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Amsterdam's Garden is a non-profit 501(c)(3) medical marijuana dispensary that is dedicated to providing safe and legal access for San Jose area patients. We are in full compliance with California Health and Safety Code §11362.5(Prop 215) and SB 420.

We only carry the best and highest quality strains available. In fact, the name "Amsterdam's Garden" was inspired from the marijuana capital of the world---Amsterdam, known for its fine medicine and cannabis culture. We are a knowledgeable team of professionals who care about our patients individual needs. It is through a nurturing and personalized relationship with our patients, that we will be able to improve their quality of life.

Amsterdam's Garden is located in the beautiful “Minerva Building”, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, next to the HP Pavilion, Santa Clara University, San Jose International Airport with easy access to highways 87, 101, I-280, I-680 and I-880. Only 40 minutes from downtown San Francisco, provides easy access to many Bay Area businesses. Street side and handicap parking is available along The Alameda and behind the building.

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San jose marijuana dispensary - amsterdam's garden

  1. 1. Finding the Right Medical Marijuana Dispensary Legalization of medical marijuana in several states of the US has benefitted the society as a whole. Finding the right San Jose marijuana dispensary near your place may seem difficult due to the variety of options available, but if a systematic approach is adopted, the task is not that difficult. Start by searching online. Use a reliable search engine such as Google and look for various options you have. Once you have come across a list of dispensaries in your area, visit their websites. Read the ‘About Us’ section carefully and go through the website thoroughly. Review things such as the products they supply, whether they offer free patient consultation, what fees they charge and are there any discounts on offer. Another thing you can do to make things easier is to go through the available consumer reviews. Search their website for a ‘customer testimonials’ section. If you are a first timer, this is a good way to judge the reliability of a dispensary. See what the previous consumers have to say about the products and the services provided. Was the medical marijuana they purchased effective or not? You get to know about the medical dispensary through the firsthand experience of past customers. Once, you have shortlisted the available options to two or three San Jose marijuana dispensaries, it is time for you to visit them in person. Remember, medical marijuana industry is relatively new in the market. Each service provider has their own way or approaching potential clients. Compare the atmosphere and the friendliness of staff you meet and then, select the dispensary where you are most comfortable availing services from. Once you have an idea how to go about with the process, finding the right medical marijuana dispensary becomes easier. Medical Marijuana and its Benefits
  2. 2. Today, medical marijuana San Jose, also known as cannabis, has been legalized in several states of the US. A doctor may prescribe its use for several medical conditions. The most common purpose that medical marijuana fulfils is to provide you relief from extreme pain. Legalization of medical marijuana has affected the society positively, giving doctors a new tool to treat their patients. As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why your doctor may prescribe medical marijuana for you can be that you are suffering from immense pain. Especially, if you have constant neck or back pain or other such issues. Opioid painkillers also do offer pain relief but are highly addictive. Addiction to medicines often negatively affects a patient’s family life, thus the reason why doctors suggest cannabis. Medical marijuana is a comparatively safer alternative. Gastritis is another medical condition for which medical marijuana may be prescribed. By using medical marijuana, a patient’s appetite is stimulated, muscles become relaxed and pain is lessened. The effects of San Jose medical marijuana are observed soon after you smoke it making it highly effective for patients suffering from gastritis. Medical marijuana can also be used to treat cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Its use proves to be helpful in such cases. The use of medical marijuana in cancer patients not only helps alleviate the pain they are suffering from, but also helps increase their appetite and reduces nausea. The society has benefited from the legalization of medical marijuana. Its use in wide variety of medical issues for treating patients has provided doctors another helpful option. How ‘Illegal’ Medical Marijuana San Jose Can Get You into Trouble with the Law With the developments in the field of medicine, an important breakthrough was the medical usage of the infamous illegal drug marijuana, which is prepared from the cannabis plant to be used as a psychoactive drug for intoxication. Studies revealed that the same drug that is used in the wrong way can be used in the right way and can aid in treating many chronic pains, such as cancer, thus, the inception of San Jose medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is a drug which is available legally in San Jose, California, as a result of the support of the people, who embraced the use of the drug for medicinal purposes. It also showed good results, proving beneficial in combating cancer, AIDS, HIV, and improving the condition of patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  3. 3. disease. The various San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries give you the drug if you are registered with them and have a medical marijuana card. You can get this card easily, but if you try to obtain it the short way, you may end up in trouble. Since the abuse of marijuana for intoxication cannot be neglected, many people try to obtain it to fulfill their addiction and get medical marijuana cards made illegally. If you follow this process and you are caught in possession of marijuana, you would have to serve time behind bars, even if you were using it as medicine. It is better to follow the legal procedure and have the documentation done before you can benefit from San Jose medical marijuana. Knowing the Pros and Cons of San Jose Medical Marijuana before Using It Medical marijuana has been used by doctors and scientists since ages to cure chronic illnesses and diseases such as asthma, cancer, AIDS, ADHD, HIV and many more. The natural drug has proved beneficial in healing patients better than any synthetic product. Medical marijuana was used greatly in the US before the time it was made illegal owing to its abuse. There is no limit to the list of diseases that can be cured with the use of marijuana in medicine. The drug is administered by doctors through various means, such as injections, food, liquids or ointments. Smoking is another way that a person can consume it. Doctors who support the use of San Jose medical marijuana are commonly known as ‘Marijuana doctors’. They need to obtain a license to prescribe or administer the drug to any patient. In San Jose, California, there has been a wave of support for medical marijuana and the people voted for legalization of the drug in 1996, which was done by passing Proposition 215, popularly known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Since then, a barrage of San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries has sprung up all over the city, to provide medical marijuana to the people. One of the popular dispensaries is the San Jose Cannabis Clubs. The popularity of the drug can be calculated from the fact that even vending machines were installed throughout the city, providing medical marijuana San Jose. The results of using the substance have been positive, as it is has proved to be fruitful in combating numerous illnesses and helping patients deal with chronic diseases and their effects. This is why people chose to give the drug a chance, neglecting its wrong use and harmful effects.
  4. 4. However, you cannot shut your eyes to the disadvantages of San Jose medical marijuana. Due to the prevalence of vendors all over the city, it has become easy for drug addicts to obtain marijuana to fulfill their addiction without getting in trouble. They are able to obtain a medical marijuana card illegally and get access to the drug. It is also difficult to tell which of the San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries are legal and which are not. Before you can purchase it, you need to have a medical marijuana card made from a San Jose marijuana dispensary, with the recommendation of a licensed marijuana doctor. However, due to unlicensed dispensaries and doctors, the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card legally has become tedious. You do not know whether you have registered with a genuine marijuana dispensary or not, and this can land you into trouble with the law if you are caught in possession of marijuana. It is advisable to do some careful research before you decide to buy it. Firstly, ask a doctor whether the use of the drug is beneficial to you or not. Next, get a prescription and a recommendation to get the card. Then you need to carefully search for an authentic San Jose marijuana dispensary, which can give you a license to obtain medical marijuana legally. MORE INFO: Company Name : - Amsterdam's Garden Address: - 2142 The Alameda,San Jose, CA 95126 Phone - (408) 717-3035 Email - HOURS: Monday-Friday:11am to 8pm Saturday:11am to 5pm Sunday:Closed