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Summer training @ L&T

  1. 1. SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2011 @LARSEN AND TOUBRO (ECC DIVISION)18 APRIL 2011 – 11 JUNE 2011 Ms.Amruta Badodkar ( 241014)
  2. 2. : L & T AT A GLANCE :  Founded in 1938 by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro  One of the largest engineering and construction company in India.  L&T ranks 40 in the top 225 global contractors 2008 data, improved from 47th (2007) & 54th (2006).
  3. 3. L & T BUSINESSES : Projects Products Services Construction Electrical & IT & Electronics Technology E&C Projects Services Machinery & Heavy Engg. Industrial Financial Products Services
  4. 4. Transport Infrastructure & WaterBuildings & Factories ECCD Process
  5. 5. Wadhwa BKC , MUMBAI
  6. 6. Project Location
  7. 7. Project Highlights Plot Area: 1.06 Lakh Sft Substructure BUA- 6.16 Lakh Sft Super Structure BUA : 15.31 Lakh Sft Total BUA - 21.47 Lakh Sft  The Building consists of  Six Levels Basement  Ground Floor  4 Nos of parking Floors  16 Office Floors
  8. 8. Project SynopsisName of the project Construction of Commercial Building at Plot C-66, BKC Mumbai.Client Raghuleela Builders Pvt. Ltd. James Law Cybertecture International Holding Ltd. – HongBase Build Architect KongArchitectural Consultant RSP Design Consultants (India) pvt. Ltd. - IndiaStructural Consultants J+W ConsultantsMunicipal Architect Space age consultantsQ.S./Cost Estimator Padghams SwettLEEDS Certification Surmount Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd.Type of Contract Item rate contractContract Value 321.3 CroreContract Duration 21 Months. (18 + 3)Contractual Start (LOI)Date 9th Nov 2010Contractual Completion 8th Aug 2012DateDLP/Maintenance Period 1 Year
  9. 9. Project Synopsis C B A 21-02- Status Date 2011 Target As on date Balance asExcavation Cum Total Scope Completion completion on date Date Part-A Cum 64588 60202 93% 4386 02-03-2011 Part-B Cum 64217 48571 76% 15646 10-03-2011 Part-C Cum 56085 51831 92% 4254 02-03-2011 Total 184890 160604 90% 24286 10-03-2011
  10. 10. P- P-9 P-3 P-1 10 Pour Sequencefor Slab P-2 P-1 P8 Section-A Section - B P- P6 P-5 4 Section-C
  11. 11. ELEVATION Start Date Finish DateAbove Terrace Works 62 days 15-Jul-12 20th Floor 12-May-12 30-Jun-12 19 th Floor 27-Apr-12 15-Jun-12 18 th Floor 12-Apr-12 31-May-12 17th Floor 28-Mar-12 16-May-12 16th Floor 13-Mar-12 1-May-12 15th Floor 27-Feb-12 16-Apr-12 14th Floor 12-Feb-12 1-Apr-12 13th Floor 28-Jan-12 17-Mar-12 12th Floor 13-Jan-12 2-Mar-12 11th Floor 29-Dec-11 16-Feb-12 10th Floor 14-Dec-11 1-Feb-12 9th Floor 29-Nov-11 17-Jan-12 8th Floor 14-Nov-11 2-Jan-12 7th Floor 30-Oct-11 18-Dec-11 6th Floor 15-Oct-11 3-Dec-11 5th Floor 30-Sep-11 18-Nov-11 4th Floor 3-Sep-11 3-Nov-11 3rd Floor 14-Aug-11 14-Oct-11 2nd Floor 25-Jul-11 24-Sep-11 1 st Floor 5-Jul-11 4-Sep-11Ground Floor 7-Jun-11 15-Aug-11 Basement-1 20-May-11 18-Jul-11 Basement-2 30-Apr-11 28-Jun-11 Basement-3 10-Apr-11 8-Jun-11 Basement-4 21-Mar-11 19-May-11 Basement-5 1-Mar-11 29-Apr-11 Basement-6 9-Feb-11 9-Apr-11 Foundation 17-Jan-11 15-Mar-11
  12. 12. ORGANOGRAM
