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Google Plus Quickstart Guide

  1. 1. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Google  +/+1  Demystified   Quick  Reference  Guide   Quick  Reference  Guide   By:  Casey  Case     1  
  2. 2. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide           Quick  Start  Guide    Thank  you  for  purchasing  my  new  guide  on  Google+  and  Google  +1!  Make  sure  you  watch  all  the  videos  to  get  the  full  effect  of  the  product.  I  walk  through  many  of  the  processes  of  these  products  live  on  the  videos,  and  they  are  not  too  long,  either.    This  guide  will  serve  as  a  quick  start  or  quick  reference  for  you  if  you  need  to  look  back  at  anything  after  check  out  the  videos!    And  now  on  to  the  legal-­‐ish  stuff  –                               2  
  3. 3. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide           Disclaimer    I  can’t  promise  that  you  will  make  a  dime  with  this  product.  I  hope  you  do  make  money,  but  if  you  don’t,  I  am  not  personally  responsible.  In  addition,  you  only  have  personal  use  rights  to  this  product  and  no  PLR,  RR,  or  MRR  rights  of  any  kind.  In  other  words,  don’t  share  it.  Just  use  it  for  you.  Also,  there  could  be  some  affiliate  links  in  here,  meaning  I  get  a  commission  if  you  purchase  from  my  link.  It  won’t  cost  you  any  extra,  though.  Also,  I  won’t  recommend  anything  that  is  junk.                                         3  
  4. 4. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide                 The  Two  New  Tools  -­‐           Google+  is  the  social  network.         Google  +1  is  the  social  voting  system.                   4  
  5. 5. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide       Using  Google  +1     • +1 Buttons will show up in the Google search results, if you are logged in.   • Works similar to Facebook Like button, as it is an upvote for sites that you like   • Also can be installed on your site just like the Like button from Facebook   • All you have to do is click the +1 button (it looks like the symbol above) when logged into your Google account. It will be next to the search results in Google or on just about every blog out there soon!         5  
  6. 6. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide         Using  Google+     • Right now you must have an invite (email me if you want one)   • Works very similar to Facebook   • Has a “Stream” which is basically the same as your Facebook news feed.   • Add people to “Circles” instead of friends (more on this later)   • Share links, photos, status updates, locations, etc., just like Facebook or Twitter.     6  
  7. 7. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide             Circles     • Circles give you the option of dividing up those who you follow into different groups.   • You can share posts only with certain circles if you want.   • One of the major missing features of Facebook.   • You can create as many circles as you want and add people to as many circles as you want.       7  
  8. 8. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide           Sparks     • Similar to Google alert feed.   • Not everything in sparks has necessarily been shared on Google+.   • Good way to keep up with topics of importance to you.   • Can find content to share on days that you might not have good content for your business on your G+ profile.         8  
  9. 9. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide           Hangouts     • Very similar to Skype.   • Can have multiple people in a video or text chat.   • Would be nice for business use – could put together a hangout for employees or team members.   • Will need to download the Google Voice program on your computer.           9  
  10. 10. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide         Mobile     • Can download an app for most smartphones.   • Can do essentially the same things as the web version.   • Will default to storing all your pictures and videos on Google+ if you do not change the settings (they will be private).   • Includes Google Huddle, a group texting application.   • Huddle is still up and coming, but could be great if you regularly need to text the same thing to multiple folks.         10  
  11. 11. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide     SEO  Implications       • Google +1’s and Google Plus shares are bound to become a part of the basic algorithm across the board.   • Twitter and Facebook shares, along with Digg, Stumbleupon, and others, already are a part of the algorithm.   • Even if not, we are going to continue to see more and more “personalized results.”   • See video for examples of personalized search results based on +1.             11  
  12. 12. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide       SEO  Best  Practices           For  both  Google+  and  +1     • +1, +1, +1!!! – Get as many of these as possible for your site and posts.   • Grow your following as large as possible so that your +1’s affect the search results of as many people as possible.   • Create killer content that grows your following on Google Plus and adds to your +1’s.         12  
  13. 13. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide   Social  Marketing  Implications         • Over 10 million users already   • Google employee bonuses ride on success/failure   • Hard to predict, but will likely rival Facebook in the future.   • Will be a vital part of anyone wanting web traffic from social media   • +1’s will also be all over the web                   13  
  14. 14. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide   Social  Marketing  Best  Practices         • Grow your following. Don’t be afraid to add people.   • Treat it like Twitter. Follow, follow, follow.   • Use your circles wisely. • Ask for shares and +1’s on your posts.   • Add a +1 Button to your site. Most social plugins have it in the newest updates.   • Content is key. They used to say, “Content is king.” Now, content is king, queen, president, princess, prince, and prime minister.             14  
  15. 15. Google  +/+1  Demystified      Quick  Reference  Guide       THANK  YOU!!!!     Need  an  invite?  Questions  or  Suggestions?  –     I  will  send  out  as  any  invites  as  I  can!  Make  sure   you  follow  me!     Don’t  Forget  To  Leave  A  Review!  Thank  you!       Make  sure  you  signed  up  to  my  list  to  get  updates   on  this  product.  If  you  haven’t  yet,  go  here  -­‐           15