IP Open-architecture Integrated Security


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Design Of An IP Open-architecture Video Surveillance And Access Control Solution

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IP Open-architecture Integrated Security

  1. 1. Integrated Security Design Of An IP Open-architecture Video Surveillance And Access Control Solution Amro Almashharawi
  2. 2. Topics Outline Section I : Introduction – What is security today? – Define integration, interfacing & open architecture ? – IP Networking Section II : CCTV & Video Surveillance – Evolution of CCTV – IP Network Technologies – System Design Considerations Section III : Integrated Access Control – System configuration evolution – System components – IP vs. RS485 Section IV: New Trends and Technologies Integrated Security by 2 Amro Almashharawi.
  3. 3. Section I Introduction Integrated Security by 3 Amro Almashharawi.
  4. 4. Introduction Current Security Systems : • CCTV and Video Surveillance. • Video Surveillance : with automated video analytics • Access Control System • Attendance Management Systems. • Intrusion Detection System. • RFID Asset tracking System. • Parking Access Management Systems. • Security Intercom System. • Etc.. Integrated Security by 4 Amro Almashharawi.
  5. 5. Introduction : Integrated Security ? Building Management / Facility Management Systems CCTV CCTV ELV Systems Intercom System Intercom System Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Fire Alarm Integrated Integrated Interfacing Security Centre Security Centre Others RFID RFID Access Control Access Control Asset tracking Asset tracking Intrusion Intrusion Detection Detection Integrated Security by 5 Amro Almashharawi.
  6. 6. Why “Integration” ? Benefits of Integrated Approach Information Sharing Increase operational efficiency Reduce total cost of ownership (Capital/Operational) Improve response to security events Added Value Applications. Intelligent Building ! Adobe Acrobat Document Integrated Security by 6 Amro Almashharawi.
  7. 7. So ,What is Interfacing then ? Interfacing Where two or more previously stand-alone systems are interfaced to each other via software and two-way communications to share data and commands Integration Systems can only be considered “Integrated” if they were designed to seamlessly share, versus duplicate, system resources Interfacing allows sharing of information (Systems Outcomes). Integration allows sharing of information and resources. Integrated Security by 7 Amro Almashharawi.
  8. 8. Open Architecture Two Types of Integration Proprietary integration (Closed) Open Integration But , How to allow for an Open Architecture Platform? The Answer : Manufacturers Should design systems to OSI Model complaint systems and devices. Systems Designed to OSI Model talk TCP/IP language ! Integrated Security by 8 Amro Almashharawi.
  9. 9. Technology Information The Power of Convergence Convergence of Enterprise network and the building automation network for data communication and sharing facility wide data for BMS as well as other organizational needs Growing Convergence Management Building Increasing need for interconnecting facilities and accessing real-time data over the Internet Integrated Security by 9 Amro Almashharawi.
  10. 10. Section II CCTV & Video Surveillance
  11. 11. Evolution of CCTV 1. Analog CCTV systems using VCR and DVR Integrated Security by 11 Amro Almashharawi.
  12. 12. Evolution of CCTV 2. Analog CCTV systems using Network DVR Integrated Security by 12 Amro Almashharawi.
  13. 13. Evolution of CCTV 3. Analog CCTV system using Digital Video Servers Integrated Security by 13 Amro Almashharawi.
  14. 14. Evolution of CCTV 4. Network Video systems using network cameras Integrated Security by 14 Amro Almashharawi.
  15. 15. IP Network Technologies IP is a data-oriented protocol used for communicating data across a packet-switched internetwork Ethernet Network : Provides the platform for the use of IP. RJ45 Connector NIC Card Integrated Security by 15 Amro Almashharawi.
  16. 16. Ethernet Types Common Ethernet types: • 10 Mbit/s (10 Mbps) Ethernet (Rarely Used) Topology is 10Base-T suitable for voice grade communication on Cat3 • Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) 100BASE-TX: Uses twisted pair copper cabling (cat-5 and above). 100BASE-FX: 100 Mbit/s Ethernet over optical fibre. • Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s) 1000BASE-T: 1 Gbit/s over cat-5e or cat-6 copper cabling. 1000BASE-SX: 1 Gbit/s over multi-mode fibre (up to 550m). 1000BASE-LX: 1 Gbit/s over multi-mode fibre (up to 550m) and longer distances (up to 10km) over single-mode fibre. • 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10,000 Mbit/s) Integrated Security by 16 Amro Almashharawi.
  17. 17. Power over Ethernet (PoE) integrates power into a standard LAN infrastructure. PoE technology is regulated in IEEE 802.3af standard provides power up to 15.4W Integrated Security by 17 Amro Almashharawi.
  18. 18. Video Surveillance System Design Considerations Integrated Security by 18 Amro Almashharawi.
  19. 19. Bandwidth Bandwidth usage depends on: Image resolution Compression ratio Frame rate Complexity of the scene Integrated Security by 19 Amro Almashharawi.
  20. 20. Storage Factors to consider when calculating storage needs: Number of cameras Number of hours per day the camera will be recording How long the data must be stored Motion detection (Event) only or continuous recording Other parameters such as frame rate, compression, image quality and complexity Integrated Security by 20 Amro Almashharawi.
  21. 21. Storage NAS (Network Attached Storage ) SAN (Storage Area Network ) – single storage device – Multiple Storage Devices controlled by high-speed – directly attached to a LAN special-purpose network ( for – low-cost solution storage ) – install and easy to administer – File can be stored block by – limited throughput for incoming block on multiple hard disks. Redundancy and very high data. throughput. Integrated Security by 21 Amro Almashharawi.
  22. 22. Storage, Compression Methods Integrated Security by 22 Amro Almashharawi.
  23. 23. Section III Integrated Access Control
  24. 24. Integrated Access Control System System Configuration Evolution System Components IP vs. RS 485 Integrated Security by 24 Amro Almashharawi.
  25. 25. Conventional Access Control System Typical System Configuration Local RS485 bus Reception Global RS485 bus RS232 or TCP/IP Security Server Integrated Security by 25 Amro Almashharawi.
  26. 26. Evolution to TCP/IP in Backbone Local RS485 bus Reception TCP/IP TCP/IP TCP/IP Local Area Network TCP/IP TCP/IP Security Manager Integrated Security by 26 Amro Almashharawi.
  27. 27. System Components Integrated Security by 27 Amro Almashharawi.
  28. 28. RS 485 vs. IP Networks RS 485 based networks IP Based Networks • High Wiring Cost • Plug and Play • No Wireless • Wireless networking • Limited cable length allowed • Peer to peer communication • Slower Speed • High speed data transfer • Daisy chain network • Star topology • Can not support more then 32 • Support more doors doors (Access Controller Sublevel) Integrated Security by 28 Amro Almashharawi.
  29. 29. Section IV New Trends and Technologies • Wireless Application • Video Management Capabilities • Total Security Solution Approach
  30. 30. Wireless Applications in Security Remote Antenna Access Controller UTP Cable NO Traveling Cable 200 Meters Elevator Cab Elevator Wireless Access Control Integrated Security by 30 Amro Almashharawi.
  31. 31. Wireless Applications in Security Integrated Security by 31 Amro Almashharawi.
  32. 32. Video Management Capabilities Integrated Security by 32 Amro Almashharawi.
  33. 33. Simple Integration Examples Alarm door Example: Video Pop up at a door location that is in alarm Integrated Security by 33 Amro Almashharawi.
  34. 34. Total Security Solution Approach Integrated Security by 34 Amro Almashharawi.
  35. 35. Thank You Q&A