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TTM presentation

  1. 1. And here’s why you should pick me! 
  2. 2. I may have only served as a TTM at DC2 andT-Week, but in my short time doing so Ilearned so much about being a leader andabout myself:I learned that I am much more outgoingthan I have given myself credit forI learned that being a leader doesn’tnecessarily mean taking charge, butimpacting lives and giving others a push todo what they never imagined doing before.I learned instead of worrying about whatbrings us down, we should praise ourselvesfor what brings us up instead!I also learned that I had these topstrengths: Adaptability Relator Empathy Includer IntellectionBeing a TTM also taught me how to bemore organized and punctual, which wereskills that use to be a little weak for me.I even put myself in the freshman’s shoesand learned more about all that Tarleton hasto offer and took hold of many opportunitiesthan I did during my own freshman year!
  3. 3.  This is Katelin Huckabee When I first called Katelin, she sounded the most excited out of all of my campers The first night at Greene I went around the cabin and asked each of the girls their major, what they wanted to do with it and why. Katelin wanted to be a nurse for children with cancer. When I asked her why she explained that both her little brother and sister were very sick. She opened up so quickly to me and it was so awesome witnessing how comfortable she was. The last day of camp we asked our campers who they felt like they connected with the most. Katelin said she felt like she connected with me the most because she had shared so much with me so quickly. Needless to say, I cried.
  4. 4.  This is Zac Zac talked to his fellow J-TAC’s and got to know them one-on-one Zac seemed quiet at first and even a little shy, then I noticed that every time I turned around Zac was talking to someone new or different His fellow campers picked him as the Outstanding Camper in our group, and it was easy to understand why. Zac showed us that he had embraced the six values we had spend the whole weekend learning about and he showed me that there are some truly amazing people in the world who have incredible values and so much potential. And yes, I did cry when we put the duck hat on his head.
  5. 5. The other TTM’s are an amazing group of people. My Duck Camp partner, Dustin, was like my own mentor. He taught me how to lead better and how to impact our campers better. I think it’s amazing how all the TTM’s impact several lives coming from different places and having different stories. Working with the other TTM’s showed me how many amazing, wise, and kind people attend Tarleton and they taught me that being called a TTM isn’t just a title given to everyone, but a title earned by hard work, determination and little sleep.
  6. 6.  Authoritative - During T-Week many of the students didn’t show up to many of the “mandatory” events because they weren’t very fond of their RL. I asked them to please start showing up to many of the seminars for the sole purpose that it would actually benefit them in the long run because they would learn more about their home. Humor -When some of the students were getting restlessness with some of the more serious conversations I would crack a joke here and there to make them laugh and keep them engaged in the conversation. Confidence - I don’t mean confidence in myself, but by instilling confidence in others. I love to give people compliments to brighten their day and give them a confidence boost. I also love giving courage to those who are too shy to stand out of the crowd, and letting them know that it doesn’t matter what others around you think as long as you’re having fun doing what you’re doing.
  7. 7.  Do we REALLY have to talk about these? I feel like I didn’t really connect with as many TTM’s as I would have liked to. I also feel like that even though I am outgoing I am still a little bit shy at times.
  8. 8.  Knowing that I can change more lives and impact more incoming students Giving back to Tarleton and the family it holds!
  9. 9.  Oh yes! I plan to become closer with the other TTM’s throughout the school year and the summer itself I also plan on defeating the last bits of my shell so I can make the students lives just a little more awesome than I did before! 