Who We AreJ  ummit Ridge Group, LLC provides valuation and advisory services requiring substantial me...
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Summit Ridge Group, LLC - 1 Page Overview


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Single page overview of Summit Ridge Group, LLC -- Valuation and strategic advisory for the satellite media and telecom industries

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Transcript of "Summit Ridge Group, LLC - 1 Page Overview"

  1. 1. Who We AreJ ummit Ridge Group, LLC provides valuation and advisory services requiring substantial media S and communications industry expertiseJ e fill the gap between investment banking, research, law and consulting firms and thus offer W single-firm efficiencies resulting in lower client costs Our Approach and SkillsJ he traditional service provider eco-system of investment banks, consulting firms, law firms and research T boutiques is highly focused on their core disciplines but is not well integrated across these disciplinesJ onsequently, many projects requiring cross-disciplinary skills fall between the gaps of these firms CJ ummit Ridge Group has experience across each of these major functional disciplines as well as a S deep media and communications industry background Our Service OfferingsJ Valuation Services – for transactional and reporting purposes – articularly suited for valuing complex intangible assets such as FCC spectrum licenses or P entities facing complex contingency issues such as litigation – aluations comply with USPAP standards, facilitating acceptance by government entities and courts VJ trategic Advisory – provide advisory services related to financial, corporate development and S regulatory issues. Wide range of skills across business disciplines allows us to provide creative solutions using a single firmJ itigation Support – provide expert witness services in the areas of: satellite communications industry, L financial analysis/valuation and corporate governance/investment researchJ Clients – media and communications companies, institutional investors, law firms and other professional services providers F o u n d e r , J . A r m a n d M u s e y, CF AJ Top-ranked Wall Street telecommunications research analystJ President of boutique media and communications-focused investment bankJ Extensive consulting experienceJ Extensive publication list including articles in leading law journalsJ (Chicago), MA (Columbia), JD/MBA (Northwestern). CFA Charterholder. BA5 3 5 Fi f t h A v e n u e , 4 t h F l o o r, N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 1 7 +1 646.843.9850