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  • Lights!!!!

    1. 1. LIGHTS!!!
    2. 2. The Problem There are 2 people sharing a room. One person likes to read till late at night. The problem is that the other person cannot sleep with the lights on. And he cant tell hisroommate to switch off the lights because he wants to read. Everyday, he has to wait till his room mate switches off the lights and as result, he cannot get proper sleep, since he hardly gets 3-4 hours (his work begins at 5 am in the morning). Now, he wants to know how can he tackle this problem of not being able to sleep, without affecting the reading habit of his room mate!!
    3. 3. The Solutions!!
    4. 4. Non - Physical Physical Changes Solutions leading to change Changes in my room mate‟s reading habits Solutions which require to bring changes in meSolutions resulting from mutual understanding Solutions which require to bring changes in my room mate Solutions which happen outside the Non - room Physical Physical Changes Changes Solutions which happen Third Party intervention inside the room
    5. 5. Physical Wear an eye-patch Get too Changes tired Sleeping lenses- you wear from and everything goes black gym and Solutions which require to sleep bring changes in meTake a pillow and cover your faceTake a blanket and cover A bed cabinet – as soon as I your face lie on bed, the bed automatically gets inside a Try sleeping under the slot (in the wall) bed Changing my sleeping habit – sleep early Design a special bed which rocks and puts me to sleep Make a sleeping coffin –whenever the lights are on, I go there and sleep I wear an eye instrument Acupuncture I start meditation and that shows visual illusions therapycontrol the intensity of light putting me to sleep
    6. 6. Non - Take sleeping tablets Get too Physical Changes tired Get into alcohol and stuff from gym and Solutions which require to sleep bring changes in me Take drugs for sleepingSleep early – as soon as I I start snoring so hard that come my room mate gets irritated and gives up reading.I get the timings of my job changed I put on some sleeping I have a secret button in my music bed – as soon as I lie, the lights in the room are I also read (and reading switched off. makes me sleepy) I build a „bed tent‟ on my Sing bed which automaticallyI get hold of deflectors (that “Warm Kitty” opens when the lights arewill deflect any light coming  switched on to my side of the room.)
    7. 7. I bring a table lamp for him I present him with I break his “glow in the dark”I give him a sleeping bed- as “reading glasses” powder which he soon as he lies, he sleeps accidentally all the can use on his time!! books Irritate him by putting on disco lightsIrritate him by singing out Solutions which loud require to bring changes in my room mateI give him “audio books” Non - PhysicalI take him to a physiologist Changes and get him treated Get him a new job which Sing warm has the same shift timings kitty to him I get him married!!! as mine 
    8. 8. I give my room mate – reading gloves with lights Get too Make tired MakeSpectacles which throw light him from him take on the book drink gym and drugs alcohol sleepA small bulb clipper that can be fixed on a book A LCD spectacle – you can download an e-book Solutions which and transfer it to these require to bring glasses and read changes in my room mate I hide his books Physical Changes I employ acupuncture on him I make a coffin with lights I destroy allI put a light off button under and he can go there and his books his bed and as soon as he read lies on bed, the lights switch off.
    9. 9. I talk to his close friends Complain to his and ask them to keep himmother/father and ask them occupied at night while I am to break this habit of his sleepingI talk to his boss and gethis work timings shifted to the same as mine I ask his girlfriend to askWe ask our another flat him to take her for late mate to tackle this night drives problem I ask a psychologist to meet him and tell him that reading is making him paranoid and he Third Party interventionshould not read till late!!
    10. 10. Get some curtains and put I have a „light dimming” them around my bed I get a mechanism such partition I but a reflector in front of that, half of the room is made insidethe bulb such that the light with lights and half of it is the room only focuses on him completely darkI have a moving bed – as I mess around with the soon as he switches on clock and show him howthe lights, my bed moves late it is!!!to the opposite direction I get hold of a sleeping (towards dark area) perfume – the moment II get some focus lights – use it in the room – hewhich will throw light only sleeps on him Have a reading booth kind ofI irritate him by talking to arrangement inside the much room. Solutions which happen I make a reading tent for him inside the room A „door close‟ mechanism – As soon as the door of the room is closed, the lights get switched off
    11. 11. I change the room altogether I get a small peephole I show him made near his bed – the the light bill light from the other room Kick my room mate out of and blame it will come through that the room all on him. and he can read. I change my job! I fuse out the bulb every time he reads I change my shift! I connect the light with the heater – every time he switches on the lights, the Solutions which heater gets switched off!!! happen outside the room I fix a light off timer outside the room I ask the security guard to switch I tell him to go outside the room off the lights from outside at a and then read!!! particular time!
    12. 12. We come to a consensus that 3 days he would read I tell him to We take turns to sleepand the other days he would read in other out the room every day not. rooms Solutions resulting from I charge him for reading – mutual understanding he has to pay for the particular time slot when I want to sleep. I sit with him, discuss in detail and make him I come home early, get understand the cons of enough sleep and then he sleeping late and hence can switch on and read make him stop his habit. I quit – let the things go on as We play a game and whoever We toss!!! they are!! wins has his way that dayI start paying 2/3rd rent and I tell him that I have a “Farting” so he has to play by my disorder and if I don‟t get enough rules!! sleep, I will fart throughout the night!!
    13. 13. I introduce him to some Solutions leading to change great music – so he quits in my room mate‟s reading reading!! habitsI introduce him to some I ask his girl friend togreat movies so he can start messaging at night – watch them on laptop! so he doesn‟t read at that time! I find a loophole and blackmail him all the I introduce him to gym time!! early mornings – so he needs to sleep early I find a loophole andblackmail him all the time!! Early morning sports! I pay him not to read!! I get him a new girl friend!!! I show him a false doctorreport claiming that I need I give him late night shows of movie some minimum hours of tickets, band performances, clubs etc. sleep
    14. 14. LIGHTS!!!Thank you!!