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  • ¼ of the worlds professional workforce.
  • LI Positioning & Value Prop: High-Level, QualityReach Influential, Affluent Professionals – Option 2: QualityWe have a higher composition of business decision makers, high-income earners, and college or post-college graduates than leading business and social websites. And you can target these quality professionals by not only their seniority and education but also by their industry, company size, geography and even which LinkedIn groups they belong to
  • LI Positioning & Value Prop: High-LevelAlign Message with Business OpportunityOur audience is sophisticated because they come to LinkedIn in the business mindset: 3 out of 4 members use LinkedIn for everything business – from keeping up on trends to reading business news to researching companiesAnd 64% agree that LinkedIn helps develop relationships and grow new business. Our members use our site this way because they trust us.Members are 2x more confident in the information found on LinkedIn than any other social site including Twitter and Facebook.
  • LI Positioning & Value Prop: High-LevelStat Sources: • Energy Customer: Chevron• Technology Customer: HP• Financial Services Customer: Chase INK• Professional Organization: VistageExtend Marketing Impact We have a quality audience, a business context, but also the tools to make a significant marketing impact.We are in essence, a network. The inherent network effect of marketing with us extends your message to create earned media opportunities that extend the reach of your marketing. Our product portfolio engages on all levels of a customer experience in today’s social world, so you can effectively influence purchase decisionsFinally, our profiles – this rich data powers rich reporting to optimize campaigns and generate insights to inform your marketing This combination of audience, business context and marketing impact is unmatched anywhere else.
  • “And what that means is in addition to the direct conversation you are going to be able to have with the people that are following your company, you have these unique social actions on LinkedIn. When people like, when they comment, when they share, the content that you have pushed to these folks spreads throughout the network.  And when we look at the beta customers that have been using company status updates, just over the last couple of weeks we see that, in fact, in some cases 20 percent of the people that are seeing this content aren't even following the company. They're seeing it because of these social actions. They're seeing it because the people that are following the company have liked, commented or shared this content.”
  • “And finally the virality; and this is, perhaps, one of the most interesting. Whether it's the share button, whether it's the capability to get a user's connections and then share content to those connections, virality and our share button and our recommend button are likely going to be a core ingredient in all the stuff that you guys come up with.  Again, it's not just about sharing with the general network. It's about sharing specifically with the kinds of people that you're looking to share with.”
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    1. 1. 1Marketing SolutionsWhere business happensMarketing Solutions
    2. 2. 2Marketing Solutions175,000,000+registered members (as of Nov 2012)The globally connectedprofessional network5M+Canada65M+USA8M+Brazil3M+Australia34M+Europe2M+DACH2M+Italy3M+France3M+Spain3M+NL9M+UK14M+India
    3. 3. 3Marketing SolutionsPromote trust andmessage receptivityDeliver compelling insights andresults with social media solutionsReach the most influential, affluentand educated audiences at scaleQuality Audience Business Context Marketing Impact2xmore confident in informationfound on LinkedIn than othersocial sites21 The Nielsen Company @ Plan Rel 4 2011. Compared to WSJ.com.2 LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, US, August 20113 LRN ad effectiveness case study1.6xmore C-suite reached on a dailybasis than competitor businesssites (801,000)1+86%increase in Aided BrandAware-ness among noncustomers(Consumer Durables brand)LinkedIn: The Most Effective Way for Marketers toEngage with Professionals Online
    4. 4. 4Marketing SolutionsReach Influential, Affluent ProfessionalsQuality Audience Marketing ImpactBusiness ContextSource: The Nielsen Company@Plan, US Adults age 18+, Rel 3 2011 Profession Seniority Education Industry Company Size Geography Group MembershipBusiness Decision MakersHHI $100K+Target By15.8%24.1%26.7%Faceb…NY…LinkedInComp20.0%31.9%34.4%Faceb…NY…LinkedInComp
    5. 5. 5Marketing SolutionsAlign Message with Business OpportunityLinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, US, August 20113 out of 4Members use LinkedIn for everything business, fromkeeping up on trends to reading business newsMembers are 2x more confident in the informationfound on LinkedIn than any other social site64%agree that LinkedIn helps develop relationshipsand grow new businessBusiness ContextQuality Audience Marketing Impact
    6. 6. 6Marketing SolutionsExtend Marketing ImpactMarketing ImpactQuality Audience Business ContextProduct portfolioengages on all levels38%lift in likelihood to apply for acredit card in the next 12 monthsFinancial Services CustomerAuthentic datapowers reporting89%more leads generated on LinkedInthan on a leading ad network at athird the cost per leadProfessional Organization CustomerNetwork effectextends marketing2,000product recommendations in twoweeks generating 500,000 viralupdates about products & servicesTechnology Customer
    7. 7. 7Marketing SolutionsPower and Accuracy of Professional Profile DataWho Visits Your Page? Who Saw Your Campaign?Who Clicked On Your Ads? Who Viewed Your Ads?
    8. 8. 8Marketing SolutionsMarketing Solutions Platform
    9. 9. 9Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn EcosystemCreateExperiences• Company Page• GroupsAmplify thruNetwork• Network UpdateStatus• Company Followers• API/Web Plug-InsAttractAudience• Display• Content Ads• Social Ads• Partner MessagesEngage inConversation• Polls• Groups• Social Ads• Company StatusUpdates
    10. 10. 10Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn Company PagesFoundational presenceCreateExperiences• Company Page• Groups
    11. 11. 11Marketing SolutionsWho are your followers?
    12. 12. 12Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn Follow AdsAccelerate follower growthAttractAudience• Display• Content Ads• Social Ads• Partner Messages
    13. 13. 13Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn Targeted Status UpdatesEngage those most interested in your brandAmplify thruNetwork• Network Update Status• Company Followers• API/Web Plug-Ins54,534 targetedfollowers(out of 236,031 totalfollowers)
    14. 14. 14Marketing SolutionsProminentplacementLittle competitionRich media enabledLinkedIn Display AdvertisingEasy to place. Hard to miss.AttractAudience• Display• Content Ads• Social Ads• Partner Messages
    15. 15. 15Marketing SolutionsAttractAudience• Display• Content Ads• Social Ads• Partner MessagesLinkedIn Partner MessagesHand-delivered, customized messages
    16. 16. 16Marketing SolutionsShare video, tweets,blogs and moreEasy execution with RSS feedsExpandablevideo playerUse contentto build loyaltyLinkedIn Content AdsDeliver content to your target audienceAttractAudience• Display• Content Ads• Social Ads• Partner Messages
    17. 17. 17Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn PollsSmart talk that delivers big Engage inConversation• Polls• Groups• Social Ads• Company Status Updates
    18. 18. 18Marketing SolutionsEngage inConversation• Polls• Groups• Social Ads• Company Status UpdatesLinkedIn Recommendation AdsLeverage LinkedIn’s social graph
    19. 19. 19Marketing SolutionsStatusUpdateLikeLikeShareShareCommentCommentLinkedIn ViralityUnleash the network effectAmplify thruNetwork• Network Update Status• Company Followers• API/Web Plug-Ins
    20. 20. 20Marketing Solutions 20Thank you!Further advertising information/case studies:312.650.7556koleary@linkedin.com