MOOC – video games and learning kick off meeting


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Introduction of MOOC-OER Initiative and Coursera Platform by American Spaces Thomas Jefferson Information Center

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MOOC – video games and learning kick off meeting

  1. 1. MOOC – Video Games and Learning American Spaces Thomas Jefferson Information Center
  2. 2. • A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access via the web.
  3. 3. Video Tour Coursera is an education company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.
  4. 4. MOOC – Video Games and Learning HOW TO REGISTER?
  5. 5. Go to OPTION 1: Look for “Video Games and Learning” at the search bar OPTION 2: Visit the page directly “Video Games and Learning”
  6. 6. Click the button
  7. 7. Fill-up the necessary fields If you already have a Coursera account, please click the sign in button located at the upper right corner of the page
  8. 8. How Coursera Works? • What Format are the courses in? – Course syllabus – Pre-recorded video lectures – Multiple Choice assignments and exams – Peer-graded written assignments
  9. 9. How Coursera Works? • What is the Honor Code? – I will register for only one account. – My answers to homework, quizzes and exams will be my own work (except for assignments that explicitly permit collaboration). – I will not make solutions to homework, quizzes or exams available to anyone else. This includes both solutions written by me, as well as any official solutions provided by the course staff. – I will not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly improve my results or dishonestly improve/hurt the results of others.
  10. 10. How Coursera Works? • Do I need any special software or computer equipment? – Make sure you’re using a supported web browser. • Google Chrome (newest version) • Firefox (newest version) • Safari (newest version)
  11. 11. Course Policies • Are the deadlines flexible? What if I fall behind? – Check the syllabus for your course carefully to make sure that you understand the details of the deadline structure.
  12. 12. Course Policies • Are there any academic prerequisites? – No, the “Video Games and Learning” course is an introductory course.
  13. 13. Course Policies • I'm just curious about the course topic. Do I have to complete all of the assignments to stay in the course? – Yes, you must finish the course in order to get the following certificates: • Coursera Statement of Accomplishment • U.S. Embassy Certificate of Graduation
  14. 14. Course Logistics • How much time should I expect to devote in the course? – The course is a 5-week long session and you need to devote 4-6 hours a week
  15. 15. Course Logistics • How can I contact the instructor and the course staff? – Please use the discussion forum of the Coursera page to contact the class moderator.
  16. 16. Course Logistics • Do I have to watch the lectures live? – No! All video lectures for your course will be pre- recorded, and you can watch them at your convenience. Your instructor will usually release videos on a weekly basis
  17. 17. Course Logistics • Can I download the videos and other visual aids? – Yes, you can download the video files and other resources (e.g. subtitles and slides)
  18. 18. Exams, Quizzes and Assignments
  19. 19. Exams, Quizzes and Assignments • What is the difference between due date and hard deadline? – Due date is the date by which you should submit the assignment, and the hard deadline is the date by which you must submit it if you want to receive credit.
  20. 20. Exams, Quizzes and Assignments • Can I attempt an assignment more than once? – Many assignments allow multiple attempts. For details please check the announcement page of the course.
  21. 21. How do peer assessments work? • Peer assessments phase – Submission phase • when you submit your work – Evaluation phase • when you evaluate your classmate’s work – Result phase • when you see your scores
  22. 22. Discussion Forum? • Coursera discussion forum – Questions on the course content • Facebook Open Group – Survey –
  23. 23. Coursera Discussion Forum
  24. 24. Facebook Discussion Forum
  25. 25. Will I receive a Certificate? • The course offers a statement of accomplishment from Coursera and US Embassy Certificate for students who meet the course passing criteria • Class Graduation will be on 3rd Week of November
  26. 26. About the Course?
  27. 27. About the Course? Watch the Intro Video
  28. 28. After the course, what’s next? • Discover more opportunities by studying in the United States. Our educationUSA advisers help students by providing accurate, comprehensive and current information on how to apply to U.S. universities. Please contact Ms. Princess Grace Wooden, TJIC Deputy Director for more information. Phone: 301-2558 E-mail:
  29. 29. After the course, what’s next? • You may access tons of resources at eLibraryUSA, an American Digital Library. • eLibraryUSA provides access to nearly 30 authoritative databases on current events, business news and information, health, science and technology, English language learning and arts and culture. Please contact Mr. Randolf Mariano, TJIC Librarian for more information. Phone: 301-2561 E-mail:
  30. 30. THANK YOU!