  13. 13. SOME FEATURES OF CONTRACTType of Contract Type of Contract shall be Item Rate basis. Scope of work shall include Construction of Office Building at Plot No. C66 at BKC, Mumbai as per the BOQ. You shall be paid as per the actual quantity of Work done based on Unit Rates.Mobilization Advance. 12.5% of Contract Sum, free of interest along with LOI/WO against indemnity bond. 7.5% of Contract Value Along with LOI 2.5% of Contract Value in 1 1/2 month 2.5% of Contract Value in 2 1/2 monthRecovery of Mobilization Advance. The mobilization advance will be recovered from 4 th Running Account bill as under: - 7.50 % of Contract value by the time 85 % of the contract value on pro-rata basis - 5 % of Contract value in last 15 % work on prorate basis.Variance in Scope of Works over & (+) or (-) 30% of the contract value. If (+) 30% contractor shall entitle forabove BOQ items. suitable extension of time.Time for completion. The time of completion shall be 16+2 months as per the time frame submitted in the Construction Schedule from commencement date, which shall be reckoned from the later of the following events 1. Mobilization period of thirty (30) days. 2. Payment of interest free mobilization advance of 7.5% of Contract Value. 3. Issue of Good for Construction drawings for foundation. 4. Handing over of Site and Space for Labour Colony and Site facilities. 5. Issuance of Form V for Labour License. In the event of delay in any of the activities in the Sl. No. 2 to 5 as above the commencement and completion time shall be extended accordingly.
  14. 14. SOME FEATURES OF CONTRACTAdvance for purchase of Formwork Contractor will be paid an interest free formwork advance (limited to 70%) of theMaterial cost of the materials against Indemnity bond which shall be recovered on pro-rata basis only after 30% of contract value.Security Deposit & Retention Money. Contractor shall submit an Indemnity Bond signed by one of our whole time Directors of 5% (five per cent) of the Contract Value valid till the virtual completion of the work towards security deposit & retention money. On virtual completion this Indemnity Bond shall be returned to us and we shall submit a fresh Indemnity Bond equivalent to 2.5% of the value of work done valid till the end of the defects liability period of 12 months is over. In view of the above arrangement there shall not be any cash retention from R.A. Bills.Terms of payment. 75 % of monthly bill irrespective of value shall be paid within 15 days of submission and balance 25 % within 30 days from submission date including certification Final bill shall be scrutinized and settled in full within three (3) months of its presentation including certification by our Engineer along with any balance payments for extra work done during the tenure of the contract.Secured Advance 70% of the value of Cement & Steel procured at site for the works likely to be taken up during the next two (2) months against the paid bill/invoice and recovered fully from the next R.A. Bill on actual supply.Site Facilities. a) The contractor shall be provided sufficient space for setting up of the Client Office, our Office, Re-bar yard, Carpentry Yard, stockyard and labour camp free of cost. All operational expenses incurred for the Client Office shall be Client’s responsibility. b) Electricity & Water Client shall provide electricity connection at one point at Site, Labour colony locations for which Installation & statutory deposits shall be borne by client. Further distribution shall be done by the contractor, Consumption charges shall be borne by the contractor. We shall be allowed to use bore-well water installed at site free of cost for construction purpose. For Drinking water the condition shall be same as for Electricity.
