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Crawl Lyrics

  1. 1. Kings of Leon- Crawl Lyrics Analysis
  2. 2. You fall, my pride, Don't ever need to apologize, As your lips unfold, Shaking purple from the cold This part of the song is about a woman, the singers talk about her saying she's got to change in a stubborn sense as though she is the one falling but not them This verse gives the impression that a woman has taken them for granted, which would explain why the lyrics are quite negative The song is about people coming in to someone's life and ruining it and then walking away leaving them to crawl
  3. 3. You better learn to crawl, You better learn to crawl, Before I walk away, Before I walk away You broke, my mouth, The bloody bits are spitting out Your grave, unscathed, The worm is counting down the day This is deciphered to be about Gods judgement amongst people This song is very political discussing America having to crawl and being on its knees
  4. 4. He wants to see you crawl, He wants to see you crawl, Before I walk away, Before I walk away The reds and the whites and abused, The crucified USA, I said the prophecy unfolds, All hell is surely on its way Many Christians believe that prophecies from revelations is slowly coming true, this verse discusses how terrorists and other governments globally want to see the USA ‘crawl’ and suffer This quite negative but again refers to the globally predicted ‘end times’
  5. 5. Because the rat and the fly, They're searching for an alibi, As we wait the wrath, They never went to Sunday mass This could be viewed from religious terms as though the world is coming to an end and the rat and fly last minute are turning to God to get into heaven rather than believing throughout their lives This states how they never went to Sunday mass and could insinuate that they have done wrong throughout their lives but selfishly do not want to feel Gods wrath upon them
  6. 6. More research on the song.. <ul><li>This song is obviously about global political issues specifically about America and their predictions that America will soon have to crawl in the end times which has been prophesied and predicted to be near. I believe it is important to not just get information from the public but also the singers themselves, this is often difficult to find but when the song is as complex as ‘crawl’ is then the music artists are often interviewed on it, the following is what I found after researching through various music forums and music magazine websites… </li></ul>
  7. 7. Front man Caleb Followill explained to The Daily Telegraph September 17, 2008: &quot;It honestly feels as if America has to learn how to crawl again before it can walk tall.&quot; He added: &quot;In (Biblical) prophecy, it says at the end of days there will be wars and rumours of wars. Look at all the hurricanes and earthquakes and everything that's going on, to me its almost like what has been done in America has brought on the feeling of a religious war, and along with that a lot of other prophecies are coming to pass. It scares me.&quot; Caleb told Uncut magazine October 2008 the background to this song: &quot;I think that just came from us being a band that pretty much grew up in Europe, and we couldn't really enjoy the success that we had because every time we went to a restaurant, everyone looked at us like we were these people that came from a country that supported war and supported all the terrible, terrible decisions and mistakes that were going on in America. Everyone in f--king country music and Green Day and all these other people were writing songs about America, so we refused to write anything political. But I always knew if I wanted to ever do it, I was going to do it like Rage Against the Machine — it wasn't going to be some ballad. If you really believe in something, you should be able to scream it from a mountain. But all of my songs are about five different things, usually. It's just talking about how someone can just come in and f--k everything up and then they're gone, and everyone else has to deal with the consequences.&quot;