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India. The Brand.
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India. The Brand.


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Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 1. THE BRAND
  • 2. OBJECTIVESIndia as a brand – Different aspects of a Nation Brand: 1) Tourism 2) Exports 3) Film Industry 4) Investment & Immigration 5) Culture & Heritage 6) PeopleAdvantages of a country as a brand.
  • 3. INDIA AS A BRANDThere are a lot of different aspects of India as a brand.Some of them are as follows: Touris m Indian Tourism Export Indian Exports People s Indian Film Industry Natio Indian Investment & Immigration n Culture Brand Film Indian Culture & Heritage & Industr Heritag Indian People e y Investme nt & Immigrati on
  • 4. INDIAN TOURISM Incredible IndiaIndia is one of the most visited countries of the world and on topof all travelers wish list. Its vastness and diversity with the rightblend of traditional and modern influences makes it an intriguingdestination for tourists from every corner of the world.
  • 5. Indian exportsThere are a lot of Indian industries that export goods to thedifferent parts of the world. Some of the most exportedindustries are as follows: Chemical Industry Home Furnishing Industry Agriculture Industry Apparel & Textile Industry Jewellery Industry Leather Industry Gifts & Crafts Industry Plastic & Other Industry
  • 6. Indian Exports Chemical 7% Plastic & Others 12% Leather 8% Agriculture 19%Apparel & Textile 21% Jewellery 16% Gifts & Crafts 5% Home Furnishing 12% Total Export GDP: 19.6 billion US
  • 7. Indian Film industryThe Indian Film Industry comprises ofBollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood & muchmore. Here are some facts about Indian Film Industry: Hollywood produces 500 films per year, on average, & has a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion. Whereas the Indian Film Industry produces more than 1500 films per year (non-consistently) & has a worldwide audience of 3.7 billion. The Indian Film Industry took over Hollywood in 2004 & has been leading ever since. India’s 500 million population under the age of 20 will ensure that the market inside India will grow exponentially in the coming years.
  • 8. Indian Investment & Immigration Brand IndiaBrand India is a phrase used to describe thecampaign India is using to attract business.Basically the campaign is to project the attractiveness of Indiaas an emerging destination for business in the fieldsof service sector, manufacturing, informationtechnology, infrastructure, information technology enabledservices, etc.The campaign uses both India as huge market for productsand services as well as a lucrative destination for investment.The federal government is spearheading the campaign withconsiderable cooperation from the domestic businessbody Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the moreinformal India Inc. abroad.
  • 9. Indian Culture & HeritageThe culture of India is one of the oldest andunique. In India, there is amazing cultural diversitythroughout the country. There is hardly any culturein the world that is as varied and unique as India.India has numerous cultural sites that havearchaeological, historical and aesthetic value.Natural sites that conserve endangeredspecies, provide suitable habitats and preservethe wild side of life.The Indian National Symbols are emblematic of allthat India stands for, i.e., theculture, heritage, beliefs, people, etc.
  • 10. Indian PeopleIndia has more than two thousand ethnicgroups and every major religion is represented.Indias ethnic history is extremely complex;nevertheless, distinct racial divisions betweenpeoples still exist as established by modernanthropologists, despite the fact that the nationalCensus of India does not recognize racial or ethnicgroups within India, but recognizes many of thetribal groups as Scheduled Castes and Tribes.India is one of the most religiously diverse nationsin the world, with some of the most deeply religioussocieties and cultures. Religion still plays a centraland definitive role in the life of most of its people.
  • 11. Advantages of a country as a brandStrong brands evoke an emotive bond among people andnations.This translates into huge benefits – from greater goodwill toan upswing in tourism, from growing exports to increasedinvestments.Brands generate trust, confidence and continued association.Nation brands encourage people to broaden their view of acountry.Once a nation is looked at as a brand, anything from thatcountry is treated as a natural brand extension of that country.Finally, nation brands can serve to be powerful sources ofmotivation.So the greatest benefit that a government can give its exportsector is to build a good country brand.
  • 12. summaryIn conclusion, India as a brand is still growing with thehelp of globalization and modern technology.It has the capacity to reap rich dividends for our countryboth in terms of commerce and world status.We, the citizens of India need to take it upon ourselvesto preserve and promote this brand.“Bharatha mula desha!”
  • 13. Thank you!