mobile - AMA conference 2011, Roundtable discussion


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. The Future is Mobile (and about more than just apps) Amy Clarke, Marketing Officer (Corporate) Amy Clarke
  • 2. Introduction
    • Introduction – my role and what the RSC has done with mobile to date – Adelaide Road
    • The growing relevance and importance of mobile to date:
    • A phone is no longer a phone; it’s a powerful computer, that just happens to make phone calls
    • AND the phone is always on…
    • In 2011 sales of smartphones and tablets are estimated to outstrip the combined sales of desktops and laptops
    • UK has the 5 th highest population of 3G subscribers in the world (after US, Japan, Korea and Italy
    • The market for 3G subscriptions is growing at a rate 34% per year
    Amy Clarke
  • 3. Stats from the RSC website
    • June 2011 – 14,100 visits to RSC website were via a mobile device (8% of total visits)
    • In total these visits accounted for £11,389.20 of online income
    • Iphone and Ipad are the most popular devices
    • Ipad users are the biggest spenders – accounting for 76% of this income (although Iphone accounts for more visits)
    • Number of visits from mobile devices is increasing month by month (compare with June 2010)
    Amy Clarke and Mary Butlin
  • 4. Discussion topics
    • Is there anything particular people would like to get out of the session?
    • Possible discussion points are:
    • Smart phone apps
    • Mobile and email marketing
    • Mobile friendly websites
    • QR codes
    • Integrating mobile marketing into campaigns and other media
    Amy Clarke
  • 5. Apps
    • Why create a smart phone app? – sales? audience development? Just because…
    • What makes a good smart phone app?
    • “ As long as a customer need or want is answered, the app stands a good chance of being taken up”
    • Smart phone v Iphone app – cost implications
    • Need to consider the objective and whether the technology solves the problem in a cost effective way
    Amy Clarke
  • 6. Email Marketing Amy Clarke
    • Increasing number of people now access email via mobile phone
    • How do your emails render on various devices?
    • New customer habits, altering the perceived “best times” to send out communications
    • Get clever! Voucher codes, timings, clear call to actions
    • Think about the user journey – can they click through to a mobile website from your email and complete their purchase
  • 7. Mobile website: Warwick Arts Centre Amy Clarke
  • 8. QR Codes and NFC Chips
    • Not widely used but do offer opportunities
    • Integrate into ad / print campaigns
    • Use around a venue
    • NFC chips is further development
    Amy Clarke
  • 9. Even more clever things (AXA insurance ad) Amy Clarke Using mobile technology to enhance a print ad
  • 10. Conclusions
    • With increased usage and savvy users mobile is likely to become an increasingly important part of the promotion mix
    • Important to get the small things right first, then move onto the big things (if they are relevant)
    • Need to stay abreast of developments, so we’re not playing catch up
    • Think about ROI and meeting your overall objectives
    Amy Clarke