13 Leadership Quotes Out of the Wild


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It's a jungle out there! Learn leadership lessons from these 13 leadership quotes that will improve your relationships and take your business to the next level.

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13 Leadership Quotes Out of the Wild

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  2. 2. people dont carehow much you knowuntil you show them how much you care@AmyL_Bishop
  3. 3. Help others see theirpotential so clearlythey are inspired to achieve it@AmyL_Bishop
  4. 4. No matter how importantyou think leadership isit’s actually even more important@AmyL_Bishop
  5. 5. to breathe life into someoneyou have to get close@AmyL_Bishop
  6. 6. stop telling yourself it’s hardjust to feel betterabout failing@AmyL_Bishop
  7. 7. leadership isa terrible goalbut an excellent byproduct@AmyL_Bishop
  8. 8. Grow the persongrow your business@AmyL_Bishop
  9. 9. the only person you can change isyourself@AmyL_Bishop
  10. 10. For your companyto work betteryou must understandwhy people work@AmyL_Bishop
  11. 11. Embrace truth &transparencyto revolutionize your industry@AmyL_Bishop
  12. 12. Put your long-term interestsin front of your short term discomfort
  13. 13. Habits tend to form slowlybut once formed have great stability@AmyL_Bishop
  14. 14. consistentlytake calculated risks
  15. 15. Amybishopwww.amylbishop.com@AmyL_Bishop