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Research conclusion

  1. 1. Research: Conclusions
  2. 2. DeconstructionsI deconstructed the first 2 minutes of fourfantasy films, one from the 80s, one from the90s, one from the 00s and one from the 10s. Thefour films that I deconstructed were:• The little mermaid (1989)• Beauty and the Beast (1991)• Pirates of the Caribbean – the curse of the black pearl (2003)• Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  3. 3. Fantasy ConclusionsDoing this research I have realised that fantasyfilms have definitely developed overtime, mainly due to increased new technologymaking the films more imaginative and creative.I also found out that fantasy films tend toinclude magic, supernatural events, fantasy orparallel worlds, hero’s/villains and make believecreatures.
  4. 4. The Little Beauty and the Pirates of the Alice in Mermaid Beast Caribbean WonderlandMagic No Yes – Old No No woman turns to princess. Turns prince to Beast. And spell.Supernatural Yes – The fish Yes. No Noevents does a sigh or reliefFantasy/ Parallel Yes- cartoon Yes – “a farway Sort of – Pirate NoWorlds world, and on a land” ship pirate ship and underwater.Hero/villain No Yes – villain – No No prince is cruel.Make Believe Yes – we do not Yes – Beast. No Yes – we do notCreatures see them yet see them yet, but they are but they are spoke of. spoke of.
  5. 5. Conclusion of Elements included• The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast tended to contain a lot more fantasy elements in the first two minutes. However this could be due to the fact that they were both cartoons so they are obviously going to be fantasy as they are not real.
  6. 6. SimilaritiesBeauty and the Beast Pirates of the Caribbean • All films contain a long shot of one of the main characters. The Little Mermaid Alice in Wonderland
  7. 7. SimilaritiesThey all contain two shots.
  8. 8. Similarities in the four technical codes.Mise en Scene:• We see one of the main characters in the first 2 minutes in all films.• Both pirates of the Caribbean and The little mermaid are set on a boat.Sound:• They all begin with some form of non-diagetic sound• Alice in wonderland, The Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Caribbean all include dialogue from the characters.
  9. 9. Similarities in the four technical codes.Camera work + Editing• They all include Long shots• They all include Close up Shots• They all include Two Shots• Alice in Wonderland and The little mermaid both contain non-continuity editing.