  15. 15. SOME FEATURES OF CONTRACTExtra Items. For such of those items for which there are no applicable rates in the schedule of quantities or for which rates cannot be derived from the available items the following shall be the basis for computing the rates.  Item requiring supply of materials, labour, plant, tools and tackles - Landed cost of materials at site, Hire charges and operational charges for plant and labour wages based on manday rates+ overheads + profit 15% plus VAT+ Service Tax.Taxes & Duties. VAT already included in the rates plus Services Tax as applicable, at present ST is 4.12%. Subsequent increase if any of the ST & VAT shall be reimbursed.Assignment & Sub-Letting L&T is free to Sub-Let the works for the overall control on works including quality, workmanship & progress & all the liabilities exclusively lies on L&TStatutory Charges, Levy, Taxes, Fess, All statutory water / sewerage charges / Deposits etc. or any other charges as mayDeposit, Permissions, etc. be applicable for construction works shall be paid by Owner directly to the authorities.Liquidated Damages. Liquidated damages shall be @ 0.25% of the value of the work per week subject to a maximum of 2.5% of the contract value for delay in completion of the work due to reasons solely attributable to the contractor after taking into consideration the extension of time schedule to which you may be entitled due to valid reasons. No penalty shall be levied on the contractor for the delay in interim progress.Insurance. The contractor shall provide the following insurance covers under Block Policy Scheme to cover our men, machinery, equipment and materials. Workmen Compensation Insurance for our workmen and subcontractor’s workmen. Group Personnel Accident Insurance to our staff. Automobile Liability Insurance. Third Party Liability Insurance. Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Policy. Any other insurance including any policy to be taken in client’s name shall be taken by you.
  16. 16. SOME FEATURES OF CONTRACT • Project Office, Safety hall, Clients Office etc is setup on MMRDA Plot besides site. Infrastructure • Infrastructure Setup ( Labour Setup Sheds , Batching Plant , etc ) would be arranged on land provided by Proposed Site Client.
  17. 17. PROJECT CHALLENGES Tight Project Schedule. Space Constraint Higher Volume of Work within Stipulated time. Mobilization of Skilled  Manpower.
  18. 18. CONSTRUCTION METHODOLOGY – TYPICAL FORMWORK SYSTEM Section Type of Formwork DetailColumns L&T System formwork / L&T system formwork shall have plywood as Conventional steel formwork sheathing members / Steel shuttersCore Walls / Lift Wall L&T System formwork upto B1 Wall panel shutters with Hydraulic system for Level Slab – Climbing(SKE) lifting formwork for Upper FloorBeams / Slabs L&T System formwork / Flex Plywood as sheathing member System- Quick Deck SystemOther typical section Conventional formwork with timber - / steel QUICK DECK Shear Walls
  19. 19. ENVIRONMENT ,HEALTH & SAFETY. Preparation of Site Safety Plan ,EHS policy. Formation of Safety Committee. Emergency Response plan.SAFETY PARK SAFETY OFFICE
  20. 20. ENVIRONMENT ,HEALTH & SAFETY. Objectives of EHS Policy :• To determine the parameters of EHS management at site.• Define a line of command for hazard prevention.• Define roles and responsibility of every individual in the construction teamwith respect to safety at site.• Continuous EHS performance improvement in a consistent manner.EHS Management plan comprises of EHS RISK ASSESSMENT :Purpose : To assess the risk of the activity to be executed, rate the risk levels asper the risk assessment matrix and identify the control measures so as to bringthe risk level to the least.Steps involved in conducting risk assessment :• Preparation of work• Hazard identification• Workplace safety and health hazards can be identified.• Possible types of accident or incident and ill health.• Persons at risk.• Existing Risk Control.
  21. 21. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM L&T ECC division, B&F OC has a well established and documented quality management system and is taking appropriate steps to improve its effectiveness in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008. It has established procedures for monitoring, measuring and analyzing of these processes and to take necessary actions to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes. It also maintains relevant procedures to identify and exercise required control over outsourced processes.
  22. 22. TYPICAL SLAB CYCLE Day-6-11Day-11-12 Concreting of slab Shuttering, Fixing of 12 days work cycle Reinforcement Steel / PT Tendons Column , Core Wall Day-1-6