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Which Coffee Makers Work The Best?
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Which Coffee Makers Work The Best?


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Whether you are watching TV commericals, reading papers and magazines or just browsing online, you will always be seeing and hearing how great coffee makers are.

Whether you are watching TV commericals, reading papers and magazines or just browsing online, you will always be seeing and hearing how great coffee makers are.

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  • 1. Which Coffee Makers Work The Best? Whether you are watching TVcommericals, reading papers and magazines or just browsing online,you will always be seeing and hearing how great coffee makers are.You may even try out one or some of those at malls beforedetermining whether or not to buy.More than not, most shoppers will order especially for Christmasand New Year parties. If you are wondering which coffee makerswork the best, here are some of my recommendations.French Press Basically French press are glass jars withvertical sides and a plunger. Attached to the plunger is a mesh filter.The coffee is poured and mixed together with hot water in the jar.Then you attach the lid. After about 4 minutes or so, all you need isto slowly press the plunger down. That is all it takes for you to beable to enjoy a great cup of freshly brewed coffee.Coffee Percolators
  • 2. Coffee percolators are basically pots that haveto stand on the stove for endless hours. Before brewing your coffee,the temperature of the water needs to be just below the boilingstage.The only disadvantage of these is that they tend to boil the flavorout of coffee beans. If you are not really comfortable with othercoffee makers, this is best for you. But if you truly want quality outof your coffee beans, I suggest you try using other coffee makers.Coffee Drip Brewers Coffee drip brewers are certainly the mostcommon and among the best coffee makers when it comes topreparing fresh quality coffee.You probably own or seen one at work.All you need is to add your coffee into the filter, fill with water, flickthe switch and watch the container filled with coffee.If you have an advanced coffee maker model, the water will hit thecoffee at the exact temperature. These brewers can supply you withthe best coffee you will never forget in both aroma and taste.
  • 3. There is however one disadvantage with these coffee makers whichyou may have probably tasted in 1 to 2 hours if you left the coffeeuntouched in the maker.Now what happens is after the coffee has been brewed and leftstanding on the hotplate, the latter will start cooking up your coffee.The solution is to make just the right amount for you, family orfriends to consume in the next half hour. Otherwise, my advice foryou is to prepare a fresh pot if you can only consume in an hourlater.With that said, coffee makers have their advantages anddisadvantages. 1. The advantages are that you can have a fresh cup of coffee every single time without any mess and spilling of coffee ground. 2. The disadvantages are that you can only brew the coffee sold in these pots or cups. You are not be able to go down to the store or online for a new blend of coffee beans. Manufacturers have their own coffee suppliers and what you see is what you get.Other than just coffee makers, you might want to considerautomatic espresso machines. Jura 13531 Impressa C5 is among the very bestto be able to produce not just coffee but warm water and tea at thesame time.Watch the demo here.