Social media prediction for 2013 14 group 16


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Social media prediction for 2013 14 group 16

  1. 1. Social Media Predictions for 2013-2014 Presented by Aakash Kohli Harnek Singh Jyoti Aggarwal Sohel Taiyab Golwalla Amritava Deb Roy
  2. 2. Social media marketing becomes a business-critical activity Despite larger brands’ excitable In 2013, that’s going to change.Over the past five years, we have embrace of social media We think small businesses will witnessed small business networks like Facebook, Twitter, approach social media marketing attitudes toward social media LinkedIn, and Pinterest, most as a business-critical, dailyevolve from dismissive passivity small businesses have been slow activity and, consequently, start to cautious curiosity. to include social in their seeing the value these channels marketing mix. bring to their businesses.
  3. 3. Social Media engagement will become Visual Visual • There’s a big appetite for visual stories and brands that combine images with engagement content in innovative ways will see user engagement spike.will be the key • Facebook posts with photos are “Liked” twice as much as text-only posts • Videos posted on Facebook are shared 12 times more than Facts links and text-only posts • Photo & video posts on Pinterest are referring more traffic than Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn • Pinterest users are following more brands than on Facebook and Twitter
  4. 4. LinkedIn keeps getting biggerLinkedIn gets more updates and people regularly update posts. Google & Twitter get cozyGoogle and Twitter will start integrating more in an attempt to put morepressure on Facebook.Majority of Twitter accounts are public and Facebook users all usually havesome privacy controls on their accountsIntegration of Google and Twitter will be search friendly
  5. 5. Content marketing will play an even bigger role in 2013Content was a driving force for many businesses in 2012, because when you givepeople something that’s valuable, you help build a relationship that means peoplewill be much more likely to pay attention to your organization in the futureInformation that’s fun or helpful (or both!) is what people share and link to,whether they find that engaging content on a blog, a social media network, or in anemail. And that’s important for search, too– Google automatically looks for thebest, most useful information on any topic and puts it at the top of search results.You can expect unique and engaging content to continue as the number one wayfor small businesses and organizations to build relationships with their audiencesand attract new customers or supporters.
  6. 6. Integration of E-Commerce and Social MediaThe recent trend in e-commerce have empowered consumers to a great extent.The world of consumers is ready to witness a ‘Big Shift’ in years to come. CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) emerged in part to cope with the growing powerof customers, but the concept of Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is readyto flip this equation and anticipates that customers will increasingly take the lead inmanaging their vendors.Social media has been a great venue for consumers because of its integratedcommunication features and potential ecommerce features. But evenFacebook has not been able to integrate e-commerce options in it to the fullestextent. Neither do Twitter and LinkedIn have any ecommerce options. This willchange in years to come.
  7. 7. The New and Advanced FacebookBy 2013, we can expect Facebook to offer a premium version of FacebookPages. The premium version will include advanced analytics tools that willenable marketers to attain greater insight around specific fan segments liketop commenter, customer or new fan base. Facebook have already acquiredThreadsy (an analytics tool) for this purposeWith embedded e-commerce features, customers will have the option to log inand pay for their purchases through their Facebook account. Self-paycommerce apps like Square and GoPayment are already being used and willfind extended usage of such apps in days to come.The other area that will see huge changes is content creation and updating.Marketers will soon have the ability, through automation, to get suggestionsfor Page updates based on how Facebook users have been reacting to a Page’sprevious posts.
  8. 8. Slide Share- The fastest growing Social NetworkAccording to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, authorof Managing Content Marketing and co-author of Get Content, Get Customers,by 2013, Slide share will be the fastest growing social network. Facebook andLinkedIn will be forced to launch their content creation strategies in order todrive further engagement .
  9. 9. Google + (A MUST?)Google+ will soon be a “must use” service as it becomes the central hub formanaging your “official” online public presence in the eyes of Google.Google will continue to roll services and products under the Google+ umbrellathereby forcing businesses to use it if they wish to get the advantages thatGoogle+ offers.It will soon be the sole place to manage your local business presence withinthe Google ecosystem
  10. 10. INSTAGRAM will get BIGGER (?) According to a research from ‘The Social Habit’, it is expected that by 2013, social media users will increase their INSTAGRAM usage at a rate higher than any other social network The ease of usage will lower the barrier of content creation and contribute towards its enhanced popularity. Google+ will soon be a “must use” service as it becomes the central hub for managing your “official” online public presence in the eyes of Google.
  11. 11. Podcasters Will Double in NumberAccording to Michael Stelzner, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner andauthor of the booksLaunch and Writing White Papers, with more than 1 billionsmart phone users and hundred of millions more coming in 2013, theconsumer demand for quality on-demand talk in the form of podcasts willgrow enormously in 2013.
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