Kansas Jayhawks!!

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This is my powerpoint on my college that I drew in our project " March Madness"

This is my powerpoint on my college that I drew in our project " March Madness"

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  • 1. K a n s a s J a y h a w k s
  • 2. Our team… The Jayhawks!!
    • Number 25 Brandon Rush
    • Number 15 Mario Chalmers
    • Number 30 Julian Wright
    • Number 0 Darrel Arthur
    • Number 4 Sherron Collins
    • Number 3 Russell Robinson
    • Number 24 Sasha Kaun
    • Number 32 Darnell Jackson
    • Number 12 Brady Morningstar
    • Number 10 Jeremy Case
    Number 5 Rodrick Stewart Number 54 Matt Kleinmann Number 40 Brad Witherspoon Number 11 Brennan Bechard
  • 3. What's so great about my school?
    • Its just an all around great school!
    • They have tons of things to do!
    • They are very spirited!
    • They are athletic!
    • They are smart!
    • Hardworking!
    • Great basketball team!
    • They have a cheerleading squad!!!!
  • 4. My school is located in Lawrence Kansas. The University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66045 It is 744 Miles from East High School The Mascot is the mighty Jayhawk!!
  • 5.
    • My University offers many degree types. They offer:
    • Bachelors: awarded to a person who has completed undergraduate studies.
    • Masters: a degree awarded to a person who has completed at least one year of graduate study.
    First Professional Doctorate And other advanced degrees
  • 6.  
  • 7. Strange Laws in Kansas
    • There is a law in Kansas that if two trains meet, then neither is to pass until the other one has proceeded through.
    • It is illegal top transport ice cream in your pocket.
    • It is illegal to eat snakes on Sundays.
    • If a man is wearing a striped suit you may not throw a knife at him.
  • 8. Cheerleaders!!
    • KU has an awesome cheerleading squad!
    • They work hard to support their team!
    • GO UK!!!!
  • 9. The End!!! The End! El Ende! Da End Yall!! For real its the end so close your eyes!!!