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  1. 1. Intertextuality This PowerPoint shows examples of intertextuality between the digipack's and how the audience will instantly recognise the music artist from simple characteristics such as font. It will be similar to the future digipack PowerPoint's, yet this PowerPoint focuses on why it is a digipack and what factors of intertextuality there are and the similarities between music artists with their common traits. By Amy Potts
  2. 2. Example 1: The Charlatans There is clearly intertextuality here, the abstract and artistic music covers help to distinguish the band as unique and creative interlinking with their expressive lyrics, the font remains the same throughout with minimal colour also portraying a modern effect. There remains distance from the audience to the singers with either objects in the way or distance itself, this creates a mysterious effect surrounding them which also links in with the music where some of the lyrics are difficult to decipher.
  3. 3. Example 2: Green Day These CD covers both are creative and imaginative with graphics on the computer helping to generate this artistic appearance. The use of abstract images creates tension to discover more about the music as the cover gives little away, also the music artists are not seen so there is a level of mystery which is reinforced by the dark colours. In both images, there is an impression of graffiti showing how the lyrics are rock and realistic, the title fonts tend to be white emphasising GREEN DAY against the backgrounds. Stencil graffiti is probably used on these covers and therefore both covers give the impression of cartoons and drawings as though the artists are sketching their thoughts and opinions realistically making Green Day unique and unusual which will attract attention.
  4. 4. Example 3: Girls Aloud These albums are colourful representing pop music and also advertising the singers to a female audience with fashion as one of the main characteristics. Each album is different but the title of girls aloud remains the same and the singers themselves increase the intertextuality. All of albums contrast from one another which is a unique selling point helping each album to be greatly distinguished.
  5. 5. Example 4: Beyonce Beyonce as a music artist has released many albums but more recently her albums and posters have formed a Digipack. The font stating her name is often decorated in a detailed way creating a feminine effect linking to the female target audience. The backgrounds of these products tend to differ consistently yet the main focus is Beyonce herself. In the albums, it is clear that they interlink with the posters with again scenic background and the mise en scene is similar involving the lighting, camera shots, make up and clothing. There tends to be medium close ups creating a sense of emotions which will be heard through her lyrics in the music.
  6. 6. Example 5: Fergie Fergie clearly shows a digipack here within the CD Covers as she is advertised to represent the lyrics of the song through the mise en scene and facial expressions which is exaggerated by the camera shots. These albums differ due to the backgrounds, however each have been artificially created, they mainly dif f e r d u e t o t h e b ack g rounds, h o w e v e r e a c h h a ve b e e n a r t if i c i al l y c reat e d helping Fergie to stand out. The font is the same in each album helping to generate the intertexuality clearly, it creates the impression that the CD Cover is about the her and her opinions on music which also interlinks with the lyrics and song titles.
  7. 7. <ul><li>This PowerPoint has helped me a lot as it has increased my understanding of intertexuality for the beginning of this project and in preparation for completing digipack PowerPoint's and the analysis of the links between products based upon separate music artists. However, not just have I discovered about intertexuality but where to find it and how to notice the links, looking closer into certain aspects such as camera angles and not just the image itself is crucial amongst other characteristics. I intend on comparing different intertexuality examples in the future so that I can portray how music artists want to be unique to gain a bigger audience and more popular selection of products. </li></ul>