Technology screen and progress monitoring presentation


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Amy's presentation for the Technology Screen and Monitoring Progress Presentation.

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Technology screen and progress monitoring presentation

  1. 1. Technology Screen and Progress Monitoring Presentation UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AMY BEDORE
  2. 2. Student Background and Demographics  Phineas is a 6th grade student at Jackson Heights Middle School  FCAT scores were below grade level expectations at a rating of a 2.  Receives support facilitation for Mathematics and Language Arts  Difficulties in work completion, turning in assignments, staying on task, has trouble remembering directions and needs consistent reminders, and organization skills.  Accommodations that Phineas receives are:  extra time on tests  additional instructional time  directions can be read to him for both tests and assignments  tests can be taken in small group settings  underlining of key terms and phrases in instructions  variation in instruction.
  3. 3. Description of the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen Features Include: Microphone Ergonomic Grip Connector for headphones Micro-USB port to connect to computer or tablet device Speaker for playback OLED display Evernote Notebooks
  4. 4. How to Use the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen Continued…  How to use the device:  The pen works like a normal pen and writes on the Evernote notebook.  As the student writes the pen records the audio that it hears around it.  The student can press the pen on the notes where the student wants to play back the audio from and it can be for that day or months prior based on the page of notes he clicks on.  The student can then upload to the computer to PDF files his notes where he can add to them or organize them.
  5. 5. Benefits and Pitfalls to the Use of the Livescribe Echo Pen…  Benefits:  Increased Student Self Confidence  Increased Independence  Increase motivation  Student will take on more responsibility  Will help with note-taking  Organization of student’s notes will improve  Will help with student’s requirement of repetition of directions  Will help with task completion  Pitfalls:  Device is costly  Device can be lost, stolen, or broken  Student’s use and interest can wane which can lead to avoidance to use the device  Requires more intensive training for those working with the student while he uses the device  Requires permission of use from content course teachers as well as those who might work with the student to record them and their lectures/classes.
  6. 6. Use and Permission to Use the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen… Will be used in all content courses Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Permission from all content course teachers and those that will interact with the student such as: Support facilitator ESE department instructors speech therapists.
  7. 7. Training, Rules and Procedures, Monitoring of Use of the LiveScribe Echo Smart Pen…  Training must be given to:  The student  Student’s parents or guardians  ESE instructors  Support facilitator  Speech Therapists  Content course instructors  Rules and Procedures must be developed and student trained on them for proper use of the device.  Monitoring the use of the device will be completed by and submitted to the ESE instructors by:  Parents or guardians  ESE instructors  Support facilitator  Speech therapists  content course instructors
  8. 8. Data Compilation of the Student’s Use of the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen…  Data will be compiled by: Student performance: Observations and Grades Student’s notes: Notebook will be collected for each course and checked for completion both in written form in the notebook and online in the student’s Livescribe folder on his laptop computer Teacher observations will be compiled by written forms to the ESE instructor of student’s use of the device in class and behavior of following the rules. Parental conferences will be held to discuss student progress, use of the device and observations Support facilitator will give observation of the student’s use and behavior with the device as observed while working with the student.
  9. 9. Progress Monitoring & Success or Failure Plan for the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen…  Monitoring of Progress will happen:  Biweekly at the start of the student’s use of the program quick observation notations from those working with the student to monitor the student’s use of the device and to offer assistance in instances of difficulties.  After each grading period reports will be given and the device’s benefits to student success will be decided.  Device Success or Failure Plan:  If the device is successful the student will continue to use the device until he improves enough in meeting his goals that the use of the device is no longer needed  If the device’s use fails to help the student and is no longer a benefit to the student then the ESE instructor will complete another SETT framework investigation for a different Assistive Technology device and meet with the IEP team to come up with a new plan for the student.
  10. 10. Example of the use of the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen Preview… After this slide a video will be displayed that looks like the photo to the left. This is a tutorial on how to use the pen and suggestions on ways to take better notes. This video can be found on YouTube at the following website address in case the video has difficulties opening: v=mFCeqSggo2Y