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  1. 1. Storyboard By Amy Bruce
  2. 2. Shot One The opening shot will be of a full moon. The full moon is a representation of her transition from a human to a vampire and the tree represents the growth of that transformation. Shot Type: Long Shot Length: Approx. 2sec
  3. 3. Shot Two The second shot will be a close up of the moon to emphasize the transformation. Shot Type: Close-up Shot Length: Approx. 2sec
  4. 4. Underwater Shots Here we have the underwater shots. These are significant are the water represents the washing away of her old life and the beginning of a new one. Nevertheless, the shot is 1 misleading to the audience 2 as her true identity has yet to be revealed and she comes across angelic like as she floats in the water. The shots will consist of close-ups and long shots. They will last Approx. 4 seconds each to emphasise 3 4 the notion that she is angelic like.
  5. 5. Beach Shots The next sequence of shots are of the beach. The sun is a symbol of the new day and her new life starting as a vampire. The shots will show her2 gracefully rising out of the water and walking to shore. The shots will fade to match the tempo of the song and they will approximately last 4/51 3 seconds long.
  6. 6. Eye Shot The revealing of her identity will come when she opens her eyes when the beat comes in. Shot Type: Extreme Close-up Shot Length: 2sec
  7. 7. Water Splash Shot 1 2In this shot water will be splashed onto the vampire as if a big tidal wavehas just broke out. These shots will be in slow motion and match themusical score of the song.Shot Types: Long, MedShot Lengths: 3sec
  8. 8. Seaton Delaval HallThese shots will reveal what era she is at. The large landscaperepresents her freedom.Shot Type: LongShot Length: 3sec
  9. 9. The BandThe next number of shot will be of the band. Which is one of thetypical conventions in a rock music video.Shot Types: Long/Close-up/Extreme Close-upShot Length: 3sec
  10. 10. Nature Shots The next shots are all linked to nature which highlights that just like them she will never die as she is immortal. Shot Types: Long Shot Length: 3sec
  11. 11. Fight Sequence
  12. 12. Fight SequenceThere will be a range of shot types tohi9ghlight the struggle between fighting thevillagers off that are trying to take away herfreedom. The old ruins represent thatstruggle. The sequence will Approx. be 1 minlong. Nevertheless, in-between these shotsthere will be more of the band playing thesong.
  13. 13. Final Shot The final shots will show Newcastle how it is today and will symbolise that she has survived and is now living in the 21st century. Which links with the lyrics “New Day.”