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presentation about Keri Cahill, her adopted daughter, and the daughter she could not adopt. prepared for the fundraiser at the Elegant Women Expo, Danversport Yacht Club, September 30, 2010.

presentation about Keri Cahill, her adopted daughter, and the daughter she could not adopt. prepared for the fundraiser at the Elegant Women Expo, Danversport Yacht Club, September 30, 2010.



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    Anya Anya Presentation Transcript

    • Bring Anya Home The Story of Keri Cahill, her adopted daughter, and the sister who still waits.
    • In 2005, Keri Cahill traveled to Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia and adopted a little girl. Anastasia came home to live with her new mom, and start her new life in Marblehead, MA. March 2005 – first meeting May 2005 – officially a family
    • After coming to America, Anastasia, known as “Nastia” told her new mother “I have a sister! I have a sister!” She wasn't kidding. Keri found Nastia's sister Anya and Nastia & Anya were reunited by phone the day before Thanksgiving, 2006.
    • Keri made a promise to both Nastia and Anya. She would adopt Anya, and they would be a family. They traveled to Russia and the girls were reunited in 2006.
    • It is now 2010. What happened?
    • Politics. Roadblocks. Funding. Kemerovo closed their borders to foreign adoption. Her agency lost international accreditation. Time was of the essence. Anya, being a year older than Nas, would soon “age out” of eligibility. She would not be able to be adopted when she reached age 18. Anya in 2007
    • Anya in 2009, shortly before turning 18. Keri returned to Siberia in the spring of 2009 – visiting her daughter was heartbreaking. She still could not be adopted due to powers beyond Keri's control. She visited the orphanage, knowing that in a few short months Anya would be too old to adopt.
    • Keri made arrangements after Anya had “aged out” of the orphanage for her to travel here on a student visa. Tickets were purchased. Anya was on her way. Until she got to Moscow and the US Embassy told her they believed she'd overstay her visa, and refused her entry to the United States. This was December 9th, 2010.
    • Anya was frantic, devastated. Keri and Nastia were too. This was supposed to be a fantastic reunion. Keri's hope was once Anya was here on US soil she would find a lawyer who would assist her in helping Anya emigrate here LEGALLY. If that wasn't to be, she would certainly return to Russia. Obeying all the rules and laws that cover country-to-country travel. This decision by our own embassy in Moscow was foolish, unfair, and unfounded. BringAnyaHome.org was born.
    • Keri's friends and a ground swellingelling of kind, hopeful and helpful strangers from all over the world (mostly through Facebook) pulled together to get Keri and Nastia over to Russia as quickly as they could for Anya's sake. Christmas 2009 was spent in Moscow. Again, the sisters were reunited.
    • The Cahills enjoyed a wonderful Russian holiday, but a temporary fix is not acceptable. These sisters need to be reunited. Permanently. And through legal means. Keri returned to the United States, and letter writing to Senators, Congressmen, the State Department ramped up with great haste and urgency.
    • It is now nearly October, ten months since Anya was denied entry to this country. Six of which she could have been living with her sister and the woman who wants to be her mom. Political channels have not been paying off, no change has been made in Anya's status. Anya's situation is dire. Her living situation is unsafe. The future for pretty 18 year old girls on the streets in any country is grim – more so in Siberia. What is a mother to do?
    • Move. To Siberia.
    • In early September, Keri and Nastia packed up and traveled back to Siberia to be with Anya. They will have three months together, and hopefully the time together will give Anya the hope that her situation will be resolved soon. Best case scenario is that her situation is resolved during Keri and Nas' stay, so Anya can come home with them. Keri is forgoing salary by leaving the North Shore. Friends are helping and supporting her efforts by doing fundraisers such as this one, and making donations on the BringAnyaHome.org website.
    • While in Siberia, Keri, Nas and Anya are enjoying time together As a family, and are also ministering to the children in Nas' old Orphanage. They plan to visit frequently, bringing needed items purchased through donations to the fund earmarked for the Detsky Dom #5.
    • Anya and Nastia are spending quality time together on this trip. Their bond is strong, No government can break that, or take it from them.
    • Keri and Nastia will return to the United States the first week of December, with or without Anya. The fight to bring Anya home currently does not seem to have an end. Thank you for caring about Keri and this story. Thank you for caring enough to come out and support this fundraiser. Please go home and hug your children, and remind them that their bond is not something to take for granted.
    • “ A ministering angel shall my sister be.” -William Shakespeare